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5 transferable skills students gain from higher-education

Need skills students from higher-education

John and Smith both together completed their graduation in History major. They both applied for the job of client attendant in a well-reputed company. Despite having better marks than John, Smith got rejected, whereas the company hired John. It is natural to have a question – Why and what worked in favour of John?

The reason behind John’s selection was not his marks, but rather it was his communication skills. These kinds of skills are referred to as transferable skills, which are not subject-specific but can improve the standard of a student’s resume.

Transferrable skills are the ones that are more relevant in professional fields. They don’t come from books or texts, but from practical experiences.

Keep reading to know more about such skills.

What are transferable skills?

Transferable skills are the ones that a person can use in every job, irrespective of the job role or the field. Do not expect to learn these from textbooks. You are born with it or develop it within yourself from your experiences.

For example, many individuals are born orators and possess the excellent public speaking capability. In comparison, others might develop it by participating in various debates. Not only this, some people gain these types of skills from internships or freelances.  Read Also –  do my homework

Having such skills opens up many opportunities for the candidates.

Keep that in mind, personal skills are as important academic qualifications. When you are already in university pursuing your higher education, you have a good hold over your subject. This is the time to work on your skills and prepare yourself for the next great battle of getting a job.

Below mentioned are 5 skills that you can work on during your education.

Time Management

Time management in modern is no doubt a monumental task. Most people try to make the best use of their day and be productive. However, where many fail in doing so.

University or higher education life is the best place to learn time management. This is the life where you have multiple commitments, from last-minute assignments to participating in extra-curricular activities. Try to make the most use of your every day to learn how to divide your day into time slots and work accordingly.  Read Also – edit my paper

Remember that the recruiters will want you to keep up with their demands in every job. Only having the skill of time management can help you get through this in every kind of job.


Critical thinking and problem solving

Critical thinking and problem solving are desperately required in every field and every sector. It is not job-specific. All jobs have their own set of problems. But you must know how to transform these problems into opportunities and deal with them.

Candidates with this particular skill are appreciated by most of the recruiters. This is because they already know what the candidate might face in the upcoming days. They want to be sure that as a candidate, you can overcome trying times. Read Also-How to Find the Best Online Spanish Tutors?

Students come across numerous situations where they grill themselves to be the best version of themselves. Not only this, they take part in various activities where there is a vast scope of criticism. All these together blends in with critical thinking and problem solving within a student.



Whatever job role you may apply for in whichever organisation, at some point or the other, you have to work along with other employees as a team. There is no guarantee that all of them will agree with what you say and vice versa. Also, you might not be comfortable with each member of the team. But keeping in mind your job demands and requirements, you have to do it even though you do not want it.

In such instances, you have to be very careful about how you address, speak, and keep up with your work. One slight mistake or fault at your end might become the reason for the whole team’s suffering.

University is a great place to enhance your skill of working in a team. This will help your student life as well as service life after that.


One of the most important and the most demanded skills is communication. Good communication skills help students get through many difficult situations and tough interviews. Good communication skills can also help you create a comfort zone among your co-workers.

Not only this but also having good communication skills can help you explain your stance better inform of your recruiters as well as your clients.

During higher education, you can get a lot of chances where you can improve your communication skills. For example, you will meet with many people of your age group. You will get an opportunity to observe at least some of them closely, and slowly and steadily, you will develop the various tricks of communication within yourself.

  1. Leadership

Last but not least, a skill that will help you as a working individual in every field irrespective of the job role is leadership. Indeed, everybody cannot be a leader, but at least everybody can blend in such skills within themselves. Therefore, leadership skills and qualities can help you edge out among other candidates.

When you are in university, you can try participating in such activities to express your opinions and request people to follow them. For example, you can plan and be a part of the organization committee to see how leaders instruct others to work. This will slowly help you observe, follow and introduce such qualities in yourself.

Final Thoughts,

Having a sound knowledge of the subject and good scores is, of course, important. But this cannot help a student stand out from among the others. It is the skills that make one candidate different from the other. Hence it is advisable to focus on your skills equally. Also, keep in mind that higher education opportunities are huge exposure for students to increase their degree and enhance their working skills.

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