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7 Best Adventure Gift Boxes That Will Surprise Everyone

Best Adventure Gift Boxes

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend or loved one, consider one of the many adventure gift boxes available. Whether you’re looking for a gift that keeps your kid occupied for hours or something that will get them outside and moving, there are several options available. These experiences are sure to surprise and delight the recipients and will help them learn more about themselves.

Escape the Crate

With Escape the Crate, you can travel through time and save historical figures. The adventure involves solving puzzles, retrieving relics, and much more. Some of the boxes even feature adventures during the time of kings and knights. For instance, you can visit the legendary land of Camelot, where King Arthur is missing and the legendary Round Table is broken into four pieces. The game will allow you to solve a variety of puzzles and restore Camelot to its former glory.

Each escape box includes a clue sheet and several props, such as a wooden coin or toy dragon. The puzzles get more complex and interesting as each installment is released. The adventure begins online, with a welcoming letter and some items from the box itself. You can complete the game by combining the items in the box with clues found on the Buyagift Discount Code. If you like, you can purchase individual items, too.

Puzzle boxes are designed to challenge players, engaging their observation skills and igniting their curiosity. The best boxes will leave the player with a sense of epiphany – a sense of having cracked a mystery and solving a riddle.

Eureka Crate

Eureka Crate is an innovative subscription box that teaches kids about math, science, and engineering while getting them to build cool stuff. Each box features a STEM project with step-by-step instructions and everything needed to complete it. It also comes with a Maker’s Guide and a design challenge. It’s a great gift for kids who love to make stuff with their hands.

You can subscribe to Eureka Crate monthly or choose a one-time subscription for a one-time fee. Each subscription includes a variety of activities, including science experiments. It also includes instruction sheets and battery power to help your teen navigate the different components.

Gifts & Flowers Coupon Code also offers subscription boxes for children of different ages. Some of them are specifically designed for younger children, while others are for older children. There are several types of subscription boxes, including the Koala Crate for infants and the Tinker Crate for children aged nine to sixteen. The Eureka Crate is for older kids, and it includes activities like building a ukulele. Parents can even choose to give each box as a gift.


Adventure is in the air, so why not surprise your loved ones with a subscription to a box full of tasty goodies? There are some great boxes available, including a box of goodies from a favorite celebrity or a local business. Bokksu, a Japanese snack subscription, contains twenty-four different treats, from walnut mochi to black sesame cookies. The boxes are made by small family businesses and include detailed guides about the product’s origin, flavor, and allergens.

Book of the Month

Adventure Gift Boxes are a great way to introduce kids to new books. Each month, a new book is sent to subscribers. These boxes vary by genre and are often packed with goodies that can be used to make the experience even more fun. For example, one box might feature a YA novel while another might feature a thriller. Each box includes a new book and a note from the shop owner, and all are shipped in eco-friendly packaging.

Books are curated by YiLing Chen-Josephson, who personally reads hundreds of books each month. Each month, she handpicks one of the best picture books available for the box. You can choose one book per month or subscribe to five or more boxes, and each one has a new selection.

Whether your gift recipient is a book lover or just someone who enjoys traveling, there is an adventure gift box for everyone. A monthly box of one of the featured books is accompanied by a mug or a packet of bubble baths. Many subscription boxes include a postcard from the featured destination.

Epic Pass

For an adventure gift, an Epic Pass is an ideal choice. The pass gives you access to multiple ski resorts, and it works at partnering properties across the country. Alternatively, a Fandango gift card is a great option for movie buffs. These gift cards are available for purchase online or at participating retail stores.

There are several types of Epic Passes. There are the 1-7-day pass, the mountain pass, and the day pass. For more information, check out the Epic Mountain Rewards program. This program rewards you with discounts on several different items. Additionally, you’ll get discounts on bike rentals at 13 different resorts.

Virgin Experience Gifts

Virgin Experience Gifts have several gift cards and experiences that will be sure to surprise anyone. For instance, the Vinebox is a gift box that resembles a wine-tasting class. It contains nine different wines in single-serving vials. You can give the gift card as a gift or use it to book a date.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member, consider Lifestyle Coupon Code. The company offers several exciting experiences and is the perfect place to buy these experiences. This company previously operated as Cloud 9 Living, but Virgin acquired the company in March 2021. The company pioneered the experience gift category in the UK, and now joins the Virgin family of brands.

There are many reasons why you should consider giving an adventure gift. Not only will it help the recipient get out of their comfort zone, but you’ll also be able to learn more about them. Kids will also appreciate an experience that will get them off the couch and off their devices.

Escape the Crate

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for the upcoming holiday season, consider an Escape the Crate adventure gift box. The puzzles in these boxes allow players to go back in time to solve crimes, rescue historical figures, and retrieve relics. The time-traveling experience takes players to the days of knights and kings. King Arthur is missing, and the legendary Round Table has fallen apart. Players must complete four quests to restore Camelot to its former glory.

Mystery escape rooms have become popular in recent years. They are challenging and fun and can even boost relationships. The best part is that you can play them at home! The games are designed for the whole family and can be played by individuals or in small groups of up to six. Each box features a different puzzle or a clue to solve.

The latest box is the Escape the Crate Ruins, which will be available on 7/31. You can also purchase the previous boxes as standalones. There’s also an Escape the Crate gift certificate, which can be used for a single game.

Undiscovered Artisan Box

The Undiscovered Artisan Box is the ultimate artisan subscription box. Every quarter, you’ll receive a box filled with authentic artisan treasures from around the world, valued at over $200. You can choose the items you’d like to receive, or let the box surprise you. Not only will you discover unique products, but you’ll also receive insider tips on the products and places they come from.

This subscription box is designed for travelers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts. It includes everything from essential travel essentials to adventure gifts, and it’s guaranteed to surprise everyone. The items are handcrafted and have been carefully chosen by artisans. The items are priced below their retail price, so it’s the perfect way to surprise friends and family members with a unique gift.

Each box is carefully selected by an artisan guide from the destination country. The box includes items from the region’s artisan culture, including items made by fair trade and socially conscious producers. Each box also contains a unique recipe from the region. The box’s mission is to preserve these regional traditions for future generations and to connect subscribers with talented artisans around the world. Subscribers also gain a deeper appreciation for the local culture.

Undiscovered Artisan Box is a subscription box that features handmade treasures from around the world. Each month, you’ll receive a new box filled with unique treasures from a different country. For example, the winter box will feature Peru and features the internationally acclaimed weaver Nilda Callanaupa, as well as other Peruvian artisan guides. Undiscovered Artisan Box also includes a special invitation to a local ceremony and a home-cooked meal.

Eureka Crate

If you’re looking for a fun and educational gift for a child, consider giving a subscription to Eureka Crate. The box contains fun engineering projects that allow kids to explore basic science principles and make awesome things with their own hands. Each box comes with everything a child needs to make a project, including a booklet to help them complete it. The box also contains extra content to inspire further exploration.

Designed to inspire young inventors, Eureka Crate’s STEM kits are perfect for budding engineers and artists. Each kit has been broken down into age groups and topics. There is a Crate for babies and toddlers, a Koala Crate for toddlers, a Kiwi Crate for toddlers, an Atlas Crate for preschoolers, and a Doodle Crate for children ages three to eight. There’s even a Crate for older kids, like the Eureka Crate for engineering and design.


The East Village is a neighborhood in Manhattan and is known as the birthplace of punk in the United States. The gift package offers a full meal at four local restaurants, including two appetizers, an entree, and a dessert. A guide will also tell you stories about the neighborhood and offer wine-pairing suggestions.


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