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9 Proven Ways To Improve Your PPC Campaign Performance

During the last decade, the number of parameters that you must consider about your accounts and campaigns has skyrocketed almost 20 times

And what exactly do business owners need to do to increase PPC performance while staying competitive in the market continually?

A lot has changed in the paid search landscape in recent years. Today, it has become a complex ecosystem in the digital world with:

  • Numerous channels (Google, YouTube, etc.)
  • Multiple devices and locations
  • Increased competition in brand and purchasing activity
  • Complex bidding rules and modifiers to automate bid management
  • Re marketing strategies focused on specific audiences
  • Large amounts of data are available for strategy and planning

With all this to consider, it is essential that you determine what actions you should take through all the hassle of managing a PPC campaign. It is important to regularly review your list of search words and the keywords used by Internet users.

You might be surprised by what you find. You must be attentive to the search words that you do NOT want to segment to optimize your ROI. This is called negative keywords, allowing you to exclude search terms from your campaign in order to target only the right customers and increase click.

In all marketing initiatives, testing is recommended to maintain effectiveness.

Web advertising allows you to test opportunities like no other medium. You can create 3-4 banner ads (with different visuals and copy) for the same keyword groups, and then see how your click performance compares.

To later be able to obtain a better return on investment. Repeat this process many times as necessary and remember that Google Ads uses an ad rotation system that shows the best performing ads throughout your campaign.

A PPC campaign can help your business meet its sales and marketing goals. Statistics show, for example, that search ads can increase brand awareness by 80% and that for high commercial intent queries, search ads get 65% of all clicks.

However, to achieve good results you have to improve ad performance in PPC campaign. How do you do it? Take note:

  • Define your goals

Without clearly defined and measurable objectives you cannot improve campaign performance in AdWords. Before starting with PPC campaigns, you have to create an effective roadmap that allows you to plan each of your steps, measure results and determine whether or not your goals have been achieved.

  • Focus on high-performing keywords

Keywords are the essential element of any PPC campaign. Therefore, to improve ad performance in AdWords it is necessary that you evaluate the quality score of each of them.

  • Filter low-performing keywords

These keywords don’t generate clicks, impressions, or conversions. They do not contribute anything to campaign performance in PPC campaign. They just waste your advertising budget. Remove them from the ad group.

However, do not forget that, when keywords generate clicks but not conversions, it is possible that the landing page is the one that presents problems to retain the visitor and convert it. Check that point.

  • Don’t forget negative keywords

Negative keywords allow you to exclude irrelevant search terms from your AdWords campaign, preventing ads from firing for unimportant queries.

Simply put, ads are presented to users with the highest conversion potential, thus filtering out unwanted traffic and saving you the money of many clicks that do not generate any profit.

  • Create compelling ads

Your PPC campaign ads need to be compelling and engaging to engage your target audience as soon as they appear before their eyes. This involves creating eye-catching headlines and specific, relevant, concrete, and optimized messages with a strong call to action (CTA).

  • Incorporate ad extensions

Ad extensions are those formats that display additional information about your product or company, such as photos, location, call button, additional text, links, and much more. By using them you help the user to know you better and significantly increase the click-through rate. Therefore, you optimize PPC campaign performance in AdWords.

  • Make landing pages for your different ad groups

Your ad copy and landing page should complement each other. It is the only way you can get an optimal level of PPC campaign performance and decrease bounce rates.

Write your ads thinking about what you offer on the landing page. You think that it is very frustrating for the user to click on a text of interest and get to a site that is not aligned with the offer.

Avoid linking all your ads to your site’s landing page or to generic pages. That does not add any value to the target audience.

  • Perform A / B testing of PPC items

Periodically run A / B tests on all elements of the PPC campaign in AdWords: keywords, ad text, description, links, extensions, design, titles, CTAs, etc. That way you can determine which ones work well and which ones require modification.

By applying these tips, you will significantly improve PPC campaign performance in AdWords. Finally, don’t forget to constantly monitor the campaign. The idea is that you use those results to improve your PPC ads on a daily basis, stand out from the competition and get a good ROI.

  • Final tip

Improving and optimizing your PPC campaign is an ongoing process based on internet user behavior and search trends over time. The more carefully you target your keywords and ads, the more you improve your PPC campaign performance and optimize your budget.

If you don’t have the time, patience, or knowledge to manage your Google Ads campaign, Amauta Marketing is here to ensure the best possible return on your investment based on your budget.

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