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7 Tips to Win a Property Tax Protest

Are you trying to figure out ways to reduce your annual tax bill?

When Texans receive their residential 2022 property tax evaluation notification, they are often taken aback. Although Texas has the seventh-highest property tax rate in the US, homeowners in the state have a chance to fight for a lower rate. A property tax protest can be used to accomplish this. However, remember that this isn’t about property tax protest service in Texas but rather about examining the data that supports your home’s market value. The market value is the price you could sell on the open market.

Are you trying to figure out ways to reduce your annual tax bill? Here are seven expert recommendations to help you win a property tax appeal. Then, every year, you can take advantage of them.

1.   Every Year You Should Appeal for Tax Protest:

Rising home prices lead to higher assessments and property tax expenditures. Even if you won a protest the previous year, you must file your property taxes every year. The more you attempt, the better your possibilities of winning get. An appraiser examines your property’s worth and offers a lower value during the informal hearing. Accepting the valuation or proceeding to the formal hearing is entirely up to you. This year, customer savings reached more than $120 million, and our client savings totaled more than $1,000,000,000.

2.   Review Your Neighbor’s Property Assessment:

Yes, you read that correctly. Always take a moment to stop by your neighbors’ houses, talk to them, and develop a relationship with them in which you can share your home’s values. The county appraisal districts compare your home to other homes and transactions in the area, so knowing how much yours is worth compared to others might help you estimate how much you’ll pay in taxes. The lower the home prices in your neighborhood, the cheaper your tax costs will be. Review your neighbors’ property tax cards are public records, so you can check your assessment against your neighbors’ neighbors to see if they sync up. You have a strong possibility of appealing your review if you discover apparent disparities in assessed values.

3.   Assemble Evidence:

Homework is required to win a case in the official hearing. Display your sales statement to show how much you spent on your home; evidence can always back you up. It’s almost a done deal if the figures are less than the valuation. You should gather sales data from your community as well. From this, the board will analyze the information, compare it to the most recent assessment and tax bill, and decide. You might hear anything right away or have to wait a few months for the reviewer to make a judgment. Hiring a professional tax consultant can help you gather evidence and present your appeal on your behalf, making your task easier.

4.   Look For Exemption:

In the event of a spouse’s death or a homeowner’s bankruptcy, a homestead exemption can help protect a home from creditors. In some states, the provision gives surviving qualified spouses continued property tax reduction. Although homestead exemptions are available in most states, the criteria and protection limits differ.

5.   Allow the Assessor Access Your Residence:

You are under no obligation to let the tax assessor into your home. However, if you don’t provide access to the interior, the assessor will likely assume you’ve made specific modifications, such as adding fittings or making excessive renovations. This may lead you to a higher tax bill.

6.   Don’t File Your Protest Online:

Few county appraisal districts offer the option of filing your property taxes online; while this may appear simple, it is a time-consuming process. In addition, when you e-file, your possibilities of being rejected are high, and you’ll have to go back and figure out what went wrong. To avoid this, hire professionals who can assist you and simplify the process.

7.   Hire A Professional:

Hiring a professional has numerous advantages to handling your property tax appeal. First, they have the necessary knowledge and expertise to assist you in saving time and energy while also relieving tension. Second, years of experience in the field can help you build a stronger case and increase your chances of winning an appeal. Third, you will save time since you will not be forced to gather evidence, fill out time-consuming

papers, or attend monthly ARB hearings. Fourth, they take care of everything for you, making your protest as smooth as possible. Finally, an expert can guide you through the procedure and offer you the best chance of success in your appeal.

Always keep in mind is that your tax bill is not fixed. However, a little homework and diligence can go a long way toward easing the strain. You will never be free from property taxes while you own your home, but a few simple tricks can lower your property tax bill.

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