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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home Like Turkish Place

Way back in time, since the institution of the Islamic Ottoman empire and the Turks were in deep love for Islamic home decor. Their palaces were full of gorgeous decorations, killim pillow covers, Turkish ceramic, extraordinary bathrooms and many more. We will be presenting for you 5 useful ways to decorate your home exactly like a Turkish place.

  • Killim Pillow Covers:


Turkish kilim pillows are the most excellent pattern of utilizing reused hand-woven mat textures that give an extra to your space as well as expands the general subject of the room. We as a whole realize a house is where we can communicate our inward magnificence as style and plan. Also, it is a spot that permits you to show a huge number of uncommon enriching objects in the most ideal manners. kilim cushions are the snazziest articles that helps you in saying something.

In basic words, vintage things permit you to consolidate various plans, shadings, and thoughts to get an imaginative look of a space. All you need is to blend and match the wonderful and fun-loving shadings to get or make an astounding look.

Regardless of whether it is a lounge or a room, a wonderful kilim cushion cover gets everybody’s eyes in a moment. These pillows reflect the beauty of one of the Islamic home decoration items. With the changing way of life, our necessities have been changing. Be that as it may, the utilization of lovely pads to improve the magnificence of our rooms has not diminished. So, to be more precise, Killim pillows are one of the most important furniture and props to use to decorate your house in a perfect Turkish Islamic home decor Style.

  • Turkish Iznik Ceramic decoration.

turkish 2

The craft of Turkish tiles and earthenware production possesses a position of unmistakable quality throughout the entire existence of Islamic art. The soonest illustration of the recent trends that arose in the early Ottoman time frame are the ‘blue-and-white’ Iznik ceramics. The methods engaged with their production are very best in class as contrasted and anything recently done. Iznik blue and white ceramic is a very original way to decorate your house because it is rare to find.

Iznik ceramic reflects the historical decoration of the Turks and the Ottoman empire by the time. There’s nothing better than using the Iznik ceramic to decorate your place perfectly in a Turkish style. This kind of ceramic is strong, beautiful and reflects the powerful and gorgeous Turkish decoration. Back at the time, only rich people in the Ottoman empire owned an Iznik ceramic set in their mansions because of its rareness, high price and it has that noble look to it. Today, Iznik is considered one of the most beautiful modern Islamic home decor items.

  • Turkish Traditional Lanterns.

turkish 3

Turkish Lanterns are made all together by hand in Turkey. They are portrayed by the metals worked in an exceptionally definite manner and by the wide scope of shadings utilized in little precious stones shaping mosaics. This strategy has advanced to the current day. In its beginnings it started with earthenware production, metal and later with the presentation of materials like glass and mortar to go along with them and result in lights with mosaics. Every Turkish light is uncommon, all have an alternate mosaic plan on the lampshade, colours or even drawings on the construction of the actual light. The plan mixes of Turkish lights are fluctuated to such an extent that they offer huge number of opportunities for surrounding enrichment.

Turkish lamps are an alternative for both private and expert spaces, to enliven and give an alternate highlight the customary. The maker has a wide assortment of lights remembering for its inventory roof lights, floor lights, table lights, divider lights, roof lights, crystal fixtures, and so forth Perhaps the most astonishing perspectives when you see Turkish Islamic home decor lights interestingly is the staggering light impact they make once they are on, it is stunning!

  • Turkish Hamsa Hand Decoration.


Portraying the open right hand, a picture perceived and utilised as an indication of insurance in ordinarily from the beginning of time, the hamsa is accepted by centre easterners, to give guard against the hostile stare. The hamsa holds acknowledgement as a carrier of favourable luck among Christians in the Middle East too. The Hamsa hand was used in every Turkish house for bad spirits protection till it became a Turkish Islamic home decor prop used in many houses around the Middle East.

So, if you’re looking to decorate your place in a Turkish style you really need to hang a hamsa hand on your wall. Its beautiful blue colour, its weird but yet very beautiful shape. And its powerful Islamic history has made the hamsa hand a portrait of the Arabs. And Especially of the Turkish home decoration. To summon up, even if you do not believe in its powers, you need to have a hamsa hand on your wall if you’re looking to turn your place into a Turkish-style house.

  • Turkish Coffee Set.


Last but not least the most important decorative design in a Turkish house is the Turkish coffee set. The style of coffee, otherwise called Arabic, first came from Yemen. An Ottoman lead representative positioned in Yemen in the sixteenth century became hopelessly enamoured with it. And acquainted it with Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, who popularised coffee in Istanbul and past. After its popular expansion all over the world. It became one of the first things to think about when mentioning a modern Islamic home decor.

The coffee set is found in every Turkish house. On the kitchen tables and in the living room tablets as a decoration. So, for everyone trying to decorate his home like a Turkish house. Immediately go and buy Turkish coffee sets. So you can start on the right path of decorating your house in a beautiful and traditional Turkish method. By conclusion, the Turkish decorative aspect makes your house look so extraordinary and so sophisticated yet amazingly beautiful. For everyone lost about how to decorate his house? Do it the Turkish Islamic home decor style.

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