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Benefits of solving NCERT for NEET preparation

There is a lot to study, but how should I start? When they first begin their preparation, most NEET applicants have this question in mind. As one of the most important tests for those who aspire to become doctors, passing this exam is something that every medical aspirant is thinking about. 

Exams seem intimidating to the majority of students, however, some may find them interesting because they perceive them as a competition. Students must be adequately prepared to take the tests. 

Some people are looking for shortcuts; they fantasize about having a great entrance into the exam and desire the perfect papers filled with questions to which they already know the answers, but ideally, this does not occur. 

The hard fact is that preparedness is the only thing that will ensure success.

One of the biggest exams in the nation, NEET, allows candidates to apply for admission to medical programs. When the stakes are high, preparation must be thorough and persistent. 

Many students struggle to pass the NEET exam in order to enroll in reputable medical schools. 

To be referred to as what they are, top performers work smart rather than hard, and the top advice on their list is to solve NEET’s previous year’s question papers. 

This can undoubtedly provide one an advantage over others and greatly aid in outperforming them.

The initial stages to passing NEET are starting early with test preparation and choosing the best study materials to study from. Numerous publications on the market make the claim to be appropriate for NEET preparation. However, some of these publications include poor şişli escort content and are overpriced. 

If you pick the wrong books, all of your efforts can be useless.

In this blog, we’ve compiled some ground-breaking advice that will enable you to appreciate the significance of answering questions correctly and earning the highest possible score.

Table of contents
  • What should be kept in mind while choosing study material?
  • Why should I solve NCERT for NEET?
  • How Answering Previous Year’s Questions Boosts NEET Scores
  • How Do I Solve Question Papers From Previous Years?

What should be kept in mind while choosing study material?

The following are two important factors for students to bear in mind when selecting their study materials for NEET 2023 preparation:

The book must include the entire NEET curriculum

Even solved practice tests and question banks from prior years are crucial components that aid students in getting ready for the big test. Therefore, when selecting the finest books for NEET preparation, students should also take these criteria into consideration.

It ought to be the most recent update in the book series

Although there are several books on the market, NCERT books are the best for NEET 2023 preparation. The NCERT books for classes 11 and 12 contain the entirety of the NEET test syllabus. Physics, chemistry, and biology are the three key subjects that students should study from these NCERT textbooks.

If we look at NEET question papers from previous years, it becomes obvious that a large portion of the questions in the exam come from NCERT texts, making these books essential.

Why Should I Solve NCERT for NEET?

The main justifications for using NCERT books for the NEET are listed below:

Practice exercises

The bulk of NCERT books provides a bank of assessment questions that serve as the greatest resources. The main benefit of these question banks is that many NEET questions are usually taken straight from NCERT textbooks. You can plan your exam approach and get a sense of the types of questions that will be asked by using these resources. By using NCERT Solutions, students can more readily acquire crucial problem-solving abilities. The exercises for practice are straightforward to understand. Each concept is thoroughly taught. Additionally, it facilitates faster and more efficient NEET exam preparation for pupils. These solutions give students a thorough understanding of the subject, making revision quick and simple.

Building a Strong Conceptual Foundation

 A solid understanding of the fundamentals is essential for performing well on competitive entrance exams like the NEET. Students must possess a strong foundation in each topic in order to take the NEET exams.

Professionals with years of experience and expertise in chapter-by-chapter preparation and review created well-designed NCERT Solutions for NEET It enables them to step-by-step prepare for the full textbook topic. 

Additionally, it prepares students to take any competitive exam with excitement and confidence. NCERT books make the best  for students who want to firmly establish their essential concepts. It would be much easier to study for the NEET 2023 exam after you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals.

Clear and concise content 

The text of NCERT books is incredibly brief and straight to the point, which makes it easier for students to comprehend and study subjects for the exam. Additionally, the straightforward language utilized in these books allows pupils to learn the content faster than they otherwise would.

Encompasses the entire curriculum

 When preparing for competitive exams, students cannot afford to disregard any topic or chapter. It is essential to cover everything because the assessments are based on the full 11th and 12th-grade curriculum. NCERT solutions are helpful for studying for and taking competitive exams as a result. Students’ chances of scoring well are enhanced when they fully understand every subject and study everything there is to know about it.

