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4 Hair Fall Myths You Should Never Believe

Hair Fall Myths. People say that hair represents a great deal of who we are as a person. The type of hairstyle we have often shows the world what we want them to know about us. In this scenario, every single person wants to adorn healthy hair so that styling is never an issue. However, is hair styling always possible impeccably? Is our hair strong enough to undergo the constant upgrades and changes we make it go through? Is our hair care routine proper enough to prevent damage caused due to the pollution around us? Are we using the best hair care products online in Dubai, UAE, like the Hair Fall Control Oil from Mamaearth

What Should We Do to Keep Our Hair Strong and Healthy?

It does not matter what your gender is. It does not matter what your age is as well. That is because, when it comes to hair care and treatment, every single person is on the same page. You have to follow the right practices and buy good products like Hair Fall Control Oil from Mamaearth to ensure that your hair is good as new. Moreover, you need to shun the wrong practices arising out of myths so that you can save your hair from getting ruined in the long run. Let us take a look at some of the hair myths and why you should avoid them. 

Myth 1: Getting a Hair Cut Often helps in Better Hair Growth

The Reality: What happens when you get a haircut? The hair strands present at the dangling ends get removed. This helps in removing split ends from the end of the hair which, in turn, gives your hair a healthy look. However, is a haircut necessary for your hair, to grow? Hair growth has got nothing to do with loose ends. Rather, hair growth happens from the hair roots, and this is the major reason why you must take care of your hair, scalp and hair roots by using a Hair Fall Control Oil from Mamaearth. 

Myth 2: Wearing a Cap or a Hat Causes Hair Fall

The Reality: When you wear a cap or a hat, you actually end up protecting your hair from getting exposed to dirt and greasiness all around. Along with using the Hair Fall Control Oil from Mamaearth, wearing a hat or a cap also helps in securing the hair from environmental damage caused by sun rays, acidic rainfall and more. Thus, a cap or a hat is safe to wear as long as it is not excessively tight, so that hair fall due to friction does not happen. 

Myth 3: Plucking one Grey Hair Causes Multiple Grey Hairs to Grow

The Reality: Do you know why our hair turns grey? This happens when melanin production is reduced or stopped for certain hair follicles resulting in the growth of grey hair. Now the situation is such that the melanin production rate is natural and unbiased. Thus, just because one hair is grey won’t make the others around it grey if you pluck it out. 

Myth 4: Hair Shampoo Causes Hair Damage

The Reality: Hair shampoo enriched with essential natural ingredients like onion oil will help nourish the scalp and make it suitable for hair growth. Like the Hair Fall Control Oil from Mamaearth, hair shampoo is essential for keeping the hair clean, hydrated, and healthy at all times. Thus, wash your hair twice or thrice a week!

Now that you know about the four myths regarding hair care, avoid them in reality. This way, you will be able to give your hair the care that it deserves. Whenever your hair needs that extra boost of nourishment or care, take the natural route with Mamaearth. The Mamaearth Onion Hair Mask is enriched with onions and organic bamboo vinegar that make your hair stronger. You can also check out their other products from the Onion range, including hair fall control oil. So, embrace your beautiful hair and rock the world!

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