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UNetbootin Download

UNetbootin Download

UNetbootin is a tool that you can use to create bootable drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distribution operating systems without burning a DVD. It especially works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X versions. UNetbootin Download also allows you to download ISO image files from the UNetbootin software tool. That means you don’t need an ISO image file to start using UNetbootin on your PC. Many other bootable creation tools only allow you to select downloaded ISO image files. Users can easily download many distributions supported ISO files using UNetbootin without any troubles. So you’ll don’t need a CD drive anymore for installing any operating system on your PC.


Features of UNetbootin Download

  • This version has built-in support for automatic download.
  • UNetbootin is easy to handle and comes with a friendly interface.
  • Also supported a large range of distributions to download.
  • You can use this tool on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.
  • There are only available two main options that handle everything.
  • And It loads using an ISO file you’ve already downloaded.

After you selecting UNetbootin as your requested bootable creation tool, it allows many features that are available when you using this tool on your PC because UNetbootin is different from other tools.

How to Install UNetbootin

You only need a bootable drive when you need to install an operating system, to a PC that doesn’t have an OS installed or damaged system PCs. In past, we all used CD drives and Cd to install operating systems and that’s getting away from us because everyone needs a solution for install quickly and fast as possible. SO UNetbootin installing is simple. Download the latest version available for your computer and install it on your PC. after installing the setup you’ll be able to see a simple window that shows you every option available. There are only have two main options to choose from to accommodate two distinct scenarios.

How to Create Bootable USB Drive?

  1. First, download and install the UNetbootin on your PC.
  2. Then select the specific version and the release date.
  3. You can also choose your ISO image file.
  4. After that, your USB drive will recognize and selected.
  5. Then select your ISO file within the system so it is bootable.
  6. Make sure to check that the right USB disk is selected.
  7. Then hit the OK button and that’s it will run the process.
  8. After the task is completed UNetbootin will advise that you reboot your computer to test your bootable USB. If you don’t need to test you can easily exit the setup.

Removal instructions

UNetbootin is simple and fast. If anyone cares that is safe to use. Yes, UNetbootin Download is 100% safe and secure to use on any system. So these are the simple steps if you want to remove it from your PC. for a windows pc you can remove it via add/remove program in the control panel. If you’re using  Linux rerun the UNetbootin with root privileges and hit the OK when prompted to quickly uninstall. And if you want to use your USB drive again backup pit contents and reformat the USB drive. 

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