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5 reasons to choose a custom website

This will not be the first or the last article you read about the differences or recommendations on what to choose when ordering a website. Choose a custom website or a commercial CMS template? This competition, which promises to last for years, has no clear winner. From WDCL, Online and Offline marketing agency , where we have been developing portals and web applications for years, we advocate for custom webs. Our reasons? We present them below one by one:

Custom image for your brand

Normally, when someone decides to embark on a website development project , they usually have two very different profiles: either they have everything clear or they have nothing at all. In the first case, when someone has everything clear, they usually explain to us in detail how their business works, and therefore, they are usually aware that the web must meet special characteristics adapted to their business model.

The problem usually comes with the second type of client, who often seeks to compete in the market with generic and commercial solutions, more or less managed to appear to fit their business model. This is especially common with the Wordpress CMS, where our clients have often tried to “alter” WordPress to be what they would like, with half a dozen (or a whole dozen) plugins that are difficult to administer and that half manage to deliver. the objective.


As we can see, a custom web development always fits the client’s needs, and above all, it avoids having to transform magnificent tools such as WordPress, to achieve specific things for which it is not intend. WordPress is an incredibly good CMS for handling blogs and pages where static information is offer, but beyond that it becomes slow, unwieldy, and complex.

custom site

CMS Adapted to your needs

Our second argument, content management . It is quite common to ignore this point, with the classic excuse “it is a matter of practice”, but we must not forget that our time has a value, so if we are not completely convince that we are going to learn it, better think twice. At the agency we have dozens of clients who have come to us because they found Commercial CMS like Prestashop, WordPress or Joomla incredibly difficult to use.

tailor-made website , if it is well done, of course, can offer a very specific CMS with no extra options, and it is very easy to use. Being gear exactly to the specific focus of the web, your options are limit.

SEO optimization

Commercial CMS, having so much breadth and so many configuration and customization possibilities, are often excessively complex, with third-party libraries that slow down page load and harm SEO. Also, the HTML markup is not always the most correct and they are not optimize for your niche.

Through tailor-made developments, one can obviously include libraries and semantic fields (such as microformats) specific to that market, feeding additional information to search engines, and optimizing positioning in Google and other search engines.

Custom site

Possibility of expansion and integration

The ability to grow is basic in web development , and thanks to custom developments, this possibility is always open. Do you need to extend the operation of your online store with something specific to your market? It can be develop without it being a patch that works with problems or limitations. A new section for your website, hitherto not contemplate? The same. Not to mention the enormous possibilities of integrating the CMS with ERP systems, CRM, Reservations or almost any internal system that the client has implemented in their business.

A custom development does not imply a higher cost

In general we are not going to deceive you, they are more expensive, of course. A tailor suit is worth more than one per size, but sometimes there are tailor-made developments that are highly adjusted in price and their value for money is much higher than commercial alternatives. It is not necessarily 3 or 4 times more expensive, sometimes, for 10% or 20% more a really remarkable difference in result is achieve.


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