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Method to Increase Your Twitter Followers

How Do You Boost Your Twitter Followers?

The Atlanta Hawks came to LYFE Marketing with very specific goals.

They asked for us to “make The Hawks a trending Twitter topic.”

In addition, they were looking to build “massive word-of-mouth buy twitter followers uk surrounding Hawks basketball,” specifically through Twitter.

We did exactly that.

The hashtag #hawkstixgiveaway was trending in a campaign we curated on behalf of the company…

…and we have reached more than 89,000 unique accounts on Twitter during the process.

Let’s look at another sector.

We assisted this restaurant in increasing their followers on Twitter by more than 1,200. This increased their engagement on Twitter consequently.

There are more than the 192 million daily active users on Twitter and, with the correct Twitter strategy for engagement, you can draw on that number to benefit you:

  • Find your ideal audience on the platform you are using,
  • to engage them, and ultimately
  • turn these into clients.

We’re giving you our four-step process to help you improve the engagement of your Twitter.

Why Your Twitter Engagement Matters

As we mentioned, there are around 200 million active users on Twitter not just monthly and not idle . It’s constantly active and daily.

But let’s take a look more deeply beyond this.

78 percent of Twitter users who follow businesses of a small or medium size are likely to follow them and retweet their content.

More than that 93 percent of Twitter users who follow SMBs plan to purchase with these companies…

…while 68.7 percent are customers who previously bought from the company.

Then why do we throw all of these statistics at you? to show you the larger picture.

Followers result in engagement, which can lead to purchases. This leads to repeat purchasesor, in the case of B2B companies more retention.

Simply put, Twitter engagement matters.

Now, let’s begin to explore our four-step process to increase the amount of engagement you get from Twitter.

4-Step Method To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Step 1: Determine the most popular profiles in your area
Step 2: Outreach
Step 3: Giveaways
Step 4: Make use of polls

First step: Find the most popular profiles within your area

If you’ve read any of our articles in the past, you’ve probably heard us speak about the importance of knowing your audience.

Particularly learning about their purposes and the pain points.

We’ve discussed the goals and issues in various articles. We’re aware that we discuss it in our Digital Marketing for Beginners post.

What we’re trying to convey is that you must be aware of what draws your audience to join Twitter.

This will ensure that you can alter your Twitter strategy to suit your needs.

One method to accomplish this is to study the top performers in your neighborhood.

Take a look at their tweets and identify any common themes or denominators in the tweets that garner the most attention.

For Twitter the term “engagement” can be described as:

  • retweets,
  • responses to questions, and
  • favorites.

If you’re searching for the most prominent names in your field it could be a combination of the competitors as well…

…as as well as blog inspo accounts, or news sites which are relevant to your field.

You’ll need to discover some profiles that are part of your ideal public, have a large number of followers, and a high engagement rates.

Browse through their tweets, selecting the ones that have the most engagement . This is an indication of the type of content the target users would be interested in.

The first step in achieving an effective Twitter involvement is to create the kind of content your followers want to share with them.

Also, looking up the top Twitter accounts for your particular niche is an excellent way to find out.

Step 2: Outreach

Once you’ve identified accounts where your public is engaged, connect with them!

  1. Engage in conversation

For example, if , for instance, you sell yoga leggings , and you’re reading the tweet of Athleta it is possible to participate in the discussion that supports Simone Biles.

It’s not a direct sales pitch for your services here however it does make the people who belong to your audience aware of your account and brand.

Additionally, you’re directly communicating with those who have a history of engaging with Twitter and will most likely interact with you.

  1. Make use of relevant hashtags and key words

Another, more specific type of outreach that we’ve performed with our customers is search for users who use relevant hashtags and keywords.

As an example, let’s say you market a product for hair that aids people with frizzy hair.

You can also look up for the hashtag #frizzyhair, and check out what you can come up with.

You can also visit Advanced Search Settings or advanced search settings on Twitter and search for it using keyword.

