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Cardiovascular CRO Services

Cardiovascular CRO services are an integral part of the development of new cardiovascular drugs. For example, Vial has monitor a registry for atrial fibrillation and found appropriate study sites. The company also built strong relationships with Principal Investigators and develope Cardiovascular CRO services for a number of trials. Approximately 4% of the US population is affect by atrial fibrillation. Its incidence increases with age, with up to 10% of those over 80 suffering from the condition.

When it comes to selecting a Cardiovascular CRO, there are many options. Here, we discuss a few of the options. Vial, PhysioStim, IQVIA, and PharPoint Research are just a few. Each of these companies is well know for their expertise in cardiovascular disease. They also have years of experience in the field of clinical trials.

Vial CRO

Vial CRO is a full-service cardiovascular research organization with decades of experience. Its experience includes research with hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide. It uses electronic reporting technologies to ensure patient compliance with study protocols and alert study stakeholders to any changes in patient condition. Its experience is combine with a personal touch, with a dedicated team whose sole focus is the success of your project.

Vial CRO focuses on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, two of the highest growth areas in the industry. The company has primary expertise in cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disease, though it also has significant experience in metabolic / endocrinology and oncology. Through strategic growth and selective acquisitions, Vial CRO has expande its capabilities.

Vial CRO recently announce a strategic partnership with Invite, a leading medical genetics company. This partnership will allow the CRO to leverage Invite’s “Explorer” tool, an innovative new feature of its real-world data platform. This will enable Vial CRO to deliver higher-quality trials.

Vial CRO is a member of the Science 37 CRO Certified network, a program design to help CROs deliver decentralize clinical trials. Through this partnership, Vial CRO will receive commercial support and training. The goal is to make clinical trials accessible to as many patients as possible.

Cardiovascular CRO Services

PharPoint Research

If you’re looking for a Cardiovascular CRO, PharPoint may be the company for you. With extensive experience in Phase I trials, the Wilmington, NC-base company offers responsive and flexible management. The company currently staffs over 100 employees in two offices. It has an impressive roster of clients, including some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Also. The company provides a range of services, including project management, clinical monitoring, data management, and biostatistics. Its staff is compose of highly experience and talent professionals who understand the importance of delivering high-quality deliverables on time. Its stellar track record of client retention is a testament to its quality services.


IQVIA is also one of the world’s largest contract research organizations (CRO). Its clinical research services and advanced analytics to help clients develop and launch innovative treatments for patients around the world. The organization has over 88,000 employees in 100 countries. The company was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in North Carolina. Its services include project management, clinical monitoring, regulatory services, and vendor management.

If you’re seeking to complete clinical trials for cardiovascular therapies, you’ll need a CRO with expertise and experience in these trials. Also, IQVIA’s cardiovascular clinical trials team combines decades of expertise with cutting-edge approaches powered by data and analytics. Regardless of the complexity of a study, IQVIA offers a highly responsive, scalable, and flexible service.

Its innovative services help companies speed the development of new treatments and technologies by integrating clinical research with patient care. Through mobile research units, IQVIA’s clinical teams can deliver investigational treatments in patients’ homes, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes. Additionally, the company’s technology enables researchers to optimize clinical trials and reduce risk.

Geographic coverage is a critical factor in the success of clinical trials involving international participants. The operations of such trials are highly complex, involving many countries and continents. A global CRO is a key solution in such trials. These organizations will have offices in several countries and staff located in a wide variety of regions.


The PhysioStim Cardiovascular CRO has expanded its team and has hired Dr. Bruno Le Grand as a scientific advisor, boosting its pharmacology research expertise. Le Grand has 30 years of experience in cardiovascular pharmacology and will be responsible for the strategic approach and coordination of research activity.

PhysioStim is an independent cardiovascular CRO that specializes in preclinical and discovery studies. It was founded in 2000 by Dr. Marie Le Grand and is based in Lautrec, Southern France. The company is dedicated to the development of new technologies to tackle cardiovascular challenges. The team is experienced in ICH S7B guidelines and follows GLP standards to produce high-quality studies.

The company specializes in preclinical cardiovascular research and conducts electrophysiology studies, pharmacology studies, and cardiovascular safety assays. It also markets its products to technology buyers, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech companies. PhysioStim is listed on CB Insights, which helps buyers identify vendors and make purchasing decisions. Vendor rankings are used by buyers to shortlist companies and generate requests for proposals.


