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10 Money Saving Tips for International Students in London

London is one of the awesome cities in the world, rich in culture, people, and history, but it is incredibly expensive for students. It’s difficult to know what’s a good deal and what’s a waste of money, especially if you’re an international student. It can be difficult to manage finances in a foreign city with everything else going on.

It may seem obvious, and it is something that every prospective International Students should consider, but having a well-organized plan of your monthly salary, living expenses, as well as gender dissertation topics for assignments, will be a boon in this expensive city. For monthly expenses like rent, social obligations, bills, and direct debits, we advise creating a spreadsheet and designating specific pots.

Here are a few recommendations from the expert writer of the dissertation help service for international students to help you enjoy the London standard of living without paying the enormous price.

  • Eat In

Although London has many fantastic restaurants, the most cost-effective option is to learn to cook. Your finances will undoubtedly run out before the semester is over if you eat out every night. It’s affordable and satisfying to buy a few groceries and put something together for yourself.

When you put in the effort yourself, things taste better. However, it’s very simple to look up recipes and watch tutorials, even if you don’t think you have any culinary talent. Give it a shot; you might be surprised.

  • Take advantage of student discounts

Webpages like Student Money Saver can keep you up to date on student discounts you may not be aware of, though it never harms to ask no matter where you are. Even if it is not advertised, movie theatres, clothing stores, and other businesses frequently offer discounts. Some will request your ISIC or university Identity card. Some websites do not require one‟s ISIC card and provide discount codes on UK flights, hotels, and student travel deals.

  • Get a job

Undoubtedly, you are a student who wants to enjoy your time as a student, but you need to consider the importance of a part-time job.

It gives you work experience that can help you determine what you would like to do if you are doubtful, build your resume for when the time comes to look for a real job and you’ll need a reference, and provide you with some extra spending money for your time as a student. Moreover, getting a job allows you to improve your time management abilities.

Since, the key to success is developing time management skills that improve your academic performance (Nadinloyi et al., 2013). To find a job in London, visit sites like ratemyplacement.co.uk, which connect International students and employers.

  • Get a free tour of the city

The best part about London is that you don’t need to spend any money to have a fantastic day out. The city has many free attractions. Take in an exhibition, visit a museum, or a market, or stroll through one of the lovely parks along the South Bank.

  • Get thrifty and look for bargains

London is a fantastic city for thrift and charity shopping. In every part of London, you’ll find incredible deals for your apartment and wardrobe. Ideal for collectors of vintage and retro items!

  • Make the most of free events.

Keep up to date on free events in London by visiting sites like Timeout London, which has an entire section dedicated to free London. In London, you can go see a performance, get a haircut, visit some free national museums, and relax in a park for free. The majority of London’s museums are free and well worth seeing.

  • Events at the university

When students are too cool for school, universities work hard to get them to participate in events that are well worth attending.

Many times, universities will provide free food, discussions. Tours to help you feel more connected on campus while also providing you with free items.

There are enough events where gifts are given away that you might never need to purchase a pen, frisbee, or t-shirt on your own again.

  • Follow a student budget.

This may appear obvious, but don’t dismiss it or assume you’ll be fine because money doesn’t always last when you’re a student in London. Make sure to take a moment to write down how much you expect to spend, when as well as on what, and set a budget for yourself.

This will assist you in avoiding the student thing of living on ramen noodles at the end of the semester as a result of a lack of planning.

  • Learn how to navigate a foreign country

In London, commuting can be quite costly. Be sure to set up your TFL travel card before you move though, as you are eligible for a 30% discount as a student.

Because London bus services are much cheaper than the tube, install the Citymapper app to see if there’s an easier route you can take by bus. London is also very smooth, making it ideal for exploring on foot or by bike. Renting a Boris bike is a fantastic way to save money if you don’t have one of your own for short trips.

  • Don’t pay for covers.

You can save money on covers when going around the town. For those who are unfamiliar, a cover is a fee paid to gain entry to a club. You may not even be able to afford to purchase a drink inside some clubs due to their cover charges. However, you can sometimes get in for free.

You can find out which clubs don’t charge covers or only charge a minimal amount later in the night.

Although you might feel foolish for being early, as a result, you are likely twenty pounds happier. Many clubs also run special promotions that can help you travel for less money. To learn about student nights or specials, search for them on their websites. 

Final thoughts of International Students

It’s extremely difficult to get accepted into a reputable university (bestassignmentwriter, 2021). Even though if you get admitted it is easy to. Let your finances slip away as London is a fantastic city. Stay smart at school and keep these few tips in mind to make the most of your experience.

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