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4 Must-Have Modern Bar Furniture Pieces For Every Home

Homes today are designed to maximize function and space. Traditional bulky furniture is quickly being replaced by space-saving options such as modern bar furniture, which by the term may sound like it’s suitable for a club or bar but is adaptable for the home.

If you’re considering shopping for furniture that provides both form and function yet occupies less room, consider the following must-have modern bar furniture items:

#1 Bar Stools:

This is a type of chair that is much taller than a regular seat but with a footrest. The narrowness of the frame and height of this stool helped bar stools make their debut at bars and pubs. Modern Barstools can be made from many materials such as steel, chrome, wood, and even plastic.

Some stools are equipped with armrests and back support, while others have no armrest, padding, or upholstery on the surface of the seat. In terms of functionality, some bar stools are floor mounted while others are swivel. The former cannot be moved as easily, and the latter enables the seater to turn around without getting off easily.

Bar stools range in height from 30″ to 36″. They are paired perfectly with bar tables and kitchen islands. Due to their space-saving feature is not uncommon in studio apartments, basements, and small homes.

#2 Counter Stools:

Counter stools are well suited for high countertops. Together, they are perfect for hosting casual lunches or bar activities. Like the bar stool, counter stools can be found in various colors, materials, and designs. Depending on the theme of your interior décor, you can opt for stools in hues of yellow, blue, turquoise, grey, or even white. For a modern home, a black counter stool is certainly not uncommon.

In terms of materials, metal is the most common since it can withstand the test of time. Wooden stools with or without back support are also unique. The wood grain helps to add a “homey” look and easily fits in with existing décor. You can opt for counter stools designed in themes such as farmhouse, cottage, and rustic.

Lastly, counter stools are available in three back types. These are a low back, fullback, and no back. For maximum support, a fullback is ideal and certainly an attractive or more formal option. For a casual setting, you can opt for a no-back or low-back counter stool.

#3 Bar Carts:

Sometimes having a full-service bar is not feasible in the home. This is where a bar cart can become your favorite piece of modern bar furniture. Apart from showcasing your favorite wines, spirits, and drink accessories, you can also use it as an accent or statement piece. Bar carts are available in various designs, from contemporary to modern, to classic and even vintage. If you’re an occasional drinker who enjoys unwinding with a glass of wine each evening, you can also use your bar cart as a serving cart. This will come in handy to serve drinks and hors-d’oeuvres to your guests. It can be easily wheeled around, making it an ideal piece for cocktail parties.

#4 Bar Tables:

Want to create a unique dining atmosphere? Opt for a bar table with bar stools. This unique table design is higher than a conventional dining table. Similar to a pub table, it can accommodate anywhere from 1 to 4 people. It features high seats, often with footrests. Bar tables are sometimes called bistro tables because of their occurrence in restaurants and pubs. They are ideal for homes with small dining spaces and studio apartments, or even basements.

In terms of materials, it’s not uncommon to find these made from wrought iron, steel, or even wood. They are also available in a range of designs and colors.

Modern bar furniture is versatile, functional, and alluring, ideal for the contemporary home. To shop for exquisite bar furniture, please visit Creative Furniture Store.

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