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Best Blonde Hair Colors for 2022

Hair color trends change every season, with new hair coloring techniques constantly emerging to create more interesting, natural and long-lasting color schemes. Fashion trends in hair, predict trendy styles of styling, haircuts and hair colors for the upcoming season.

The main slogan of the current color trend in 2022 is that your color should always look healthy! Whether it’s dark chocolate, blonde, blonde or complex coloring. If the hair looks healthy and well-groomed, it is in trend, regardless of color. Coloring to enhance the beauty of your hair, not ruin it!

The blond hair shimmers with a variety of many beautiful shades, it is impossible not to fall in love with it. If you like blondes with ice, gray, ash or pearl undertones, it means that you prefer cool blondes. And if caramel, honey, golden or bronze tones, then this is a blond of warm shades.

How is hair bleaching done?

First of all, don’t try blond hair colors at home. When it comes to lightening hair with bleach, there are many factors that a colorist must consider in order to achieve their client’s desired shade. Before proceeding with bleaching, the colorist must conduct a detailed analysis of the hair and scalp in order to identify contraindications that can lead to an unfavorable result. It is necessary to analyze the previous hair color or chemical treatments, hair texture, hair characteristics, elasticity and porosity.

Unlike hair coloring, where pigments are deposited on the hair shaft, bleach causes the hair shaft’s natural melanin to break down or dissolve.

The process of bleaching hair is called oxidation. Bleach requires the addition of hydrogen peroxide to oxidize. Once the two products are mixed, they become an alkaline agent that first softens the cuticle layers of the hair shaft. The softened cuticle layers then swell, allowing the bleach to pass through. Once inside the hair shaft, the bleach begins to dissolve the melanin in the hair. Initially, bleach dissolves black and brown pigments, which is relatively easy. It then dissolves red and finally yellow pigments. Light yellow pigments are much more difficult to dissolve.

Unlike permanent hair dye, which stops oxidizing after the development time has elapsed, bleach continues to oxidize until it is removed from the hair or dries. This means that the colorist must be experienced and knowledgeable in order to ensure that the client’s hair is safely dyed to the desired shade.

How to care for a blond after coloring?

Blond hair is beautiful, but it is the hardest to care for. After dyeing in blond, it is important to maintain the health of the hair and the brightness of the color:

  • If your hair is thin and brittle, it won’t be able to withstand all the chemical bleaching processes, so you’d better strengthen your hair before you try to go blonde.
  • The chemicals produced during dyeing affect and change the hair. Therefore, you need special care after staining (at home and in the salon).
  • Color protection shampoos are designed to meet the special needs of color-treated hair. They contain ingredients to restore and strengthen damaged strands, moisturize, add shine and softness. For more information about shampoos for blondes, read the article: Shampoo for blondes: top 5 best professional shampoos To get rid of unwanted yellowness, buy a purple tinted shampoo (use it once a week).
  • Condition your hair regularly, after each wash, apply conditioner to your hair. At the same time, wring them out with a towel to remove excess moisture and only then apply conditioner (as if rubbing into the tips). Even after the mask, conditioner should be applied to close the hair scales, because many people ignore this.
  • Use hair masks. Professional masks contain a large amount of silicone and keratin, so they effectively restore split ends and damaged hair cortex. In the article How to improve the performance of a professional hair mask, you can find effective ways to apply a mask for bleached hair.
  • Regularly apply leave-in products (oil, spray, fluid, cream) to your hair. These products can be applied not only after washing the hair, but also throughout the day to moisturize the ends.
  • Always use a heat protectant before styling. Minimize exposure to hair dryers and heat styling to prevent further cuticle damage.
  • Be sure to add a UV protection spray to your arsenal of hair products. Especially in summer, it should be used in any sunshine. You will need this spray so that the strands do not change color and become dry and brittle.
  • Swimming in pools and salt water can also dry out and damage your hair and ruin your color. Apply conditioner to damp hair before jumping into the pool (conditioner acts as a barrier between hair and chlorinated pool water).

Trendy blonde shades 2022-2023

There are many different shades of blonde, from cool ashy tones to warm strawberry shades, but it’s not just about choosing your favorite shade. There are many factors to consider, including the level of grooming you can handle and other aspects of your appearance, such as skin tone and eye color.

To understand which light hair color suits you, you need to determine what skin tone you have. Cool blonde tones work best if you have cool skin, while warm blonde tones work best on warm skin. There are four skin tones in total:

  • If you have a winter skin type: you need to look for the perfect platinum blonde hair color. Try to avoid golden, caramel and honey blonde.
  • If you have spring skin type: Look for ice, ash and platinum blonde. Try to avoid honey and golden brown.
  • If you have an autumn skin type: then honey blonde is your best bet. Avoid shades of platinum blonde.
  • If you have a summer skin type: choose golden, honey and caramel blonde. Forget about ash blonde shades.





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