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5 important steps to replace your computer’s hard drive

It is inevitable that your computer’s hard drive will fail over time. And sometimes your wrong actions can speed up the breakdown. In such cases, you need to replace the faulty computer’s hard disk to prevent your computer from functioning properly and to protect your data. In addition, you may be using a traditional hard drive and now you want to upgrade it to a solid-state drive, which can significantly improve your computer’s performance. Regardless of the specific reasons for replacing the computer device, it can be complicated for beginners. Therefore, we present you with 5 important steps in this process. Replace the computer hard disk

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Step 1: Back up all data on the original device

First, you should back up all data stored on the original data to another external data storage device by having to restore the data to a new hard drive after upgrading. Therefore, a backup is needed, which will contribute a lot to data recovery. For example, as long as you back up your .pst files, you can quickly restore Outlook PST data from the backups to the new device.

Step 2: Create an image for Original Drive

In addition to backups, cloning your original device is also an important preparation. This is because you can not guarantee that you will not make any mistakes in the procedure. In this scenario, it is advisable to create an image for the original device. It helps a lot if your malfunction destroys the device. You can still get information about the original device from the image file even though it failed properly,

Step 3: Select a new device

The next step is to select a new hard drive. The most important factor that you should take into account is the physical size of the new device. You should choose a device in the right physical size that fits your computer. In addition to the size, the thickness of the new device is also important. In a nutshell, you should confirm that the new device is compatible with your computer, regardless of shape, configuration, or features.

Step 4: Prepare for installations

Once you have an image, a backup of data, and a new device, you should also make some other preparations. First of all, you should visit the official website of the computer manufacturer and download all the updated drivers. If you do not intend to use the old hard disk as a spare disk, wipe the unit in advance. Finally, you should get the product keys for all your software and operating system.

Step 5: Install the new device

Actually, the predetermined 4 steps are completely prepared. Once you have finished them all, you can start replacing the old hard disk with the new drive. Shut down the computer first. Of course, before opening the case, we refer to the manuals or consult the manufacturers to find out how to access your compartment. Then carefully loosen the screws and open the panel carefully. In the presence of laptops, there is an individual panel for the drive bay.

Therefore, you should locate and open it. Then loosen the mounting screws on the unit and carefully remove the unit. Then replace the old unit and place the new one. Finally, secure all the screws in their original configurations and replace the panel. Overall, please be careful at all times! To be honest, you should seek some expert help in this course.

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