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Animation in terms of 3D Modeling

Currently, one of the most popular and fast-growing technology is 3d drawing and 3d modeling. There are several ways of expressing thoughts and ideas; computer-based graphics such as 3d modeling and 3d animation. They are most preferred nowadays due to low cost and easily achievable models and animations. However, there are some people who are completely unfamiliar with this 3D drawings and aminated world.

If you love to watch animated movies, you had experienced by watching Avatar. The Lion King type movies where digital modeling and 3d animation are used. The video gaming industry also improved as they had interactive experience in 3d designs. Making an animated based film is slightly different from the animated video game and other 3d models.

3d drawing is nothing but generating a multi-layer object in the 3d environment and when rendering it will create animation. There is a different type of approaches available in creating traditional and 3d drawing, which is the subtractive approach and additive approach.

the subtractive approach is all about cutting, welding, grinding, and assembling whereas, in the additive approach, two different types of techniques are available for 3d model creation, the first is Stereolithography (SLA) and the second one is Fused Decomposition Modeling (FDM). Mostly FDM is used but, according to your work, you will apply any one of the techniques. The Stereolithography (SLA) is based on Ultra-Violet light whereas, Fused Decomposition Modeling (FDM) applies semi-liquid plastic for providing layout to the 3d models.

The Main Advantage of Using the Additive Approach for 3d Modeling are:

  • Reduction of manufacturing cost and manufacturing time as compared to the traditional approach.
  • Increase the productive amount of work and fewer resources are consumed.

Background Design in Animation

Background plays a major role in animation, so the design includes both painting and drawing, setting the scene takes time but for a good, animated background it is necessary to set a proper tone for it. From houses to lights, streets, trees, forest, and all the things is to be arranged properly.

It is the job of the background designer to make animation not only as designer sight but also as viewer sight too. As the quality of work increases the viewer will love that animation and it increases the fondness of animation.

Skills Required to Become a Background Designer

  • Creativity and idea creation
  • Proper understanding of 3d drawing and 3d modeling
  • Knowledge about the latest 3d modeling software
  • Illustration skills, light, shape, and texture
  • Knowing the color theory and Master of It
  • The ability to creation of images from concept to implementation

What is the 3D Modeling Software Available for Animation Creation?

If your viewer’s point of view, they love watching a video or animated video content as compared to an image or drawing or any other form of content. According to the research, an extremely effective marketing tool is video, and 85% of people spend time watching videos. If you are an animation creator, for 2D and 3D drawing as well as 3d model designing both paid and free 3D modeling software is available in the digital market. But most people use the free version of 3D model designing software for easily making an animated video. Paid modeling software is Blender, Autodesk Maya, Rhino, etc, and free 3D modeling software is SplutGL, Tinkercad, selfCAD, etc. Today’s competitive world always wants the latest updating and improvement in software technologies, although each 3D modeling software has some flaws too, we have to choose the software that will complete our client needs accordingly.

How animator maintain their edge in 2022 

  • Polish their skills regularly

As you regularly polish your skill in both 2d and 3d drawing, more potential clients will come to you to work for them. While practicing you will see what your mistakes are and where you are lacking and with time you will improve your performance.

  • Learn the latest 2D as well as 3D modeling software

The most popular 3d modeling software for animation is still Maya but much other software is packages are available, you can try that to learn some more skills and how they work. For learning purposes, a lot of online courses are available, and a lot of videos are also available on YouTube for free.

  • Start writing a blog about animation on websites and showcase their work on different online platforms

Writing is a way of expressing your experience of the animation model creation process journey, this will be helpful for beginners too. So, along with the portfolio, when to you send your blog related to work, this will give the client a clear look at your work. You can create a simple blog or website it is up to you. Let’s do this.

  • Create animation not only for work but for fun too

if you love your work, you will do this in your free time too, you can make any 3D model using 3 D modeling software for having fun and entertainment purposes.

  • Try to get some freelancing work online

As you started displaying your work in Infront of family, friends will appreciate it, they can ask you to create some 3d drawings or 3d models for them. They will recommend you or guide you to create a logo or something for their company too. This process will start slowly and gradually and by providing good work you will be paid one day. Keep learning!

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