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An Ultimate Parent Guide to Help Children for SATs in High Wycombe

Parent Guide to Help Children for SATs

Parents are often worried when it comes to SATs preparation. However, there is a considerable difference between the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs exams. There is a need to have insight into the SATs exam. First of all, the SATs have changed over the years. There are significant changes in the national evaluation of students by the British government. Consequently, the view of parents towards the national assessment of their child has changed. Therefore, there is a need for an insightful knowledge of the SATs exam in High-Wycombe.

Further, there are some misconceptions about SATs. When to start and how to start the exam preparation. These are the primary concerns of every parent and student. Also, hiring SATs tutors in London is a fundamental approach to start SATs preparation. The post will provide you with information on SATs and the need for SATs tuition in High-Wycombe.

What is SATs Exam?

In the UK, there is a national evaluation of the student. SATs are the Standard Assessment Tests attempted by the students of year 2 and year 6. This assessment aims to measure the child’s intellectual age such that his competency is scaled according to the particular criteria.

What subjects are tested in SATs?

The core subjects of the SATs exam are English and Maths. The English exam comprises reading, writing and language. It is a paper-pencil objective-based question paper and follows a chronological order. Such as it starts with the English reading lesson and ends at Maths.

Types of SATs 

The students in year 2 and year 6 attempt the SATs exam in High Wycombe. In total, there are two exams, and it is not a compulsion, but there are numerous advantages of the student’s national evaluation.

Key Stage 1 SATs-Year 2 

For Key Stage 1 SATs, the students have to sit in six separate papers. 


Paper 1 – Spellings

Paper 2 – Grammar and Punctuation

Other papers include: 

Paper 1 – Reading Prompts

Paper 2 – Reading 



Paper 1- Arithmetic

Paper 2- Reasoning


Key Stage 2 SATs-Year 6

For Key Stage 2 SATs, the students have to sit in six separate papers. By this time, the English and Maths skills are evaluated.


Paper 1 – English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 


Paper 2 – English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling


and Paper 3 – English Reading Test


Paper 1 – Arithmetic

and the Paper 2 – Reasoning


Paper 3 – Reasoning 


How to Prepare for the SATs exam in High Wycombe?

All you need is to work on 

  1. Develop a habit of reading. The practice will build their vocabulary, comprehension and reading skills.
  2. Help your child to learn from their mistakes 
  3. Make your child practice SATs exam past papers. The practice will help your child to get a familiarity with the code of conduct of this exam.
  4. Seek help from reliable resources such as hiring an online SATs tutor.
  5. Start with early preparation, such as for

Key stage 1 SATs examyou can start preparing from year 1.

Key Stage 2 SATs exam-you can start preparing from year 5.

Now Start with the following measures.

  1.  Follow the practice with a flexible timetable.
  2. Stay in contact with your child.
  3. Boost your child’s confidence by motivating them.
  4. Look for effective revision techniques to improve the memorization of your child.
  5. Work along with your child; parental involvement will encourage the student’s engagement. 



How to Improve My Child’s English Reading Skills?

Parents are worried about their English comprehension skills, following measures that will help you.

  1. Initiate the habit of reading books.
  2. Encourage your child to practice the learned vocabulary in daily life conversations.
  3. It is preferred to watch informative English documentaries with your child. The practice will help them to learn the language and pronunciation of the words.
  4. Ask your child to practice the learned vocabulary on a piece of paper. You can also make this practical by using formative assessment strategies.
  5. Help your child to read every day.


How to improve Maths?

Working on Maths can be a hectic task. Most of the students report Maths anxiety, boredom, lack of interest and hopelessness. Therefore, there is always a need to practice Maths questions. Practicing past papers of Key stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs help your child to get familiar with the nature of questions. Further, playing Maths games and regular practice of worksheets improves your child’s overall performance.

What is the Passing Percentage of the SATs exam?

The education ministry of the UK changed the passing percentage criteria of the SATs exam. The updated knowledge reveals 

Lower than 110 = Below Average 

110 = Average

110 and Higher = Above National Standard. 

The insight into the scoring will help you to plan effective and practical SATs exam preparation.

What are the Benefits of Online SATs Tuition in High Wycombe?

The online SATs tuition in High Wycombe is playing a significant role in SATs preparation. The online learning platforms are feasible, reliable and make education more accessible. Further, the benefits are

  1. There is a limited number of distractions that are essential to retaining the focus of students.
  2. The supervision of expert tutors helps students to deal with their ambiguities.
  3. A planned preparation helps students to secure good grades.
  4. The practical assessment and feedback strategies give an insight into the academic progress and lower exam anxiety.
  5. The online tutoring platform offers easy access to the relative course and practice material. However, the practice increases the familiarity of students with the SATs exam.


Is there a need to hire a tutor for SATs preparation?

Most parents consider the option of hiring a SATs tutor for their child. Employing a high Wycombe SATs tutor will help your child deal with the ambiguities and concept clearance significantly. The one-to-one interaction encourages the intervention of an effective teaching strategy. It improves children’s academic grades. SATs Tutoring offers greater attention from the tutor and promotes individual growth. Further, a tutor can also help your child to deal with exam anxiety. 


If you are searching for online tuition in High Wycombe, there is a suggestion for you. Adnan Khan Tutoring is the best pick for the preparation of SATs exams with highly trained tutors. For more information, visit the site right now!

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