10 Key Features You Need to Know About the AutoCAD Web App

Before the invention of the digital world, engineers and architects would draw their designs by hand. However, that concept has now been replaced by sophisticated computers and software like AutoCAD. The AutoCAD Designer web app has made life easier for architects and engineers, allowing them to draw 2D and 3D drawings more quickly and efficiently.

To make life even easier, developers have introduced the AutoCAD web app, for which you do not have to install anything. All you need is to have a steady internet connection. You then go to on your web browser, fill in your login credentials, and start your work. Excited to know more about the AutoCAD Web App? Let’s have a look at the 10 prime features of the AutoCAD web app.

1: Ease of Access

The web app has the same interface as the AutoCAD desktop software; however, you are able to access it at any time on your web browser without the software being downloaded or installed. You can get quick access to all your drawings and designs, create new ones, edit them and share them with your team or clients on a real time basis.

2: The interface 

The web app looks exactly the same as the desktop AutoCAD designer although the icons are slightly different looking. They are easily understandable, especially if you have used the desktop version. Through the web interface, you can easily access drafting tools like lines and circles, arcs, hatching, pylons and so on. You can find an extensive list of tools with which you can easily upload files, create drawings and folders, and use modification commands from the annotates section- it’s all there! You can use all the core drafting tools that AutoCAD has to offer right on your web page.

3: AutoCAD web app Collaborate easily with cloud storage

One of the main features of the web app is that it is a cloud-based app – one can easily access it anywhere and anytime. Not just that, it also has a cloud-based storage system, wherein you can directly open files from Dropbox, Autodesk Drive, Google Drive and One Drive. You can easily locate all the icons on the interface and then proceed to add your files from the options given. Having easy access to these cloud-based storage systems makes it easier to communicate with your team and clients. You can easily share a controlled file of your design with the rest of your team and review your client’s CAD drawings on the web app wherever you are.

4: Command line in AutoCAD web app

The command line is an important feature of the AutoCAD desktop app and one of the key features of the AutoCAD web app. The command line is used to write commands and give the user prompts, messages and options on what kind of command is to be used. This button is located at the bottom left side of the drawing area. Once you start typing, you can see the suggestions and pick from them by clicking on the correct option.

5: Move swiftly between views and properties

One of the features of the AutoCAD web app allows you to swiftly move between viewing the properties of your DWG files, just like the desktop AutoCAD designer. You can simply go to the Views section on the left-hand panel and access the Layout and Model views, making it much easier for the user. If you are looking for an AutoCAD outsourcing company in India, Virtual Employee can help you get the best resource and find you a resource who is efficient and effective with their design skills and can easily create 3D models.

6: Layers

Using layers on AutoCAD is important for your drawings and designs. Working with layers on the desktop AutoCAD Designer is slightly different from the AutoCAD web app. However, what you view as an output is the same. The layer option has several different uses – you can lock the layer by simply hovering over the layer name and then clicking on the padlock icon and locking the layer. You can also change the visibility of the layer by using a simple ON/OFF function; where a lightbulb icon goes bold once it has been switched off and vice versa.

7: SNAP overrides

Overriding object SNAPs is essential while working on your designs with AutoCAD and they can be easily done on the AutoCAD web app with a right-click. Similar to the desktop software, you can select the Object Snaps from Settings, then click on the object snaps that you want to select as your Running object snaps and then click on done.

8: Grips

The features of the AutoCAD web app are pretty similar to the actual software. You can use different grips to manipulate objects and reshape or move them. You can select more than one grip by pressing the shift key on your keyboard and selecting the appropriate grip. Do keep in mind that objects that are on a locked layer will not display grips.

9: Blocks that can be edited

AutoCAD helps you create blocks when you want to insert several instances of the same object. AutoCAD Web app lets you edit these blocks and modify their characteristics by changing the block definition. The web app allows you to edit these blocks with ease – you can create them, modify them as well as have access to block libraries directly from the web app.

10: A key feature of the AutoCAD web app is its user-friendly interface

The best part about the AutoCAD web app is the fact that it is absolutely user-friendly. The easy-to-use drafting tools, being able to manage views as well as editing the layers can easily be executed due to the brilliant user interface. Also communicating and sharing your designs quickly with your team and client is made easy by the web app.

So now you are able to make optimum use of the features of the AutoCAD web app and execute your dream project. You can choose to create your design on the desktop AutoCAD designer or the web app, sync your work, perform intricate edits and draft with the help of various functionalities that the web app has to provide. Thanks to the web app, you are now able to become mobile with your designs and drawings and take charge of them from anywhere in the world.

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