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10 secret hacks students should know for a smart academic life

Online classes due to Covid-19 have been a sudden transition that was overwhelming for both teachers and students. It required a great deal of adjustments to get accustomed to the tools and techniques of e-learning. More than a year has passed since this massive shift in the educational infrastructure. Although the pandemic is now receding, institutes are still continuing classes virtually or following a hybrid model. Hence, the internet and digital devices have now become an inseparable part of education, and there are 10 secret hacks students should know for a smart academic life.

Despite initially being wholly unprepared for this change, institutes and instructors are now more aware of its benefits. It allows personalized lesson plans, imparting of in-depth knowledge on any topic, and access to an abundance of support material. For students on the other hand, and we are specifically speaking of higher levels, it is a flexible and exciting form of learning. However, it is also quite easy to lose focus with the myriad of distractions found online.

Our academic experts at Write My Essay have decided to help you out with this predicament. Here are some simple tips and tricks to prioritize learning and sharpen your academic potential.

  1. Make a schedule for yourself

Scheduling is most important for a student if they want to accomplish their tasks on time. Plan a weekly schedule with time and dates marked out. Online classes have the distinct advantage of flexible hours. But that is also an easy way to fall out of line with schoolwork and attending lectures. Therefore, urge yourself strictly to follow a self-made schedule.

  1. Time management is essential

The biggest mistake you can make is to leave your work till the last minute. Whether it is assignment submission or preparing for an exam. All it will serve to do is add anxiety and stress which will end up in negative outcomes. Try to pace yourself and participate proactively in classes. Carefully estimate the amount of time it will take for you to study for every subject. Make sure that during those hours you do not indulge in any distractions. The satisfaction of completing tasks ahead of time is incomparable.

  1. Be more organized

Not everyone has a habit of organizing and we understand that. But developing it can help you a great deal in your academic and professional life. You can download apps to remind you and keep track digitally of your activities and tasks. This way will not have to waste hours or forget about an important presentation until it is hours away.

  1. Set goals

This is a vital tip for online students to keep in mind. Sometimes unforeseeable things happen, and you are unable to focus on your studies. But setting goals will help you to continue right where you left off. They serve as milestones along the road to reaching the academic success you wish for. Achieving each one of them will also boost your confidence and spur you on to seek the next victory.

  1. Have a quiet workspace

Studying from home exposes you to an entirely different environment. Especially if you have a big family or several roommates it can be difficult to have some privacy. However, it is necessary to set some boundaries when your education is at stake. Pick a nook for yourself away from the center of the house. Have a meeting with your friends and family members about how you need some peace during your study hours. With mutual understanding, you can set up an ideal studying corner for yourself.

  1. Limit social media usage

It is not enough to just settle in a peaceful corner for study time. Social media has a nasty habit of pulling you down a black hole. Before you know it, the hours would have flown by while your tasks sit unfinished. To ensure your focus is only on your lessons, log off from all social media platforms. With online classes, it is even more difficult to resist the temptation. But logging off will aid you in maintaining self-discipline.

  1. Break down lengthy tasks

Most essays you receive at the college and university level will comprise more than a single page. They will have different sections and you will need to research and brainstorm before starting on the final. If you break them into stages and do them one by one, you can achieve more proficiency. It will also allow you to refresh your brain in between. Set yourself a brief deadline to complete each step with time left to spare.

  1. Research intelligently

Research for essays is no walk in the park. It is arguably the most time-consuming activity and yet necessary for every single task. Insightful and extensive research is the basis of any successful essay. Makes notes and reference your sources while you research, for including in the final draft. Only use authentic literary sources like journals, research papers, and articles to support your findings.

  1. Remember to take breaks

Our brain can get exhausted pretty easily if we do not allow it enough time to recharge. And at low energy, it is unable to produce worthwhile content. Refresh yourself after intervals while studying. Look away from the screen after every few minutes to lessen eye strain. After an hour, leave your seat and stretch, and walk around a bit. Those few minutes of relaxation will enable you to return to work with renewed vigor.

  1. Stay healthy

Along with regular breaks, it is essential to take care of your health. Eat well, sleep on time, and exercise regularly. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. It is important to let go of any habits like smoking or excessive alcohol consumption to avoid deterioration of health. Without a healthy body, it is impossible to build an intellectual mind.

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