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The count of apps on the market is growing in leaps and bounds. The prevailing trend indicates that it will continue. New apps are released on the Best Selling Platform in the hopes of providing users with something more than what is already available in their purview. These business directory apps make it much easier for a company to develop a stronger and more focused brand.

Features of a Business Listing App

The feature panel is divided into three sections, namely, Customer app, Business owner-web panel, Admin-web panel. The overall features are as under:

  • Embedded Appraisal:

This service allows users to embed reviews into their specific platforms. However, they must use the review code for this. When a customer selects the embed option, the code is generated.

  • Cloud Storage Integration:

In this case, Google Cloud Storage can be used to store data and information securely.

  • Google Map Integration:

This feature allows customers to locate each business on a map. It makes navigation easier. The integration of Google Maps is done here.

  • SMS API Integration:

SMS API integration allows users to transmit updated alerts to customers via SMS.

  • Content Management System:

CMS is an interface that enables administrators to manage app content in both text and image formats.

  • Integration of Payment Gateway:

Payment gateways can be integrated as required. It is done to process online payments. Payment models such as debit/credit cards, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, PayTm and others can be integrated.

  • Reporting and Analytics:

Real-time reporting is an important element of this kind of app because it allows the administrator to receive updates and overall analysis, such as how many people have visited the app, how many bookings have been made, and how many reviews have been recorded.

  • Contact and Email Verification:

This specialty makes it safe for the user to log in because the system verifies the customer’s email and phone number. Verification also brings down bots and spans.

Online Marketplace to Sell

  • Location-Based Advantages:

It can be considered as one of the most advanced features of the Best Selling Platform app. This functionality allows you to save a great deal of time and effort. The app uses the Google Maps API to spot your current location and then creates a roadmap to your chosen place in a matter of seconds. Users are not obligated to enter a specific destination every time they open the app. Besides, map information is displayed on the user’s screen with enough clarity.

  • Admin for both Business and Visitors:

The first thing that needs to be done, whether for users or businesses, is to create user profiles. Throughout the marketing campaigns, they will interact by leaving comments, sharing pictures, and exchanging reviews. Users and businesses may want to reconsider the images or analyze the comments in the future. Therefore, the app monitors all the activities judiciously.

  • Push Notifications:

Push notifications have emerged as the backbone of any productive app in the online marketplace to sell. Every app must change and evolve, whether in terms of products and services or content. It is essential to keep customers on their radar and focus on new initiatives. The app can use notifications to ask customers to leave a review or even give feedback on the app service for further improvement. If used correctly, this option can be a goldmine.

  • Review and Rating Technology:

This function is quite significant in terms of revenue generation through a business listing app. The feedback provided by visitors has a significant impact on the sales volume. The reviews and ratings can either make you popular or give you a serious wake-up call. According to a study, 75 percent of users give online reviews significant weight, and 90 percent of them admit that a positive review has induced them to go on a buying spree.

Social Sign-In:

Everyone wants to create a mobile app that is seamless and simple to use. The social sign-in feature allows customers to quickly access the app through social media and accomplish the work with simple clicks. It gives you the option of not filling out the form. You can rather upload a profile picture. 

Conclusion | Best Selling Platform

The popularity of local business directory mobile apps like SBSP, an Best Selling Platform, is beyond question. It can be attributed to people’s propensity to visit new ecommerce facets and business dimensions.

SBSP, a prominent business finder app, takes care of everything from marketing to payments. It accepts the bulk of prevailing mobile payment methods. It is also suitably integrated with PayTm for a more convenient checkout process.

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