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Top 5 Education WordPress Themes Of 2022.

Looking for the best education WordPress themes? Rest assured because we are here to help!

There are tons of Best WordPress Themes on WordPress for every category. Some of them are free and the others are premium. And this makes it confusing to find the best theme that suits your taste. 

In this article, we have shared the top 5 educational WordPress themes to make it easy for you to choose from.  

But first, let’s take a look at the advantages of Education websites.

Advantages of Education WordPress Themes:

Education institutes have gone digital in the past few years. And if you are an education institute without a website then you are far behind in the competition. A website helps you create an online presence. It also helps in marketing strategies to increase your reach. 

An education institute comes with many advantages and here are a few of them.

Cost Effective:

Creating a website is a one-time investment. Once you have created a website it runs for a long time. It is a low-cost way to advertise and market your education institute and to communicate your messages long in the future. 

Accessible Around The Clock:

A website is accessible 24/7 even if the school is not. This helps your target audience to access it anytime and from anywhere as it suits them. 


Having a professional website gives your school credibility and the opportunity to gain trust. You can add content such as videos and pictures of your school or institute. Testimonials sections can also be added to show how trustworthy your institute is. 


Having an excellent website and an online presence helps you market your institute online. Websites can be SEO optimized to reach a larger audience. Marketing can also be done through social media, emails, etc which you can direct to your website so they can get more details.

Resource Of Information:

A website can host information of all sorts about your institute for present and upcoming students, teachers, and parents. You can add announcements sections, an online portal for the students, and an online admissions form to your website. 


A better website will help you crush the competition because people would go for an institute with a better website than that with a poorly constructed one. 

Now that we have checked the advantages of having a website for educational institutes, let’s now look at some of the best education WordPress themes.

Best Education WordPress Themes

Students spend a good amount of time searching for colleges and courses and a poor website might be repulsive. To prevent that you need to select the best Premium WordPress Themes with better designs and interfaces. These themes are picked and designed carefully and offer you all the tools you would require to create an excellent and astonishing website.


  1. Education WordPress Theme:

Education WordPress Theme is one of the best education WordPress themes as it is premium and comes with many advanced features. 

If you run an educational institute and plan to go online by creating a WordPress website, this is the theme you should go for. This theme can be used for both schools and colleges. This theme is responsive, cross-browser compatible, and user-friendly. This means the students and their parents or guardians can view your website through any device, screen type, and browser of their comfort. And the best part is, it works insanely fast.

With this theme, you can beautifully showcase your institute and campus to your visitors. You can add blogs and newsletter sections to provide information about your institute. Furthermore, you can also add a testimonials section showing the reviews your institute has received. 

Its optimized SEO will help your website reach a larger audience and appear among the top results of search page results. You can customize your website however you want and with the live customizer feature, you will be able to see the changes in real time. Some other premium features of this theme are;

  • Support to add custom CSS
  • Responsive layout for all devices
  • Background image options
  • Parallax image-background option
  • Full-width template
  • Advanced social media integration
  • Multiple inner page templates

You can get this theme for $40.00 along with its full documentation. Theme support and updates are free for a year. 

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  1. Academic WordPress Theme:

Academic WordPress Theme is one of the best education WordPress themes that give your educational website an engaging and clean look. 

With this theme, you can categorize and add all the courses you offer. Since this is a premium theme, it is developed with all the advanced features to make your website better than the rest. It has a flexible layout and intuitive design that suits high schools, colleges, and universities. Furthermore, it can also be used to create websites for kindergartens, elementary schools, and daycare centers. 

This premium theme is responsive and user-friendly. It is also cross-browser compatible which allows your visitors to access your website through any browser and device type. Its user-friendly design helps your audience in using your website easily and gives them a better user experience.  

Premium features of this theme are;

  • Pagination options
  • Live customizer
  • Translation ready
  • Retina ready
  • Simple Menu Option
  • Footer customization options
  • Custom page templates
  • Section reordering

This theme comes with built-in SEO codes which help your website stay among the top results on the search results page. This also helps in reaching a larger audience. With its 100+ fonts and colors, you can give your website a personalized and unique look. Besides, the live customizer lets you see your changes and customizations in real time before publishing your website. 

