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8 Key Features for a Professional Association Website.

A professional website requires a totally different online strategy than the one that can work with commercial websites, or sectors such as B2C. However, the constant evolution and current pace of business marketing makes it difficult for many project owners or managers to keep up with the features that really work and that, of course, can attract potential clients.

Features and Functions

A professional website must have a number of particular features and functions because its content requires a selective and careful approach. That is to say, the way in which to present the information to your potential leads and even to your current clients should be studied and planned in a very particular way, because this can directly influence the decision to do business with your business or not

But, in addition to that, within the key characteristics that a professional website must have, there are a series of functions that are not really “essential”, so, although they can serve as added value elements that can enhance your website They can also raise the total cost of developing it.

In this way, it is essential to define, at the beginning of the design project of your professional website, not only the roadmap to turn your industrial website into a lead generating machine, but also to be clear about the functions that should be, in order to avoid misunderstandings between you and the web designer.

In this sense, in this article we have discussed eight key features every professional association website should have to grow their business. Have a look! 

  • You must have high-quality videos or images. 

    The first thing a quality professional website needs is visual content, with real videos or images of your solutions. Low-quality grainy images, taken from a mobile phone, or stock photos, will simply deplete the web. If, for example, you are an OEM company or a manufacturer of custom parts, it is essential that you showcase your work with high-quality products, and if you are a service provider or distributor, show your work with professional-level videos.

  • Well detailed products or services. 

    The next feature that a quality professional website should include is detailed information on product or service specifications. In the case of being products, we are not referring to the technical characteristics, but to the benefits that this solution can provide to your potential client. Remember that you don’t sell products, you sell solutions.

  • Catalogs and documentation. 

    Of course, the products that you detail on your professional website should have a small section to specify the technical characteristics, but it should not be more relevant than the information that actually provides solutions. In this sense, it will be enough to hang that technical content in PDF files.

  • Video success stories. 

    Success stories are a great tool to share with your prospects. What a good case study includes is a clear description of the challenge or problem your client had, details about how they solved that problem and the benefits of the solution you provide, especially if you do it through a video, that help tell the story of what was achieved for that client, like the one we have done with one of our clients:

  • Specify target industries. 

    It is key that, in your professional website, you focus on targeting the content towards the target industries, which are ultimately the ones that have the most capabilities to meet your requirements.

  • Contact information

    You must provide multiple ways for your prospect to contact you. Also, you should try to answer all your possible doubts through a frequently asked questions section.

  • SEO Tools

    These must be present within the conceptualization and creation of the professional website in order to achieve a good positioning on the internet and optimize the website for search engines. You must do rigorous keyword research to improve organic rankings.

In addition to the above mentioned eight key features of a professional website, you should also assess other elements that must exist from the very beginning of the project, or that can be added later. For example, the rest of the most common functions within an industrial website are usually:

  • Site search
  • Parametric product search
  • Responsive
  • Job board / online application
  • Password protected sections
  • Intranet for employees only
  • Partner / dealer area only
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Newsletter with registration form
  • Complex shapes
  • Pre-populated forms and landing pages
  • Video streaming / interactive demonstrations
  • Database integration
  • RSS Feeds / Blog / Discussion Forum
  • Investor relations / Press room
  • Live chat / click to call

Hope you like 7 important features on EzinePosting for a professional association website which helps business to grow. Have a look! 

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