Encourages effective outcomes

These NCERT solutions’ exercises and sample problems serve as a good foundation for pupils as they grow in their conceptual understanding. It aids them in developing the optimistic outlook and attitude needed to confidently approach a variety of competitive examinations.

By frequently practicing and reviewing the study material, examples, and sample problems included in these NCERT answers, they can do this. Exams like the NEET demand mental toughness and confidence. Students receive sufficient instruction, intellectual knowledge, and hands-on practice from NCERT exercises to perform well.

How Answering Previous Year’s Questions Boosts NEET Scores

Become familiar with patterns

Students can become acclimated to the marking system, NEET test pattern, weightage of chapters, significant subjects, etc. by solving previous years’ exams, which can be simply comprehended. These necessities are very helpful for competitive tests. Students also learn about themes that have come up repeatedly over time. By doing so, you can anticipate the questions that will probably come up. It gives students a platform from which to comprehend how questions are formed.

Improve time management skills

You may reasonably estimate how much time you spend on each area once you start solving papers (Physics, Chemistry carrying 45 questions each and Biology carrying 90 questions). Technically, you have one minute to answer each question, thus time management skills are your only chance for success. 

There is only the requirement to practice with papers as a substitute. Along with many other advantages, solving papers also helps with time management. You spend less time on each area and merely add buffer time to the next section that needs to be solved. Extra time at the exam is only advantageous since bubbling the sheet becomes a less demanding task.

Self Evaluation

The easiest approach to gauge your readiness is to look at previous years’ papers. It aids in determining your position. You recognize your areas of weakness and improve on them. You monitor how long it takes you to solve problems. It enables you to swiftly distinguish between issues that are time-consuming and those that can be done fast by classifying the questions into easy, moderate, and tough difficulty levels.

The best revision tool

The best study buddy one may have for revision is solving papers. This is the ideal tool to provide a look back at your planning. It fosters self-assurance.

Increases Efficiency and Speed

This is the best merit out of the numerous others. The speed of answering each question is only increased by reviewing previous years’ tests. Additionally, it aids in arriving at precise solutions, which are essential, particularly in the numerically-intensive portions of the Physics section.

How Do I Solve Question Papers From Previous Years?

  • Include one question paper per day’s worth of homework in your study regimen.
  • Understand the questions that will occur in the tests with a high degree of certainty. Examining test questions will help you interpret this.
  • When a chapter has been learned, consult a book that contains MCQs that have been compiled throughout time, subject- and topic-wise. By doing so, you can review the material you recently learned while also resolving questions from earlier years.
  • Since NEET exams are given in the afternoon session, solve one question paper every day from 3 pm to 6.20 pm throughout the final month of the test. In this manner, you can guarantee that you’ve done a double-check and analysis.
  • Only after researching the frequency of queries asked and finishing at least 10 years’ worth of papers can one understand the analysis of the papers and relevant subjects. Due to the fact that the syllabus for these papers is real and current,


Therefore, it is clear how helpful the NCERT books are to your NEET preparation. Along with the NCERT texts, reference books are a good option, but the former should have priority. Nothing can stop you from achieving the top NEET rankings and enrolling in the medical program that you have yearned to attend since you were a young child with the right study habits and preparation.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Do I have to answer every NCERT question that is presented at the end of each chapter?

Ans: After reading the chapter, you should use the practice problems from NCERT textbooks. They are necessary for both studying for tests and for a better understanding of the primary themes. These inquiries also help determine how effectively you comprehend, have learned, and have readied yourself for the concepts of the chapter.

Q2. What makes NCERT solutions simple to comprehend?

Ans: NCERT Solutions are written in an approachable manner, regardless of whether a student receives the highest or lowest grade in the class. Book answers are typically simpler to understand than reference books because they polish students’ doubts and help them better comprehend complex ideas and subjects.

Q3. For the NEET, how many hours should I read each day?

Ans: How long should I study each day to pass the NEET? After board examinations, one needs to dedicate at least 12 to 15 hours every day to studying for the NEET exam.

Q4. What NCERT standard should I begin with?

Ans: It is always advisable for hopefuls to start with the NCERT texts for standard 6 and go through standard 12 materials for all pertinent topics if they have the time.


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