Bank statement visa for study MBBS

You will need financial or bank statement visa proof, if you apply for a Student visa in the UK from an overseas country or if you have been in the UK for less than 12 month.

Both must be present:

  • PS9,207 (PS1,023/month for up to 9 Months) for living expenses
  • One year tuition fees

If you have dependents, you will need to show more. You must show PS680 for each dependent per month (PS6,120) The money must be shown using bank statements, receipts or a letter from a financial sponsor.

Bank Statements visa for study MBBS

  • The requirments of your amount of money must be in the bank account for at least 28 consecutive days.
  • Bank statements must be for 28 days and print no later than 31 days prior to the date of your application. Your bank statements, or the statements of your legal guardian / parents, can be used. You can request a bank statement to be printed for you. Make sure each page has your name and account details. You can also print an electronic statement online and ask the bank for stamping each page.
  • If you plan to use your legal guardians/parents bank statements, you will need to provide your birth certificate as proof of your relationship. A sign also and date letter must be includes from your parents confirming their agreement to allow you to study in the UK.

Statements from overseas banks

  • If your bank statements are not translated into English, you will need to send a certified translation from a professional translator. It must be sign by the translator assuring that the translation is accurate. The translator’s qualifications must be included for applications from the UK.
  • On the application form, you will need to write the closing balance in pounds sterling. Use the official exchange rate on the OANDA website. Some overseas financial institutions are not accepts by UKVI. Check your bank statements with the bank statement flowchart.

Letter from your financial sponsor

You will need to submit a letter from your financial sponsor if you are receiving financial sponsorship. Your letter must:

  • Include all details about the amount that you will be receiving
  • The letter must be stamps on the headed paper

If you are having following activities:

  • You must pay all fees and maintenance in full. Then they must consent to your extension of your stay in the UK.
  • Also, pay for your dependents. This must be states on the letter

Receipts of your bank statement visa

A receipt can be shows for visa statement is given below:

  • Fee payments
  • Up to PS1,265 for university accommodation

These are the figures can be subtract from of your total bank account balance. Receipts can be obtaining from Student Finance for fees paid, or from Accommodation Services for University accommodation payments.

Applications for overseas work

For overseas applications, the University also will not send you original receipts. You should wait to pay your tuition fees upon arrival. Keep the money in your bank account until you apply for a visa.

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