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10 Key Skills To Consider When Hiring An Event Planner

Planning an event could be a daunting task if most of the important work is still left. However, if you hire a company or an individual with the required planning skills, they can perform a great job.

So, are you planning to conduct an event? Luckily, there is an event planner in Singapore for your help. But, you need to consider various variables while choosing them.

Well, don’t worry, we have got your back!

In this article, we have enlisted the top 10 feature planners that help to make an event successful. Read on to understand better!

10 Must-Have Features Of Event Planning Companies

1. Good Experience

Consider an experienced and reliable company for event planning. A good team will work as a mentor to help in organizing a successful event.

For confirmation, you can ask the company to show their authorization certificates and educational or professional certificates. So, remember, you must consider a well-experienced team for the best outcomes.

It’s easy to find a newbie at a low price, but they may not have a good understanding of organizing an event. Or customers might face difficulties later.

It becomes easy to trust when the event management company has a good market reputation. Also, they have already seen different challenges in life, so their team can handle work easily.

2. Ask For Their Portfolio

You have the right to know what type of events the planner had organized in the past. Apart from experience, a portfolio consists of someone’s ability to execute unique themes, logistical nightmares, and crazy ideas.

There is no harm in asking planners to show their previous work. All the companies have a portfolio consisting of the work they are proud of.

For instance, if you want to conduct a live stream in the Singapore area, then it’s important that your planner has organized the same events in the past. Further, the portfolio of a planner can give you more reasons to choose them.

3. Work Flexibility

The tasks and responsibilities of an event planner vary day to day. So, when you hire an event planner make sure they are perfect in handling their work.

Their team should have the courage to be fearless leaders one minute and perfect in fixing any problems in the next.

The planner has to be flexible in terms of quick work, cleaning messes, making calls, and speaking softly and efficiently.

4. Must Listen to Your Words

When planning an event, the planner should be good at listening. It will help them to know the clear goals of your event. Not only you, but they should understand the requirements of key event stakeholders. Everyone might not have an idea of the event industry; that is why an event planner should be calm to understand the planners.

Furthermore, a planner has to be able to discern the requirements of an individual and ensure every party shares similar expectations. Undoubtedly, listening and conversations are the keys to success.

In the end, if your planner understands the client’s needs, then it will help you to stay a step ahead.

5. People Skills

You might be wondering what people’s skill is? It is one of the most important qualities that a planner should have. People skills make it easy to connect with government officials, high-level executives, co-workers, vendors, customers, sponsor reps, suppliers, supervisors, event attendees, and staff. So, for organizing an impactful and successful event, a planner should be able to calmly resolve conflict and should be a pleasant and confident negotiator.

Having a fun element to their work style would be a perk. It helps them to handle work easily and build relationships with other people.

6. Passionate Towards Work

A passionate planner goes to every extent to make an event successful.

For example, if you are organizing a corporate event in Singapore then ensure that your planner is passionate about their work.

It’s genuine that event planning could be a little stressful for the entire team, but if they love their work, then tasks become easier. A passionate team helps their client to overcome obstacles during work and make them stay calm.

Moreover, a passionate team leads to bursts of inspiration and creativity, which helps to create out-of-the-box ideas. It’s true that event management skills can be learned, but passion is built. And this is the key element needed for succeeding.

7. Stay Calm Under Pressure

It is the most important feature to look for an event planning individual or company. Once you hire a planner, you will expect them to solve all your queries. So, they must have the quality of staying calm under high pressure.
Usually, complex situations come while planning an event, so planners should know to deal with them in a calm way.

8. Expert in Problem-Solving

You can check the customer reviews on the company website page. From there, you will get a rough idea of working style and their way of dealing with customers.

Whether it’s seating arrangements or changes in the menu, the team must be able to apply last-minute changes as much as possible. Doesn’t matter how well you plan; something always goes out of plan.

9. Decision Maker

Great decision-making is one of the important roles of an event planner. Their team should be capable of making their own decisions quickly when needed. Not only this, their plan must lead to a successful event.

10. Cost

Last but not the least, cost matters the most when planning to hire an event planner. Undoubtedly, budgets are the harsh reality of event planning. Sometimes you find a good planner, but their budgets are high, and sometimes you get a low-price company that doesn’t provide the services you want.

Once you have chosen 2 or 3 names on the list, ask the company to provide you with quotations. And there are chances that a reputable and experienced company will charge a high price. So, choose a company that is within your budget and provides you with the required services.


Hopefully, now you are capable of hiring the best event planners in your town. The above-listed top 10 features will help you out in differentiating between different event planning companies.
Good luck with your next event!

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