9 Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Are you looking for great social media strategies? Are you looking to get exceptional traffic to your website? We share some social media tips that will help you convert visitors into leads.

Let’s first understand traffic and social media.

Traffic and Social Media

Social media is home to more 3.4 million active users. According to some, social media is the best source of eCommerce traffic. Social media is more effective than traditional media at driving traffic to your site. You have many opportunities to attract business visitors and convert them into leads.

How can you start a conversation? How can you make your posts more visible on social media? How to engage your audience? How to engage your audiences digitally and generate leads

Strategies to Increase Website Traffic

Here are some essential strategies for boosting website traffic to your online store using social media.

1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

A social media profile plays a critical role in building brand recognition and brand building. A strong social media profile can bring in a lot of traffic to your site. Optimizing your social media profiles is as important as optimizing the SEO of your website. Make sure your social media profiles include relevant keywords. You must ensure that you don’t miss any details when filling out your profile.

If you include the links to your website SEO in your social media profiles, it will rank well. This is a crucial rule to ensure good SEO for your website.

Social media profiles can help increase brand awareness. A well-designed social media profile is essential for optimizing your website. It should contain the right keywords and other information.

2. Engage Consistently with Your Target Audience

Social media allows you to connect directly with your target audience. Social media allows you to interact directly with your target audience and get their feedback in real time. This will improve your customer experience. Engaging with your audience regularly can increase traffic to your website and social media profiles. This improves the perception of the company’s audience.

Social media management requires that your audience is engaged on a regular basis. Your digital engagement with your audience should be seamless and not be confused with self-promotion. You need to keep these points in mind if you want to engage your audience with your brand and website.

  • Social media is not a one way strategy. It’s more of a two-way road
  • Your audience is important. Engage them. You could lose them.
  • Only 11% customers get replies from online brands
  • Nearly 34% customers prefer social media to customer care

Regularly managing your social media accounts is one of the most important social media marketing strategies.
You can be a social media guru once you have mastered the art of managing social media tools. You can lead through your single stream inbox by using social events and niche content on your social media feeds. While visibility to your audience will take some time, you must continue to drive traffic. Hire the best digital marketing company in Thane for developing mobile apps.

3. Post Consistently

Everyone wants to be accountable and have a large number of followers. You can build a great social media marketing strategy by posting regularly to your social media. Several factors influence how often you post and how many followers and likes that you get.

  • Region/Time zone
  • Target Audience
  • There are seven days in a week
  • Content
  • Hashtags
  • Profile bios

Different social media platforms have different posting frequencies, according to report.

  • Twitter requires that you post at least 15 tweets per day.
  • Facebook allows one post per day as the minimum posting frequency
  • Instagram requires that you post 1-2 times per week.

This is done by measuring the frequency at which your audience posts. Monitor the posting frequency of your competitors and other brands. This allows you to set your own frequency in order to increase social media engagement.

4. Create Viral Content like Memes

Social media is a big part of the term “viral”. Any content that is unique, interesting or related can drive more traffic. If you want to increase site traffic, viral contents are essential. It is not an easy task. Not all posts are viral. It is important that your content be viral.

  • People are willing to share your content
  • To reach the largest audience possible, people spread your message.

The most viral examples are not always the best.

  • Memes

Humorous memes and humor are a favorite of ours. We all enjoy them and welcome them. You can find funny videos, animated gifs or images with funny captions or secure messages. These memes can be easily integrated into your products or brands. Use it for entertainment and publicity. Avoid sensitive topics that could compromise your brand’s identity or cause controversy.

  • Content that appeals to the Human Senses

Social media is flooded with viral recipes and food videos. These viral videos and visuals will make you want more. These viral videos share something in common. These videos are attractive to the human senses.

  • Video of sight (videos in vibrant colors and with effects)
  • Hear (upbeat music).
  • Imagine the smell or aroma of spices.
  • Taste (mouthwatering recipes)
  • Touch these mouthwatering foods with your fingers
5. Share Visual Content

According to the facts, visual content is more popular than ordinary content. Make sure you spend time creating visuals that reflect your brand and niche products. Your visuals should not be overlooked. Then, share the visuals with your target audience.