Academic WordPress Theme comes for $40.00 with theme support and updates free for a year. You also get its full documentation with it. Setup and installation are easy to do and you won’t face any issues regarding them. 

  1. School WordPress Theme:

School WordPress Theme is designed to create websites for elementary schools, preschools, kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, coaching centers, training academies, and institutes. It is the best educational WordPress theme to create an ideal website for the educational sector. It comes with a responsive design for all device types and a friendly user interface. 

With this theme, you can create an aesthetically impressive and engaging website for your institute. Furthermore, this theme makes your website cross-browser compatible allowing it to be accessible through all web browsers. It also gives your website a user-friendly and easy-to-use design. This helps your visitors in using your website easily. Another feature that comes with this theme is its slider option. This premium feature lets you add unlimited slides to your website using which you can showcase your institute easily. 

You can also add images and videos of your campus. This gives your visitors a better idea of your campus and institute. Moreover, the SEO-friendliness of this theme helps your website reach a larger crowd and increases your reach.  

To give your visitors a reason to trust your institute, you can also add a testimonials section and our staff section. This theme costs $40.00 but this is a one-time investment as the website stays for a long time. 

Premium features that come with this theme are;

  • Fully responsiveness
  • WooCommerce
  • SEO optimized
  • RTL & Translation ready
  • 100+ fonts and colors
  • Custom page templates
  • Multiple inner page templates
  • Footer widgets
  • Social media features
  • Contact page template
  1. Kindergarten WordPress Theme:

As the name suggests, this is the only theme among the education WordPress theme that is designed for kindergartens, pre-schools, and daycare centers. It comes with a colorful and cute design that suits the image of a kindergarten perfectly.

If you are a daycare or preschool owner this is the ideal choice of theme for you. You can use the Kindergarten WordPress Theme to create websites for preschools, daycare centers, playschools, kids’ activity centers, and any kind of website related to kids. Its super easy and user-friendly layout helps your visitors use your website easily. Furthermore, the visual appeal that this theme gives your website catches the eyes of parents and guardians who are looking for play schools for their children. 

You can add your course details and campus information in the cute layout this theme offers you. Moreover, you can also add contact forms to your website so the parents can reach you. This theme also lets you add a testimonials section which you can use to show your reviews and to gain the parent’s trust. You can also customize it with 100+ fonts and colors option to give it a personalized and unique look.

To give more information about your institute, you can also add blogs and newsletters to your website. The responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility of this theme make your website accessible through any device and web browser. This premium theme can be bought for $40.00 and comes with the following features.

  • Live Customizer
  • SEO-friendly
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Responsive with all devices
  • Pagination option
  • Fully integrated with the latest fonts
  • Custom page templates
  • Services section
  1. Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme:

The last among the best educational WordPress themes is the Multi-purpose WordPress Theme. As the name suggests, it is a multipurpose theme. 

This theme is beneficial for a wide range of websites. And education websites can also use this theme. 

This theme is super easy to install and use so you won’t face any issues with the process. Since this is a WordPress theme, you don’t require codes and web development skills to create a website with it. You just have to add your content to the templates of the theme and you are good to go. Not just that, you can also personalize and customize your website using the live customizer and100+ fonts and colors option. 

Furthermore, as this theme is SEO optimized, your website will stand among the top results of the search result page. This will help you reach a larger audience and boost your reach. This theme also comes with WooCommerce compatibility. Meaning, you can turn your education website into an online store and sell education-related products like books, school merch, planners, stationery, etc. 

The Multi-purpose WordPress Theme is fully responsive and user-friendly. This helps your visitors in visiting your website through any web browser and device type. The responsiveness of this theme makes your website fit perfectly on the screens of your visitors. 

Some other features of this premium theme are;

  • Global color option
  • Responsive layout
  • Simple menu option
  • Pagination option
  • Background image options
  • Social media integration
  • Pricing plan section

You can purchase this theme for $40.00 along with its full documentation. You will also get its support and updates free for a year.


To create a perfect and impressive website for your education institute you need a perfect theme that best suits the image of your institute. We hope that from the above-mentioned education WordPress themes you were able to select the one that suits your institute’s image. If not you can check Best WordPress Themes and Responsive WordPress Themes.

We also offer a WordPress Theme Bundle where you get all of our premium themes for $99.00. 


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