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Want to Revamp Your Small Bathroom? Take Advantage of These Creative Tips

Solutions: How to Design and Renovate a Small Bathroom

Stuck with a tiny bathroom? Do you want to change the way it looks? Simple remodeling and renovation strategies can give a completely new look to your bathroom. It can look brighter, airier, and larger with a few tweaks to the flooring, color, and adding some custom changes.

Only a few decades ago, all bathrooms were constructed small. The size of most of them was not more than 5X8. Still, they were able to provide a toilet, vanity, and tub/shower combo. Luckily, modern fixtures, colors, and amenities can make a small bathroom pace larger and wider.

Most of the bathrooms in my home are not very large. But the one with my bedroom is particularly small. We decided to update and upgrade our house recently. Our first consideration was getting Vivint smart home security. We decided that my husband would take the tech side of things and I would take care of the aesthetics and décor.

Tips to Revamp Your Small Bathroom

Before I share my small bathroom remodeling tips, I would reiterate the fact that DIY bathroom remodeling is not as overwhelming and challenging as it seems. So, if you have been itching to revamp your bathroom, take this task head-on!

Go Glass

Would you like to add a partition to your small bathroom? And that too in a way that it doesn’t make it look more congested. If yes, then adding a glass door is the best way to go about it. Go for a textured glass door as it offers a bit of privacy as compared to the clear glass door without making the place look smaller.

The shower will look like an extension of the bathroom. A glass door is a perfect replacement for a concrete wall, a wooden door, or a shower curtain because it makes the bathroom look spacious and classy.

Moreover, you can also consider using glass to add some meaningful storage space and to maximize your bathroom’s layout. Get creative with the design tricks to make your bathroom look stylish, cleaner, and more expansive. Adding a frosted glass window is also a great idea.

Ditch the Tub

In a small bathroom, you should only consider keeping a tub if you can’t live without having long soaks in the tub with your favorite bath salts and scented candles. If you are not into it, consider eliminating the old-fashioned tub that’s hogging a lot of space.

Replacing it with a shower ensures quicker baths, efficient cleaning, and takes lesser room. In addition, you can ensure an integrated and seamless look and a spacious feel by tiling the entire bathroom in one color.

Moreover, going for a compact shower gives you more designing options for the floor plan.

Go for a Large Vanity

In a bathroom that’s already small, expecting a spacious closet space is a mistake. Small bathrooms have limited storage. However, you can compensate for the storage space by installing a large vanity. Get creative and treat your bathroom vanity like a kitchen. Utilize every inch of space below your sink.

Moreover, you can also add a matching cabinet on the wall for an upscale built-in. you can also play with countertops with different levels. The choices are endless!

Change the Lights

Lights always have a great effect no matter which house space you are considering. Pay a visit to a decorative lights store and you will fall in love with the elegant options there. Replace your old lights with a chic design.

Moreover, if you have been using white lights previously, go for warm yellow ones. The light effect will completely change the feel of your bathroom. In addition, making the right choice will make the bathroom look spacious. Also, consider making tweaks to other fixtures like towel hangers, door hooks, and so on.

Add Faux Plants

Faux plants are so in these days. They are elegant, catchy, and add a natural vibe to space they are kept in. I decided to have a cactus and a yellow herbaceous faux plant to keep on my vanity. They added a new feel and touch to the entire bathroom.

Also, faux plants are available in all different sizes. If space allows you, you can keep a large one in the corner. If it doesn’t, go for the small ones on the vanity. Get creative!

While I revamped all the bathrooms with these small hacks, my husband sorted out the tech details. He added Vivint security cameras to our house while I took over the lawn after I was done with the bathrooms. Take advantage of this guide and try these décor hacks!

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