7 reasons why you should buy Wooden Glasses

Wooden glasses are all the rage in the eyewear industry this year. And if you used to think that these glasses were impractical, you’ll be surprised to know that even celebrities are wearing them. So if you’re bored of your plastic or metal frames, now is the time to try something as refreshing as wood frame glasses.

Whether you get these frames for your prescription glasses or readers, you’ll be getting a fresh and unique look. And since the entire aesthetics are natural, people of any skin colour or lifestyle can wear these glasses. 

Wooden eyewear is handcrafted from raw wood and thus have a distinctive texture. If you’re also looking for a brand new pair of specs, we’ll tell you why wooden frames make for the perfect eyewear style in 2021. 

What are the benefits of wooden glasses?

Apart from being environment friendly, these glasses have a lot of things going for them. They are the rare combination of fashion and sustainability. Here are the reasons that make these glasses hard to miss in 2021.

1. Wooden frame glasses don’t have harmful substances

Wood is durable so wooden frames don’t have to go through excessive processing. In simple words, these glasses are as natural as they could get. They are not like those metal or plastic frames that take too much heat and chemicals to get the right shape and become durable. 

Since wooden frame glasses are all-natural, they are hypoallergenic meaning that they don’t irritate your skin. So, if you have sensitive skin but need to wear prescription glasses for long hours, this is the perfect frame material for you. 

2. Wooden glasses are environment friendly

When you buy glasses with a wooden frame, you are making a difference in the environment. You are making a conscious (and stylish) choice to save the environment. 

There is plenty of metal and plastic frame glasses that are not entirely recyclable. But wooden frame glasses are. Wood is a natural material that reduces the amount of carbon emission in the environment. 

Moreover, less fuel or energy goes into the making of these glasses so they are safe for nature as well. And once you’re done with a pair, you can toss it away and it would be recycled into a new pair rather than ending up in a landfill. 

3. Wooden glasses have so many styles

From round wooden glasses to square silhouettes, these glasses are available in so many styles so that you can find the right one for your face shape and skin tone. 

Wooden Glasses

If you can’t find good options in wooden eyewear at your nearby optical stores, we suggest you purchase wooden glasses online. Digital stores have these glasses in a vast variety of frame styles, designs and colours. You can give them a personal touch by painting on the frame.

4. Wooden frame glasses last long

Out of all the frame materials out there, wood is considered to be the most durable. They could take the beatings of weather, pollution and sweat without showing any change in the quality or performance. 

Wooden glasses from reputable brands are made for strength and durability. Using superior quality wood, these glasses last longer than other eyewear types. So, if you’re looking for durability in eyeglasses, then you’ve got to try wooden eyewear. These are available in different styles to suit your taste.

But make sure you choose the right size of frame for men’s face shape and for women so your glasses fit your face properly. These glasses don’t require much maintenance and are highly functional and stylish to be with you for years.

5. Wooden glasses are comfortable to wear

Glasses made from raw wood are lightweight and hypoallergenic. Thus, they feel comfortable on your face even when you wear them for long hours. 

They won’t put pressure on your nose and feel so gentle on your skin. The smooth texture of the wood enhances your appearance and looks amazing. But make sure you choose the right 

Wooden frame glasses are sweat-resistant and the colour won’t fade even when you wear them day-in-day-out. 

6. Wooden glasses look eye-catching

Wooden frame eyeglasses haven’t become a part of mainstream fashion and thus look eye-catching when someone wears them. There are so many people sporting metal or acetate frames on the streets. 

But rarely you would get to see people with stylish wooden glasses and that’s because they haven’t yet become so common. Each pair of these glasses have a unique look and feel to them. Wood is a beautiful natural material that has a visual appeal no matter what it’s used for. 

7. Wooden glasses are versatile

Since these glasses don’t have a bold appeal, they are perfect to go with any accessory and outfit choice. Wood frame eyeglasses manage to catch attention with their minimal aesthetics and subtle fashion statement. 

What makes these glasses unique is that all the pairs are different in texture and pattern. Even when you have a simple frame such as round or rectangle glasses, the wooden eyeglass frame will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Wooden glasses are getting much press these days for all the right reasons. These glasses look undeniably stylish and suit almost everyone. The light material of wood and the unique patterns help you make the right fashion statement. 

If you’re out buying a pair of new glasses, then definitely give wooden frame glasses a shot. They are easy to maintain and last longer so you don’t have to change glasses every year. 

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