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15 Valuable steps for a maximum burglary-proof house

If you want to do everything to prevent burglary in your house, you can take both simple and more complicated measures to make it more difficult for the thief. We enlisted the help of a security professional to list them all.

Maximizing burglary protection on the house is something that many are interested in, but it is not entirely obvious how to do it. First and foremost, you need to stick to a budget. Many of the more comprehensive measures are expensive, and the most important thing is to think about the whole, as thieves usually use the weakest link to get in.

– It does not matter if you have a great lock in the front door with a hook bolt that locks well in the frame’s endplate if the frame is at the same time poorly dimensioned. Then all you have to do is take a crowbar and break in, and you’re in. And at the back, you may have an even worse patio door.

So think of the whole. Below are 15 big and small steps you can take to keep the thief away and the valuables left in the house.

1.      Think about privacy protection

Many people also think that they should reduce the transparency towards the house so that the burglars do not open their eyes to it. But a house placed under privacy is also a house that it is easy to take the time to break into because the neighbors do not have supervision. Therefore, avoid placing high hedges, planks, and the like in front of burglary-sensitive parts of the house because they allow the burglar to work unnoticed. It should be challenging to break into your home unseen.

– It’s not just about it becoming less attractive to the thief, but also about you wanting as early discovery as possible, preferably already in the garden via various forms of security systems or earlier by a neighbor. So they do not enter the house.

2.      Keep an eye on the keys

If you have just moved into the house, it may be good to check with the previous owner that all keys are included and original. If in doubt, you should consider changing the lock by contacting a reliable Locksmith Tampa.

3.      Have locks of the highest quality

Although burglars rarely have a key to the house, locks of the highest quality are essential to make it difficult for the thief. It applies to both doors and windows.

4.      High-security class on the doors

Just as you should have a lock of the highest quality on all doors, you should also have doors of the highest quality in terms of security.

5.      Protect door and frame

By strengthening the frames around windows and doors and setting up break protection and rear edge protection, you make it even more difficult for the burglar.

6.      Neighborhood collaboration

Make sure you have good contact with the neighbors and keep an eye on each other’s houses and which people are moving in the area.

7.      Install alarms with surveillance systems to deter the thief

Even if the house itself does not become more burglar-proof, an alarm with a siren on can deter and stress the burglar. In addition, you have a better chance of catching the thief if you have pictures of it. Likewise, you can catch the thief in the picture already when it is shaking and thus get a chance to prevent a potential future burglary. Think Outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, motion sensors in the form of magnetic sensors at windows and doors and IR detectors in walkways, sirens on the cameras, and possibly also headlights that go on and light up the house.

Surveillance cameras can also be connected to an alarm center for real-time surveillance or connection in the event of a burglar alarm. One can also imagine an external speaker connected with surveillance cameras to scare the burglar already outside the house.

8.      Good outdoor lighting with motion sensor

Do not allow the thief to work in the dark without providing outdoor lighting around the house, preferably with a motion sensor so that it lights up even if the thief shows up at night. The more visible the thief is when he breaks in, the better. In addition, with good outdoor lighting, the thief’s chance of being caught increases. The outdoor lighting can also have a deterrent effect on the thief.

9.      Grid gate outside the doors

By installing a lattice gate inside the front door, you both reduce the risk of the thief getting in and get protection between you and uninvited guests who ring the doorbell. Keep in mind that the installation must be such that it is impossible to break off the grille with a crowbar or similar. If you feel unsure about the attachment, you should seek the help of a professional.

10. The grille on the inside of the window

If you are worried about burglary, you can, of course, put up window grilles on your house as well. Grille is quite expensive, but a middle ground is to put up grilles on basement windows and windows in exposed positions, such as against a dark back and the like. Keep in mind that the installation must be such that it is impossible to break off the grille with a crowbar or similar. If you feel unsure about the attachment, you should seek the help of a professional.

– You can, if you have a basement window or something, make a round bar that you put straight over and attach to the sides. So that if they tap the box, it sits straight across so that they do not enter. It is a simple action you can take yourself. Preferably, the rod is a little mobile, so it is difficult to cut.

11. Unbreakable windows or safety film on the window

Security film is pasted on the outside of the existing window. It holds the window pane together in the event of an attack. Security film is a simpler and cheaper variant than unbreakable windows. Depending on the level of protection, it may well fill the need.

12. Fireproof safe

Should the thief still get in, it is good to have a fireproof and anti-theft storage cabinet good for your most important things.

– If you place it centrally, you will still quickly access your heirloom jewelry if you want to wear them.

13. Dimgenerator

A fog generator is also an option. It emits smoke, much like theater smoke or disco smoke, making it difficult for the thief to navigate your home and find things to steal.

14. Do not show the valuables

Do not leave expensive things in front that the thief may see and be tempted by from the outside.

15. Pretend to be home when you are away

One way to keep the thief away when traveling away is to make the thief believe that you are still at home. Install automated lighting that turns lights on and off at regular intervals. Ask the neighbor to pick up the mail, stomp around the door in the snow, or maybe even shovel.

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