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5 Tips to Landing a King Salmon

King Salmon

If you are up for a challenge, 5 Tips to Landing a King Salmon there is nothing like the feeling of being able to land a king salmon.

These fish have an incredible amount of fight in them and they will really make you work to land them. druid name generator

There are however some techniques that you can use to greatly increase your chances of reeling in a monster king salmon.

The first step is knowing when to try your hand.

While it is possible to fish for king salmon all year round, you won’t always be successful. If it is too cold out, your odds of landing one are greatly reduced. 5 Tips to Landing a King Salmon

Try to schedule your fishing trips for the warmer months when the fish are more active and much more likely to take your bait. If you are traveling to Alaska for some fishing, this is particularly true. While there are many fish that can be caught in winter, the king salmon isn’t one of them.

Next up, you’ll need to remember that king salmon like to swim very deep in the water.

It is common to find one about 100 feet down. You’ll need to bring the right equipment with you in order to be successful.


5 Tips to Landing a King Salmon
5 Tips to Landing a King Salmon

This means heavier lures, longer lines and a pole that can withstand the weight of this fish which can weigh in excess of one hundred pounds. There is nothing more frustrating than hooking a king salmon, only to have it get the best of your pole.

You’re also going to want to focus on your bait and try a few different techniques.

By far the best bait to use for a king salmon is frozen herring. You will notice a big difference in your success rate if you’re using this bait. Use a downrigger poll, and set up several different poles if you are really serious about making the catch.

If you’re not familiar with a downrigger lure, it’s a very heavy contraption that can withstand the weight of a salmon. It’s got a heavy cable that can be attached to your line with a clip. This is by far the best type of pole to use.

Patience, as with any fish, is the key to catching a king salmon.

It’s a great idea to keep a little log of your various attempts and see which ones work the best. A fishing diary is a lot of fun to keep and you can learn a lot through the months as you go back over your past adventures.

Try starting up a conversation with other king salmon fishers and see what they are using and what is working for them. With trial, error and a lot of patience, you will be able to land this monster fish and enjoy the fruits of your labors for many meals to come. 5 Tips to Landing a King Salmon

King Salmon are well worth the effort,

so don’t forget to bring your camera along. You’re going to want to record this catch for your next big fish tale 5 Tips to Landing a King Salmon


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