Visual content creation is a way to increase social media visibility. Here are some key points that you should include in order to create visually stunning visuals.

  • HD photography
  • Vibrant colors
  • Layouts that are well-designed
  • Visuals with a clear purpose that convey the essential information
  • Visuals that tell stories
  • Visuals that focus on products and services
6. Post Actively, and when your Audience is Active

Consistent posting is the key to growing your followers. These businesses must be proactive on social media. Regular publishing is a key strategy to increase your profile’s visibility. If you notice a spark in your social network traffic, don’t be afraid to publish. To shine in this difficult world, it takes a constant effort.

Social media management tools are available online to help you maintain a publishing schedule. To optimize your publishing activities, you can also use a social media calendar or planner. These tools allow you to post frequently based on your location, time zone, or other relevant factors. You can calculate how often you post on each social media site and the time that you publish your posts.

These are the steps to take to see significant growth in your social media traffic.

6. You can run Q&A polls or social media contests

Polls and social media contests are exciting and interesting ways to engage your audience. These activities can also improve communication between you and your target audience. Your audience can have fun with quizzes, polls and contests by encouraging sharing, liking, talking, liking and following. They will also be more aware of your brand, products, and website.

These are some great tips for hosting such events.


Instagram offers powerful interactive features that will help you connect to your audience. You can go live on social media and create polls within your story using hashtags. Use hashtags or ask people to tag or follow your profiles. But, it is more important to create links linking to your site. We have already discussed the importance of backlinks in your social media strategy.


Twitter’s interactive Twitter feature, the Twitter poll, allows you to conduct polls. This allows you to interact with your audience and get their thoughts and opinions. Twitter Q&A is another engaging feature.

These features will encourage your community members to get in touch with you. These features increase brand awareness and promote products.

7. Do your research on your competitors thoroughly

Understanding how your competitors perform is an essential part of a marketing strategy. This is true for all social media marketing strategies. To get insight and performance metrics about your competitors, you can use the online tools. Social media competitive analysis allows you to analyze your traffic in depth. These tools allow you to gather information and identify key performance metrics for your competitor’s social media posts.

Social media can be a difficult world to live in. Get in-depth insight into your competition before you start posting. This will give you a clear picture of how to build your social network. Don’t copy your competitors, but instead learn their strategies and create your own. This will allow you to analyze the moves of your competitors, such as:

  • Most engaging social media channels
  • Posts made in one day are successful
  • Types of content that can be published
  • Increase traffic with these strategies
  • How often do they engage in quizzes and polls?
8. Participate in social groups

You have high chances of reaching your target audience by joining active community groups. Find people who share your interests and find out if they are interested in your products. These groups can be joined on Facebook, YouTube and Whatsapp. These groups could help drive traffic to your website.

Identify the interests, traits, and personalities of your target market. If you’re a retailer of shoes for sports, your target market should include youth and sportspeople. It would be a good idea to find online groups that have the same target audience. You can join these groups as an individual, and then you can promote yourself as an influential person. You can then improve your products and add them to your online shop.

This is a smart and effective way to be an influencer and spread your business’ message on a wider scale.

9. Get inspired by Influencers

Social media influencers have a huge impact on the digital world. Online celebs often refer to influencers as “online celebrities”. They are a popular social media influencer with a large following and a high popularity. They can influence how their followers think. Through their social media channels, blogs, YouTube and YouTube, they have many followers.

To increase your sales, you must identify the top influencers on social media. This strategy can be built by finding the right influencers to endorse your products and brand. Then, focus on building a relationship.


To stay alive in the world of social media, patience and persistence are key.

Although social media marketing strategies can be great, they are slow to take effect. These tried and true strategies will reap long-term benefits. A successful social media campaign will only be possible if you are customer-centric. Social media can be a game-changer if used correctly.

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