4 Types of Boats


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There is nothing better than heading off on your very own boat with your family or friends, talking about all of the fish that you intend to catch. Here are some fishing and boating tips that will help make this event even more enjoyable.

There are numerous different types of fishing and boating, each one offering its own specialized requirements. You can dangle some bait over the edge of a canoe with a string, or you can bring a powerful cabin cruiser out into the water with high tech fishing rods. 4 Types of Boats

As long as your boat is seaworthy, the rest is up to you. Here are some of the popular fishing boat choices to consider when exploring fishing and boating tips and tricks.

Freshwater Boats –

If you enjoy fishing in freshwater areas such as lakes, rivers and streams, then the boat that you need does not have to be massive. Instead, choose a boat made from fiberglass or aluminum. 4 Types of Boats

Make sure that the boat is easy to transport and light weight. Popular choices for freshwater fishing boats include bow riders, walley boats and runabouts, especially those offering a small console or a dual console.


4 Types of Boats
4 Types of Boats

Offshore Saltwater Boats –

Fishing out in the open sea is one of the more common types of fishing, allowing you to catch larger fish using heavier tackle. In this case you need a heavy, dependable boat because you are going to encounter a variety of different weather conditions and other situations on the open sea, and relying on your boat is absolutely vital. You may want to consider twin outboard motors or single outboard motors, and you are definitely going to want a center console or a cuddy cabin. You can even go further by buying a more luxurious boat, such as a blue water or a convertible with luxury quarters.

Inshore Saltwater Boats –

If your tastes run up to fish like bonefish, redfish, snook, trout or tarpin, then you are going to want an inshore saltwater fishing compatible boat instead. You are going to be looking for a lighter boat that is 25 feet or less. You only need a single outboard motor when fishing inshore, such as a flat or baby boat, which offers excellent deck space while still floating well in shallower waters.

Bass Boats –

These boats are best suited for tournament fishing and sport fishing. They tend to be colorful and fast, and they tend to ride low in the water which is preferable for bass boats with trolling motors mounted on the bow of the boat. You can generally choose between aluminum or fiberglass, and both will provide excellent platforms for fishing making casting much easier.

Float Tubes –

Float tubes may not necessarily be boats, but they’re very handy for fly anglers that like to fish in mountain streams, lakes, ponds and some rivers. These float devices have seats, partially submerging the angler so that they can better navigate through the water.


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