Basic rules of playing Online Poker


Every game has a set of rules which guides them, and this is no exception. Poker is a game that takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master. Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of poker and is the basic example of Online poker that you’ll find on the best poker sites.

What are the Rules to Know?

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At the start of each game, two players put out bets called the blinds, which are the small blind and the big blind. When a player is the closest to the dealer, it is the small blind, while the big blind is the player farthest away. Players are obligated to make a bet without knowing what cards they will get.

 After the blinds, the hand begins. The dealer gives each player two down cards, one at a time. Each player has to decide to either stay in the game or fold. Players start to put in their bets immediately after the big blind. The gameplay known as under the gun then takes place. It is called under the gun as players must take action to stay in the game. Players have to call the hand. 

It means they have to place in the same amount of chips or increase the size of the bet in that round. This is called a raise. Players who decide not to participate in the hand do not put any chips in the pot, therefore folding their cards. Then comes the flop. Here, the dealer deals with three cards. They are called community cards. All the players are free to use this card.

 A round of betting then takes place. This time around, no one is mandated to bet. Players can either choose to check or bet. You check by either saying “I check” or tapping the table. Checking means they are choosing to let other players act first. If nobody bets and all checks, another card is shared, known as the turn. Nobody placed a wager to see this card. If a player bets after the card is shared, others have no choice but to commit or fold, and the player who called the wager will have the pot.

If one or more players at the table call the bet, the game will continue. Another card will come up called the turn.

It is also a community card. The turn is one card, unlike the three cards of the flop. Another round of betting takes place. If in the circumstance, all players check on the turn or there is a bet placed, a final card is distributed, called the river. The river is the last community card. It is a single card like the turn. A final betting round then takes place.

If in this round, there are two or more players still in, then a showdown happens. It means that all the players in the game have to reveal their cards. The player with the best five cards gets the pot. Here we have the basic rule of playing poker.

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