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Best Herbal Treatments for Digestive System Issues

Herbal medicines are known for having amazing effects on digestive system issues. This school of medicines and treatments can help you get your old and unhealed issues like no other school. There has been a wide range of products and herbs that can help keep the digestive system healthy. There is a vast range of herbal treatments for digestive system issues you can use with unmatched results. Other benefits of these treatments include the low side effects it causes. If you want to get the best results with almost zero side effects, herbal medicines are best. We have curated some most effective herbs and herbal products to give you the information needed for this purpose.


1: Ginger, one of the magical herbal Treatments for the digestive system:

There are pieces of evidence that show the efficacy of ginger for the digestive system. The researches tell that it can speed up the emptying of the stomach that can be helpful for digestion purposes. Ginger has the additional effect of improving the saliva flow. Ginger can help in the breakdown of certain starches that can help in the overall digestion. Moreover, ginger can help in treating constipation. It can also help in vomiting and nausea plus diarrhea.

2: Turmeric:

Turmeric is a natural medicine and cooking item that you can use for digestion purposes. You can use this herbal medicine for this purpose as it has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, its antioxidant properties can too help in this regard that makes it an effective medicine for digestion. Most of the Pakistani Kitchens do have this herb that you can use to improve digestion. It’s is among the perfect herbal treatments for digestive system issues.

3: Cumin:

Using Cumin can aid your digestive system and remove the digestive issues you may face. It is an herbal treatment that has zero side effects and is used in daily cooking recipes. You can use it as a daily use herbal medicine that you can garnish your food with. You can also use it with yogurt as a chatni that Pakistanis use a lot for flavor. It works by:

  • Reducing excess stomach juice
  • Decreases gas
  • Reduces intestinal inflammation

4: Cardamom:

There are several ways we use cardamom that in our foods. From tea to sweets, Cardamom has been an essential part of foods that really works for the digestive system. Like ginger, this herbal treatment too works by improving bowel movements. This condition helps the emptying of the stomach that can help in you many cases.

5: Clove:

Clove has antioxidant and antiseptic properties and can help in flatulence. And as flatulence or gas can be irritating many times, you can use this herbal treatment for this purpose.

6: Black Pepper:

This herb is also a type of spice that can help keep digestion issues. This herb falls in the category of herbal treatments for digestive system issues that can treat effectively. This herb contains peperine that can help the digestion process and stimulates certain enzymes that aid in digestion.

7: Fennel Seeds:

Although these seeds are a type of spice, they are taken from a plant that makes them a herbal treatment. This spice is taken from a plant that is yellow in colour. You must have used this spice as an ingredient in your cooking recipes. And this ingredient that you can find in your kitchen aids the digestive system in humans. It also prevents gas or flatulence.

8: Giloy:

Giloy has amazing results that can reduce acidity. And as acidity is one of the major issues the digestive system can have, it can allow better gut health. Moreover, it can aid the weak digestive system of people. There are other benefits of Giloy as well; for example, it can help increase insulin response. You can also use it for bloating issues due to overeating. 

9: Amla:

Amla is a well-known hair tonic, one of the herbal treatments for digestive system issues that work well. Some people know Amla as a superfruit that you can use to improve digestion. It is known for being a herbal product for rejuvenating the entire body and can help detoxify the stomach. This amazing fruit also helps detoxify the entire digestive system that can benefit the digestive system in the long run. 

10: Garlic:

Garlic is a daily use herb in many Pakistani kitchens that also has benefits for digestion. When used in moderate quantity can aid the digestive system.

11: Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is a super booster of digestion and absorption and can aid in weight loss. In addition, it helps keep carbon dioxide levels low in the stomach and can help bloating as well.

12: Other Natural Treatments to Consider:

Apart from herbal treatments, there are other natural treatments that aid in digestion. There are some of them for you to read and be benefitted:

Lime Juice and Baking Soda: Some studies show that lime juice and baking soda can help keep digestion sound. This treatment can help in the production of carbonic acid that can lead to better digestion. Moreover, this treatment helps in the improvement of liver secretion and intestinal mobility.  


Figs have certain substances that are known for being laxatives and help constipation. Figs improve the bowel movements that can help in the secretion of waste material from the body.


Aloe juice:

There are several ways Aloe juice can help the digestion system. It works by reducing excess stomach juice, improving healthy bowel movements, and removal of toxins. It also enhances protein digestion and promotes digestive bacteria balance in the stomach. Aloe juice is a perfect thing to keep stomach inflammation in check.

Herbal Products from Ajmal Dawakhana:

Ajmal Dawakhana is one of the biggest names in the herbal industries of Pakistan. Ajmal provides herbal treatments for digestive system issues that help effectively. There is a wide range of their medicine that help in different sorts of digestive issues. If you are looking for a pansar store Lahore Ajmal Dawakhana is a perfect choice. Some of their products are:

  • Ajmal Arq e Badiyan
  • Ajmal Arq e Podina
  • Arq eAjwain
  • Arq e Chahar
  • Gas Mint
  • Jawarish Bisbasa
  • Nehai

There are so many top hakeems in Pakistan that can help you with indigestion issues with the best results. Some of the herbal clinics are also available online. As the world has gone online since the start of the pandemic, you can order and get herbal medicine online. These herbal treatments can help in all sorts of indigestion issues that you may face in daily life. And can also help people with the issues they frequently face with minimal and scarce side effects. That makes them perfect treatments for digestion issues that really work effectively.

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