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14 ideas to make your clothes organize in fitted wardrobe

if you are wondering how to store T-shirts or fine sweaters in a small space, the smartest thing is to use the horizontal space than drawers or shelves offer you.

With summertime just around the corner and spring looming, it’s time to make the change of seasonal clothes.

The truth is that it is time to put away winter clothes and put summer clothes in Fitted wardrobes, don’t you think?

We can take advantage of the upcoming confinement weekends to do one of the most common housework at this time of year.

Undoubtedly, this is the ideal time to change the wardrobe and put summer clothes in our dressing rooms.

If you do, you can take the opportunity to redecorate your bedroom or closet and give it a different touch to suit the new season.

But, before getting down to work, we advise you to remember some of our best tricks for changing your wardrobe or dressing room. It is also interesting that you take into account the order and cleanliness of it.

Only in this way, you will be able to adapt to the change of season, in addition to keeping all your clothing clean and organized.


Start by placing all the clothes following the same criteria. We find it very useful to organize the clothes in the closet according to categories, clothing items, or even by colors.

For example, to organize jeans in the Fitted wardrobes, we recommend using special hangers or hangers. For this type of clothing, it is essential to use the vertical space of your dressing room.

However, if you are wondering how to store T-shirts or fine sweaters in a small space, the smartest thing is to use the horizontal space than drawers or shelves offer you.

Finally, think about locating an accessory and cosmetic organizer. This type of drawer to locate inside the closet can be very useful to organize all your accessories.

Handkerchiefs, scarves, bags, belts. Instead of having them hanging on hangers, use drawers or shelves so that they do not deform or take up too much useful space in your dressing room.

We know that changing seasonal clothes in your Fitted wardrobes can be complicated depending on your available space and mood.

We are aware that, the day you dedicate yourself to make the change of seasonal clothes in your dressing room, many doubts will come to your head.

Therefore, and in order to make this task much more dynamic, we answer some frequently asked questions below:

How many times a year does the wardrobe change?
If you want to get the perfect Fitted wardrobes you must order it before the change of season or season arrives. Therefore, you will have to change your wardrobe twice a year: autumn-winter and summer-spring.

Is horizontal or vertical storage better?
It depends. For fine sweaters and knitted garments, it is advisable to use the horizontal order, since if we hang these garments on hangers they may deform.

However, for more bulky or rigid pieces such as pants, jeans or jackets, the ideal is to use the vertical space.

The most correct thing is to order each item of clothing according to the needs and space that they occupy inside the closet.

Can I hang more than one garment on a hanger?
No. Using a hanger to locate two garments is a mistake. Think that, the piece of clothing that you have in the lower part will be totally invisible to you. And, if you don’t see it, it is ultimately as if you don’t have it. Even if you have little space, try to use one hanger per item of clothing.

How to know what clothes to throw out of the closet?
Store the necessary amount of clothing in your closet or dressing room. To do this, ask yourself the following questions: Is it a useful garment for my day today?

Does it favor me? Would I buy it again? If you answered no to these three questions, now is the time to ditch those clothes.

We hope these tips have helped you to make the best seasonal change of clothes in your Fitted wardrobes cardboard or wooden boxes for storage, as well as hangers, covers, etc.

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