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Book Review: Eating on the Run by Evelyn Tribole

Eating on the Run by Evelyn Tribole

Is your job making you fat?  Book Review: Eating on the Run by Evelyn Tribole Our current society puts so many demands on our time that eating healthy is one of the first things to fly out the window. drow last names

It’s just easier and more efficient to grab something quickly, but before you know it, you’ve packed on the pounds and you don’t have the time to do anything about it. This is a vicious circle that affects thousands of us, but Evelyn Tribole offers a solution with her latest book.

Tribole offers numerous methods to help you start

making better food choices in less time, from knowing what to pick at McDonald’s, to shopping for foods that require little or no preparation.


Book Review: Eating on the Run by Evelyn Tribole
Book Review: Eating on the Run by Evelyn Tribole

The included shopping lists are time savers in their own right, and she has done a terrific job of making eating healthy seem less like a time consuming burden and more like something that can be easily accomplished with minimal effort.

Our favorite section was the list of forty “mini meals” that each take less than a minute to make. You really can’t say that you don’t have time for that, regardless of how tight your schedule may be. In addition, the recommendations for kids foods that can be cooked on the fly is incredibly valuable.

We also appreciated the look at “lean” prepackaged foods that are anything but. Book Review: Eating on the Run by Evelyn Tribole

The one quibble point we had was her thoughts on grazing,

and her recommendations to snack every two hours. While in theory this works, it is only effective if you can stick with healthy, low calories foods.

Once you’ve read this book, you’ll be able to walk into any restaurant or store and know immediately what you should and should not eat. Advice like that is worth a lot, especially when it’s coupled with disease prevention tips and a handy nutrition index on healthy foods.

Tribole did an amazing job with this book and there is literally no excuse for eating bad foods once you’ve read this book. We were absolutely impressed and hope that she has plans for a new volume in the near future.

This was one of the most inspiring “diet books” that we have read in a very long time and we highly recommend it to anyone that is simply too busy to eat right.

You’ll find numerous ways to start changing your lifestyle

and your diet in these pages and if you’re struggling to lose weight, this may be the perfect answer for you.

The recipes included were fantastic and the list of foods that can be prepared in less than a minute and still be healthy was worth the cost of the book alone. Book Review: Eating on the Run by Evelyn Tribole

The book never wanders into fad diet territory and instead shows you solid ways to start eating the right foods, even if you have the busiest schedule on earth. Well worth the money and would make a great gift for anyone that is trying to balance a busy career or home life with healthy eating.


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