By using advanced searches, you are able to be sure that tweets contain all the words you want to include in the tweet (in any order, or precisely in order that you decide to use.)

You can then direct people to say they have trouble with frizzy hair, and then recommend your product as a solution!

  1. Make use of the Twitter trends

Go through the Explore page and then select Trending. You will look up all the popular hashtags, keywords, as well as subjects.

It is important to determine what are the most popular issues that pertain to your business and the services you have to offer.

This lets you make use of any keyword or hashtags that are receiving lots of interest.

We often go through them before wrapping the outreach activities for the day , to see what we might be able to connect with them.

Outreach is great for direct, organic interaction with prospective customers.

It’s also the best way to create specific brand recognition and increase engagement for your business through Twitter.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions for gaining more Twitter followers, which you can take a look at next.

Step #3: Giveaways

This is the approach we employed for the Hawks at the start of this article.

The idea is that you give something valuable in exchange for a fee in exchange for something of value to Twitter customers in return for something in exchange.

Here are 3 of our guidelines for hosting giveaways

  1. Create a prize that’s relevant to your company.

For the Hawks they were offering tickets for one of their games.

The giveaway would’ve been less effective when they gave the winner the chance to win an Amazon gift card.

This is because you want the participants in the contest will be of interest to you and your company in the sense of potential clients.

Selecting a prize that is particular to the character of your company is a great strategy to draw attention of people who be following you…

…and remain for a long time after the contest is over.

  1. Set up requirements for contest participants who would like to be entered into the prize draw.

The guidelines we recommend is to:

  • Follow your account
  • Follow your original tweets about the contest as well as
  • Have them create their own tweet with a hashtag that you’ve made to promote the giveaway and then tag you to let everyone know that they’ve won.

As an example, let’s say you run a car wash named Brandi’s Car Wash and you’re offering the chance to wash your car for free.

The criteria for those who wish to be admitted should include:

  • Follow your car wash’s account on Twitter.
  • I like the tweet you posted about the contest (which we recommend Pinning onto your twitter account so that it’s simple for others to find) and
  • having them tweet 1 reason why they love your car wash with the hashtag #BrandisCarWashGiveaway.

It’s best to check ahead to ensure you select a hashtag that’s not being used already to promote another purpose.

  1. After the giveaway has ended after the winners have been selected Let people know.

Remove the tweet at above your blog page. Then, respond to it with a message that reads “Update: Winner has been chosen!”

Then post a fresh tweet about what the date of next’s giveaway is scheduled to take place.

Let them know when they can anticipate to receive these prizes from you. People appreciate organization.

Giving away prizes are an effective way to drum up some engagement on Twitter If you select the right prize and give it to the right people.

Here’s a post about suggestions for an Instagram giveaway or contest you may want to read too.

4. Utilize polls

People love to answer questions, particularly engaging polls on social networks.

Simply click on the icon for polls, think of a topic that is pertinent and interesting to your business and your target audience…

…and then, you have the option of entering up to four different choices to pick from.

You then can choose the duration of time you would like this poll to last And you’ll want to ensure that it’s set in a way that all people can respond.

And, in addition to your fans who love the polls Twitter would love to see you use polls, too!

Social media applications and their algorithms typically favor you when you utilize different features in the application.

You’re killing 2 birds in one fell swoop when you use polls.

When it comes to social media algorithms check out this post for the more details about Instagram algorithmic hacks.

Final Takeaways

Alongside making use of polls, it’s important to note that you can post questions on your regular tweets to create more engagement on Twitter.

Polls are wonderful since they can make it effortless for users to buy 500 twitter followers uk take part in the poll with a single click.

However, in the spirit of requesting as much engagement on Twitter as is possible, don’t hesitate to ask questions on your other tweets , too!

Making sure that people respond with your messages is a crucial move to get them to follow your Twitter strategy to the next step in your funnel for marketing.

We’re now offering Twitter marketing tools to help you achieve better outcomes from your Twitter advertising strategy.


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