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In present times where every field is checking out excellence, the scholarly world of academics is not any exception. A student must exerting on their projects by studying, researching, analyzing and delivering them while writing term papers or creating assignments to understand good grades for a much better career.

Compare and contrast essays analyze two or more subjects to seek out out similarities and dissimilarities among them. the most objective is

  • Conduct comparison and contrast to illuminate subtle differences and similarities.
  • Conduct deep analysis taking different points one by one related to the subject.
  • Specific attention to details.
  • Capability to analyze huge volumes of information.
  • Competence to notice links between topics that seems to be unrelated.

Layout to write an effective compare and contrast essays:

  • It starts with a thesis that clearly states
  • compare the subjects or contrast them
  • Reason for doing it.
  • The point of comparison is to provide useful information to the reader.
  • Organizing essay in two ways:
  • Block structure i.e. all of the knowledge associated with a subject being compared and contrasted is given first and therefore the entire information associated with the opposite topic is listed afterward. this sort of structure is usually used for cause and effect and problem-solution essays.
  • The point-by-point structure i.e. each similarity or dissimilarity for a topic is followed immediately by the respective similarity or dissimilarity for the opposite .
  • Block structure type is simpler to write down because it involves briefing one subject then taking another subject and discussing it.
  • Point by point structure requires a more clear understanding of topics because the subjects are compared consistent with a relative point.

Format or template for writing compare and contrast essay:



  • Engaging opening paragraph providing an summary of the subject to be covered to readers.
  • Establish the topic which will be compared or contrasted or both
  • State learning from doing such comparisons.
  • The thesis should come at the end of the introduction paragraph.

Body or main paragraph:

  • Present the entire idea of topics to be discussed.
  • Narrow down those ideas into concrete issues.
  • The organizing strategy to settle on depends on audience preference and our purpose of writing.
  • Try to mention both comparison and contrast points to make the readers understand how you’re analyzing the connection between the themes .


  • State the inference or result of the whole discussion.
  • Sum up all the thoughts and conclude.
  • Summarize the main point of the essay.
  • Reinforces the thesis.
  • The number of paragraphs in writing the most section will depend upon the amount of issues that are needed to be discussed. Make the paragraph writing precise and crisp to hold the interest of the reader.

Tips for writing an effective compare and contrast essay:


  • Analyze the topic thoroughly before getting started.
  • Provide enough time to read it carefully to understand the matter.
  • Make notes in the process.
  • Be clear regarding the subject matter which is important for writing a strong essay.

Prepare list:

  • After processing any article, a book, or any other text, make a separate list of all the things analyzed. Such a list will keep us organized.
  • It will provide ideas of what to write about and in what pattern.
  • this saves lots of energy and time.
  • It keeps the essay structured.

Create an outline:

  • Prepare an outline of what you are going to write about in the essay.
  • An essay should not be too long. A regular length of the essay is around 5-6 paragraphs which include an introduction, main paragraphs, and conclusion.

Cover All relevant and important topics :

  • Concentrate on the main important features, not trying to cover all the similarities and dissimilarities.
  • Run through the noted list and range everything written down based on relevance and importance.
  • Pick important topics and cover those in the essay as too many details may bore the reader.
  • Make sure all the chosen points interlink with the main topics and explain the key question.


  • An essay presents our point of view and it must be backed by reliable sources and knowledge .
  • It is important to fill our text with details, pictures, statistics, numbers, and other relevant elements.
  • It should be as detailed as possible.

Proofreading and editing:

  • Check it line by line to make sure that every words and phrase are
  • Relevant and readable.
  • No typing error.
  • Avoid grammatical or lexical errors.
  • Not other errors.
  • Online software are often wont to detect and fix such errors.

Formatting style:

  • Follow the required formatting style.
  • If no requirement is given, we will choose the foremost common formatting style
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Point Size: 12
  • Double-space your text and make 1’margins on all the sides.

A compare and contrast essay may be a little complex to write down so it requires deep understanding and analysis of topics that require to be compared and contrasted. the most purpose is to spotlight the differences and similarities between the 2 subjects and concluding an inference supported all points discussed. take care while choosing a topic . Consider all possible topics which are engaging, analyze all the possible sources of knowledge , and choose one which isn’t only interesting but also features tons of evidence to base the essay upon.

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