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Makeup Artist in Chandigarh

Hey guys, I’m Tanvi Kapoor Goyal aka Tanvi KG. Here is a little introduction about myself which highlights my journey as a Celebrity Makeup Artist.

I started my career with an in-depth training as a Makeup Artist in Delhi in the year 1998 at the age of 16 at Shahnaz Hussain’s Women’s World International in GK. Little did I know that a small sef grooming course could propel me to being a Celebrity Makeup Artist in Chandigarh by the year 2016.

After getting trained in 1998, I finished my school (yeah I did my Beauty and Makeup diploma after giving my 10th board exams, talk about starting early lol!). By the year 2003, I was a double graduate from University of Bradford and University of Delhi. After my graduation, I started working on opening up my own Bridal Makeup Studio and Salon in the town of Ghaziabad.

By 2004, I was trained with Kryolan in Professional Makeup and went on to carve a nice for myself as a Bridal Makeup Artist. By 2005, I finished my B.Ed degree from CCS university and secured the highest marks in the Practical teaching in English and Commerce.

You may wonder why I chose to pursue a B.Ed degree right in the middle of my makeup career. Well, My mother, Dr. Mala Kapoor is the Director Principal of Silverline Prestige School and wanted me to have the professional qualifications necessary to help her manage in future. So, there it was. I believe that teaching runs in your blood and therefore, I have till date never lost any Presentation or public speaking istanbul escort competitions.

Back to the Journey

Anyways, back to my journey. In 2006, I went to UK to pursue an MBA. Why MBA ? Well, because in order to manage a business one should have the knowledge of all facets of an organization. While I was in UK, I learnt and experimented with makeup by helping my roommates and college mates. Experimenting with their Saturday night makeup looks and that was super fun. The Internship I did while I was studying was for a beauty products manufacturer as well.

I returned after completing my degree in 2007 and quickly got occupied in my wedding preparations. After settling down most marriage in Chandigarh, I began to take makeup, grooming and soft skills classes as a freelancer. Aviation and hospitality institutes hired me as a trainer. I also worked briefly as an assistant lecturer at an institute in Mohali as an HR and soft skills trainer.

Personal Life: Celebrity Makeup Artist Tanvi KG

I decided to start as a freelancing Celebrity Makeup Artist in Chandigarh and Punjab after I had my first bron Divaa. From 2011, we move on to 2013 when I got my first ever celebrity and movie makeup project. It was with Hazel Keech (now Mrs. Yuvraj Singh). I was so excited to be on a set of a movie that I can’t describe. We had a 24 hour shift and I barely sat in those 24 hours. Cut to 2016, when I was chosen out of a bunch of Chandigarh Makeup Artists to be the FIRST MAKEUP ARTIST IN CHANDIGARH TO HAVE A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE to her credit.

That was a huge turning point in my career in terms of learning, exposure and knowledge about the difference between makeup for movies, parties, weddings etc. in 2014 I was blessed with my little one, Maira and took a maternity break of close to 2 years to be with her.

In 2017, I launched a Calendar called the “ISTYLE CALENDAR” that had women from different fields and age groups. The event turned out to be the talk of the town and got extensive coverage from the media. Thanks to The Tribune, Hindustan Times, Dainik Bhasker, Simply Punjabi and other notable media outlets for converting it.

What’s New ?

In 2020, I started my own Makeup Studio. In the Studio the Bride could come and simply enjoy luxuries services while getting her makeup done. It has been a super exciting journey for me till now. I have made amazing friends in my clients, worked with many more celebrities, worked with amazing talents around town and have had a fulfilling experience.

Many things have changed around me in all these years. Many things have changed IN me in all these years. But the one thing that remains constant is my attention to detail. The quest for perfection and knowledge and the belief that I am the BEST at what I do.

That’s mostly it !!

Until next time guys.

Lots of love

Tanvi KG

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