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Aastha Fertility is Best for Frozen Embryo Transfer? Know How

Being a parent means loving your children more than you have loved anybody else. This love and care is unconditional and demands nothing in return. Parenthood is not a job, is the responsibility and greatest privilege of all times.

The generation of today’s time doesn’t really care about anything, especially when it comes to keeping a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, everybody is rushing into their lives that nobody has time to relax and take things easy. Eating late and unhealthy is one of the main habits of people nowadays. Having unhygienic food makes their bodies house of many diseases. Also, this affects the sexual relationship between the couples.

Dr. Namita Kotia, an experienced gynecologist in Jaipur, also says that infertility is not unknown to anyone. Consumption of junk and canned food is not good for health. This is one of the efficient reasons for facing infertility for both men and women. But at Aastha Fertility Care there are several infertility treatments available that can cure the disease. Among others, one is the Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), which is the widely used method in IVF these days.

In this article, you will find out information about what is frozen embryo transfer, what is the procedure, cost and why Aastha fertility care is best IVF center for it.

How Frozen Embryo Transfer works?

IVF with frozen embryo transfer at Aastha fertility care

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), is the technique in which a frozen embryo from the last IVF cycle is utilized. FET method is trending more because it is more secure and also maximizes the chances of pregnancy. During this technique, a woman undergoes the regular IVF cycle but instead of transferring the fresh embryos in the vagina under the same cycle, the doctors kept them frozen for future use.

A woman can freeze her own eggs that can be utilized in the future or can also use the donor eggs. Eventually, the eggs are transferred into the female partner’s uterus, thus supporting the female partner to recover from the present cycle and reduce the effect of desynchronization.

What is the procedure of FET?

Delaying an embryo transfer till the female partner retrieves from the last IVF cycle heightens the possibility of a successful conception. In fact, transferring the embryo when the body of the female is still recovering, embryos are created and froze. Also, the essential thing is that the hormones of the female should be normal and without restraint from the last cycle. When the female partner is comfortable, the embryos are thawed and transferred.

At the first IVF cycle, the embryos are created, examined, tested, and then frozen. After the doctor received the biopsy results and the female is ready to take the transferred embryos, the doctor put them into the uterus.

The technique of Frozen Embryo Transfer has maximized the probability of conception and live births. It’s the modern-day technique that has lowered the chances of miscarriages and increases the possibility of having stronger children.

A lot of couples who want to choose the gender of the child also go for this procedure. Families do this because they want to ensure the balance of the sexes in the family should be maintained. However, gender discrimination is a criminal offense in India and that is not acceptable.

Hereunder is the link which explains the whole procedure of FET:

Cost of FET

Aastha Fertility Care is one of the best IVF Center in Jaipur, providing treatments for all types of infertility. The IVF center has the highest IVF success ratio compared to the other ones. The reasonable and affordable cost of the IVF treatments is what makes Aastha one of a kind. The cost of IVF treatment with FET is around Rs. 30,000 for the Indian patients and $1250 for the patients outside the country.

Why Aastha is Best for Frozen Embryo Transfer?

Many couples choose the IVF embryo transfer method for getting pregnant, and what’s better than selecting the best IVF Clinic for it. This hospital has India’s top team members who are certified and experienced IVF Specialists. Also, the doctors ensure that Aastha will provide the appropriate treatment and guide whenever it is required.

IVF is a very tough process, especially for couples who are going for it for the first time. Understanding the emotional and physical aspects of the patient is the foremost duty of the doctor.

Aastha Fertility care makes sure that patients are getting proper attention and counselling on time. The growth and development of the patient during the treatment are very important. In addition, staff members of this fertility clinic also keep an eye on the patient during the procedure so that they don’t get stuck somewhere.


So, we hope the article would have given you all the knowledge and information required about FET. Visit the IVF hospital if you are willing to go for the IVF treatment with Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). But first, please book your appointment by visiting their official website or you call also make a call on 98290 69228. If you have any queries or doubts regarding any of the information then kindly drop a mail at

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