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Cannot Access the Internet In TP-Link AX11000 router? What To Do?

Hey, I am Michael from California, United States. I work as a Lead developer in my office. I usually attend the video calls with my manager to fix an issue regarding the job work. My office has an old router, which is outdated and not working properly. The video calls and other stuff are always stuck whenever I use the internet connection using the router. My whole office staff is getting rid of it. I told the issue about the manager. The manager tells me to buy a new router for our office. I was thinking for about 3 weeks to purchase a router having high speed and network signal. I saw the TP-Link AX11000 router on online platforms. After three weeks of viewing, finally, I decided to buy that device.

Tplinkwify comes with great features in a decent price range. It is a great device that is capable of supplying a speed of almost 10.1Gbps. It is a gaming router. Therefore, supplies the coverage all over my office with the greatest speed. The OFDMA features in this device allow you to connect many devices. Now we tell you the key features of the TPLink AX11000 router.

Key Features Of TP-Link AX11000 Wireless Router

These are some features of the TPLink wireless router that you should look at before buying.

Wide Range

The TP-Link AX11000 wifi range extends the network coverage covers a wide area and at every corner of your home and workplace with seven high-gain external antennas. It is also used for boosting signal speed and strength. Therefore, It is suitable for large offices.

High Speed

It is mainly a gaming router, hence, It is capable of delivering a speed of up to 10.1GBps for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. High-end gaming, HD video streaming, and many other kinds of stuff can be enjoyed without any buffering which will give you a jovial experience. Television services can be surfed by the users simply with inbuilt IPTV technology. 

Private Network With Security

The gamer-friendly security automatically diverts the unknown traffic and provides speedy internet with security. A private WiFi network with parental control feature, so you can secure the network connection from unusual persons. The WEP security encryption to the WiFi network will provide security to the WiFi network It also protects your network from viruses, attacks by using the VPN server.

Remote Control and App Management

The AX11000 comes with cloud storage support that can be managed by installing the Tether app on your mobile device. Therefore, saves a lot of storage space for your computer, mobile device, hard disk, etc. By installing this app on your mobile device will let you do the setup in just a few steps. The Tether app is compatible with high-end mobile phones like Samsung S10, iPhone 11, etc.

Advanced Timing Schedule

It comes with an inbuilt function that enables you to set a scheduled time at which people want to turn on or off the router devices. It is mainly suitable for large offices as there is a fixed working schedule. In case, you forget to power off the device while leaving the office, you can set the smart schedule on your AX11000 device. It saves power costs as well as your money. 

Straightforward Setup

The TP-Link router setup is very simplistic and can be performed by logging into the web browser. Type its official website or an IP address in the search and just follow the instructions to accomplish it. The LED lights indicate that the AX11000 device is ready to connect with WiFi-enabled devices.

What To Do If I cant Access the TP-Link AX11000 Wireless Router Internet?

Note that you have internet access. You can view the front internet LED lights. You have to restart the AX11000 device and try to connect with your WiFi-enabled device again. Check that the browser you are using is updated and advanced. Use Chrome for the best experience. Clean the history and cache of the browser. Check the WiFi device is working properly or not. Check again the cable is connected securely or not to the router.

Go to the network setting on your PC and check the automatic IP address and the DNS server is set to detect by itself. Contact6 the internet service provider if it still not works. Reset the TPLink device using a reset button. Use the thin needle-type object to finalize it. To reset the device, push the object onto the hole until the lED light in the router flashes. When the lEd light flashes, stop pusin=himng into the hole. Now, wait for a few seconds. The device will reboot by itself. After a few minutes, you can now go for the TPLINkmn router setup.


A very good device at this price. I purchased it for my office and working very well even after 12 months. I purchased this device for my office and all the staff members are happy. It comes with many great features. The speed of the device is unmatchable. It delivers a speed of up to 10.1GBps for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. High-end gaming and high-resolution video streaming tasks without any buffering will give the users a pleasant experience. The TP-Link router setup is very simple and can be complete by logging into the web browser. This router supports cloud storage in a mobile device app. The price of this device is a little high. Using this app this device can be set up just by downloading its app from the store. Pretty satisfied with this device. I suggest the users purchase this device for high use only.

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