6 Top Websites for Playing Scattergories Online

The party game Scattergories, which Milton Bradley introduced in 1988, is undoubtedly already known to you. You’ve probably seen Scattergories on the shop shelves in the gaming area, but did you know you can also play it online? If you play Scattergories online rather than in person, you may play with other players anywhere they may be as long as they all have access to the internet.

You may play as many Scattergories games online as you like by visiting the six top websites we’ll list for you. The best part is that, despite some having in-app purchases or advertisements, all of these applications and websites are free. Scattergories is still a favorite today since it’s entertaining, simple to master, and suitable for players 12 and up. Although it’s also likely to appeal to your smartypants child who is even younger.)

How Online Scattergories Work

Here is how Scattergories works when you play online, however gameplay may vary significantly across versions.

A player enters a public or exclusive room. The website or app presents participants with a selection of categories and a starting letter as the game starts. Each participant must come up with a term starting with the first letter of each category within the allotted time (usually two minutes). Let’s use the category “Animals” and the letter “C” as an example. You might choose “cheetah” or “cat.” You get a point if no other player selects the same word for a given category.

Benefits of Scattergories Online Gaming

Managing a Scattergories game may be made easier by playing online. Whichever website or app you choose, the platform will:

To allow you to play with friends or complete strangers, provide both public and private gaming rooms.
keep track of time restrictions and alert you when they are reached
Automate the round-by-round scoring
Provide a chat room where you may interact with other participants.
There are a few choices available if you want to play Scattergories online with friends, family, or random people. These are some of the top online Scattergories gaming sites and applications.

1. Magmic Inc.’s Scattergories and Scattergories Blitz.

The Scattergories mobile app market is monopolized by Magmic Inc. These are the only authorized mobile applications for Scattergories since Hasbro is the current owner of the Scattergories trademark and Magmic has their approval.

Two distinct games were produced by Magmic:

Scattergories, which enables you to play the traditional game with friends or against opponents selected at random. Regular gaming or a head-to-head competition are also options.

The Scattergories app from Magmic is accessible on both iOS and Android.

Blitz Scattergories. Consider this variation of Scattergories as having no starting letter requirement. Instead, you want to list as many items as you can under each category. You may be asked, for instance, to name as many well-known superhero teams as you can, such as Batman & Robin or the Fantastic Five. Join Facebook or log in as a guest to play.


Scattergories are freely available on this website in more than a dozen languages. What a fantastic approach to expand your vocabulary in another language!

  • Before you start, you may choose the number of participants and rounds as well as the game genres.
  • You may opt to invite friends by emailing them the game link, add a robot as a co-player, or be matched with gamers from across the world.
  • You’ll see a list of the entries made by the other players when you’ve completed the first round.
  • You may then object to any of their claims from there. If you completed the last round of gaming, confirming the results will lead you directly to the game results.
  • Although there are a few adverts on the site, they are not too intrusive.


This free and ad-free website is perfect for playing Scattergories online when combined with Zoom or the online meeting platform of your choice.

  • Open a Zoom meeting first.
  • In order for everyone to view the same list of categories, one person accesses this website and shares their screen with everyone else.
  • Choose a person to serve as the timekeeper.
  • When the individual who is sharing their screen hits Play, everything is ready.
  • Everyone exchanges their responses once the time has expired.
  • Both of you lose points if another player selected the same response for the same category as you.

The website has a straightforward, attractive layout, but if it doesn’t suit you, you may use the Old Version.

4. A rather dull website

A link to Play Online is tucked away in the website’s footer for Swellgarfo (BETA). By choosing it, you will be sent to incredibly uninteresting. A website or lobby where you may establish or join a public or private Scattergories game room.

In order for everyone to agree on the rules, this free website contains a chat box and also shows the rulebook. Up to 24 persons may be accommodated in the lovely arrangement!


Use the web, Android, or iOS applications from StopotS to play Scattergories online. All of the applications are ad-supported yet free. Playing is possible anonymously or by logging in with Google, Facebook, or Twitter. Play immediately by setting up a room or being partnered with others. You can quickly converse with other players thanks to in-game chat.

The program automatically guides users through each stage of the game, from inputting answers to validating them, and the gameplay is fluid.


Although this website is geared for young learners of English as a second language, anybody looking to play Scattergories online would love it. You’ll need to join a Zoom call, like like Swellgarfo, to play with others.

Pick one person to share their screen with when they browse this website. The game will start after they click the “Choose a letter” button to set the timer. When the allotted time is over, everyone discusses their responses, and the regular scoring is done.

Get Your Mind to Work

There are more online games than Scattergories that may challenge your brain. To engage several brain regions, revisit Tetris, chess, or one of these escape room games. It’s possible that you’ll fall in love with the thrill of discovery and fulfillment, and you could even become aware of how much less stressed you are. Take off!

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