Backrooms: The Best Horror Game You Should Play In 2022

The Backrooms is just one more example of a creepypasta that has made its way into the annals of gaming history. You may recall a situation known as Sirenhead, in which a terrifying fiction was turned into a real-life event thanks to the creation of video games by independent creators. There have a lot of various attempts made by independent game developers to put their own twist on the sinister and unsettling atmosphere of The Backrooms.

There are a number of video games available to play that based on this narrative, the majority of them are in Early Access and were developed by a modest team of programmers. It’s possible that you’d rather have a solo adventure, or that you’re seeking for a game with the fewest number of brainteasers. In any case, you will have the opportunity to test your skills in a variety of games with a Backrooms-related theme.

Escape The Backrooms

  • Up to 4 players
  • Proximity chat
  • 8 levels

The emphasis of Escape the Backrooms is not so much on solving riddles as it is on enjoying the overall experience. You and up to three other people challenged in this game to navigate up to eight distinct levels of The Backrooms, which can played simultaneously. Early Access is the stage that the game is in on Steam right now.

Because you tasked with evading capture at the conclusion of each stage of the game, you may get the impression that you are playing an escape room.

Because the creators of The Backrooms care about the narrative and the actual story behind the game, each new update and level has a strong connection to one of the creepypastas.

Inside The Backrooms

  • Up to 4 players
  • VR support
  • Proximity chat

Due to the fact that this game supports multiplayer, you’ve definitely seen some of your favorite YouTubers playing it. After all, who doesn’t enjoy playing horror games with their friends? This game contains a number of different stages, and as you progress through them, the puzzles and enemies become progressively more challenging. The puzzles can quickly become challenging, and the presence of someone unseen that is watching your every step does nothing to alleviate this difficulty.

It is now in Early Access and has a total of four levels and six different types of monsters. There is also support for proximity chat and cooperative play for up to four players, and to put the finishing touch on the package, Inside the Backrooms is compatible with virtual reality headsets.

Backrooms: Escape Together

  • Up to 6 players
  • Procedural generation
  • Proximity chat

This game designed with the intention of compelling you and your companions to cooperate with one another. The game’s creators put a strong emphasis on the horror elements, and as a player. Your primary objective should to stay alive rather than solving riddles or making your way out of the building.

Backrooms: Escape Together is one of the many of these other games that is presently available on Steam in its Early Access phase. When you begin a new game, you and your pals will given a variety of tasks to accomplish. And the objectives for each level will vary from one another. Due to the fact that the game built with Unreal Engine 5. It has the potential to one of the most visually impressive independent Backrooms games.

The Backrooms

  • Short length
  • Single-player
  • Walking simulator

This is a brief yet visually appealing game that makes excellent and eerie use of a filter reminiscent of VHS.

In the urban legend and creepypasta known as “The Backrooms,” a seemingly endless series of offices and other locations depicted. Wet carpet odor, bland yellow walls, and buzzing fluorescent lights are all telltale signs. Users of the Internet have expanded on this concept by making up numerous “levels” of the Backrooms and the “entities” that live in them.

The first version appeared as a two-paragraph 4chan comment in response to a call for “unsettling images”. And it based on one of the photos. Some of the horror genres and media with which The Backrooms likened were the photography of liminal areas. The SCP Foundation’s collaborative fiction project, and the six-hour record series Everywhere at the End of Time.

Several different forms of media and online subcultures have adopted elements of The Backrooms. Including games, collaborative story-telling platforms like wikis, and video sharing sites like YouTube.

The Backrooms is a game that is now available in Early Access, and its primary focus is on the creation of a short. Self-contained horror experience that the creator intended to explore. You simply have to live through the terrifying experience and escape the peril as quickly as you can in this one. There are no different levels or riddles to solve.

The Backrooms: Survival

  • Up to 6 players
  • Roguelike
  • Retro

The Backrooms: Survival is an arcade-style horror slasher game that draws inspiration from a variety of various genres. The game’s levels are randomly generated, and you have a number of different stats to monitor and improve throughout the course of play.

The game offers players the opportunity to participate in a multiplayer survival horror experience at its very best. It is presently in Early Access, but it already has a lot to offer players, including a variety of game types. Various levels, and a wide variety of enemies. One of these game modes is called Permadeath.

The Backrooms Footage

  • Single-player
  • Maze
  • Walking simulator

Actually, The Backrooms Footage has an introduction that starts outside of The Backrooms. And its purpose is to truly get you in the mood for what’s to come. The game has passable graphics and does an excellent job of producing the unsettling feeling that you have wandering in circles. Despite the fact that you have only ever walked in a straight line during the entire experience.

When you first begin your attempt to flee from this nightmare. You will find that you disoriented and bewildered. Additionally, the Backrooms Footage can accessed in Early Access at this time.

Enter The Backrooms

  • Single-player
  • 54 levels
  • Adventure

The Backrooms has reimagined by a different video game developer as a throwback-style horror experience. You have a tool belt full of items to assist you on your journey through this spooky adventure. But you must remember to keep your sanity at all times.

The developers have already put in a lot of work, despite the fact that the game is still in Early Access. Because there are over 54 levels, some of which are secret. And that does not count the various levels that contained within other levels.

Backrooms Game is more than just a horror-themed walking simulator because it features a variety of power-ups, achievements, and other elements.

The Backrooms: Found Footage

  • Single-player
  • Roguelike
  • Procedurally generated

A roguelike game inspired by The Backrooms another project that these developers attempted to create. Keep an eye on your statistics, such Sanity, and gather provisions and notes to ensure your survival and success in the game. Not just the telltale yellow walls used in this game; it also plays on the creepy, empty office environments.

Each level is randomly created and contains 600 million square miles to get lost in. Which means you have a lot of area to explore and run for your life. You will see different sorts of office space in this game as well. Due to the fact that each level comprises this much space.

The Backrooms 1998 – Found Footage Survival Horror Game

  • Single-player
  • Microphone input

The Backrooms 1998 is an independent video game currently in Early Access that uses a discovered footage format similar to VHS. It is based on the premise that you are a young teenager in the year 1998 who discovered a place known as The Backrooms, which is described as empty and ominous.

Following a terrified adolescent who stumbled into the backrooms in the late 1990s. The Backrooms 1998 is a first-person found footage psychological survival horror game. The game, developed by a single person, has players exploring a creepy maze while trying to solve a disturbing mystery and evade a terrifying foe.

The primary goal of The Backrooms 1998 is to get out! Even with a flashlight (batteries not included) and some spray paint, finding one’s way through the maze-like halls and rooms can a challenge. In order to make it out of the maze, the player must accomplish a number of tasks. Such as finding certain objects, following blood trails, and dodging enemies.

Ever-changing environment

A terrifying and gruesome foe lurks in the shadows, making matters more difficult. Players should not run until absolutely necessary; instead, they should hide in lockers and crawl spaces, shut doors behind them, and wait for enemy footsteps. Even though there’s a note early on in the game implying the enemy has no eyes, they clearly do, as I discovered standing still and silent across a room. Spray painting a path seems undetectable by enemies and can assist keep the player from getting lost. A player must careful not to give away their location by accidentally alerting the opponent by breathing hard into the microphone or yelping during a jump fright.

There are a select number of televisions strewn about the game. That can used to save progress, but each can only used once. If you lose and use up all your saves, you’ll trapped in the basement until you find a way out. This raises the stakes of the game and the player’s anxiety.

If you shout and your character begins to lose their sanity. The monster can even hear you through your microphone if you have one set up, and if you do this. You will lose your surroundings and things will start altering in front of your very eyes.

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