A Cardiovascular CRO is a company that specializes in cardiovascular research. These companies provide cardiovascular core laboratory services and full-service clinical research. These companies have extensive experience in cardiovascular clinical trials and are recognized for their strong academic and key opinion leader networks. They have conducted more than 400 clinical trials and collaborate with world-renowned medical device and biotechnology companies.

Cardiovascular CROs can be a valuable resource for sponsors seeking to conduct cardiovascular clinical trials. Cardiovascular CROs such as IQVIA combines years of experience with new approaches fueled by data and analytics. They are focused on the success of cardiovascular clinical trials, and their agility is unmatched. Their expertise in cardiovascular clinical trials makes them an ideal partner for clinical trials of all sizes.

Cardiovascular CROs should have a thorough knowledge of the clinical trial process, from start to finish. This includes the selection of the appropriate study sites and establishing relationships with Principal Investigators. These organizations should also be able to provide comprehensive data analysis and reporting that is reliable and transparent. A Cardiovascular CRO can also provide support and education for researchers and trial sponsors.

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George Clinical

George Clinical is a global CRO with a focus on cardiovascular trials. Its expertise in prevention, treatment, and primary risk factors for cardiovascular disease positions it as a leader in the field. The CRO’s global reach and established relationships with clients enable it to offer comprehensive and customized solutions to clients.

George Clinical is located in Australia and has offices and facilities in China, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia. It also provides services outside of these locations. Before it was an independent company, George Clinical served the Philippines directly. The CRO is now part of a global network of clinical research facilities.

George Clinical’s database development team has become a key component of its overall research capabilities. It is capable of building simple as well as complex clinical trial databases, allowing the company to support clinical trials of all sizes and types. As a global organization, George Clinical is well-positioned to engage with both commercial and nonprofit sectors.

Also, George Clinical has expanded its clinical research services across Asia. Its new office in Manila complements its expanding global footprint. It formalizes a strategic focus in the Philippines, enabling the company to access a large pool of potential patients for clinical trials. Its Philippines office also provides investigator networks and collaborative solutions. Also, It has extensive experience in conducting global clinical trials, having participated in over 1,000 trials since 1996. Moreover, its English-speaking workforce makes it a valuable asset for executing global trials.

Cardiovascular CRO Services
Cardiovascular CRO Services


ICON Cardiovascular CRO has been in business for over 30 years, providing global expertise and clinical trial services to pharmaceutical companies. The company has recently acquired PRA Health Sciences, a global leader in clinical trial services, for $12 billion. The deal will give ICON access to the combined company’s renowned global trial site network and data from wearable devices and mobile platforms. The acquisition will also help ICON expand its hybrid and decentralized trial solutions.

The company’s services have significantly accelerated the pace of clinical trials, improved patient recruitment, site productivity, and patient retention. Their services also resulted in improved patient satisfaction and adherence to study protocol requirements. Also, ICON is a global provider of drug development solutions that specialize in strategic program development, compound selection, and clinical research. The company has over fourteen hundred employees across 99 locations worldwide.

Also, ICON has extensive experience with cardiovascular clinical trials and is committed to a data-driven approach. The company has conducted more than 25 cardiovascular trials, with particular focus on the key cardiovascular and metabolic indications. It has expertise in the areas of clinical trial management and regulatory affairs. It has offices in the U.S. and Europe, and has a global reach with a strong track record in managing trials.


Novotech is an industry-leading CRO based in Asia-Pacific. The company has extensive experience in the biotechnology and clinical research industry and has received numerous awards. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality services and is committed to its customers’ satisfaction. In addition to providing a full spectrum of clinical research services, Also, Novotech has a wide network of regional offices and site partners in many countries worldwide.

Also, Novotech has a presence in 11 cities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The company has strong relationships in the region and has extensive local knowledge of local regulatory requirements. The company has also forged ties with Key Opinion Leaders and sites throughout the region. The company’s team of scientists has a broad range of expertise in the area of cardiovascular disease and is able to help biotech companies develop innovative treatments for a variety of cardiovascular diseases.

Also, Novotech has a global reach, with in-house global product development and integrated global regulatory affairs consultancy. The company’s BioDesk team has deep expertise in stem cell therapies, cell and gene therapies, and immunotherapies. In addition, the team has extensive experience in antibody, peptide, and recombinant protein products. In addition, Novotech is ISO 27001 certified.

Novotech is one of Asia-Pacific’s largest specialist biotech CROs. Its new drug candidate XPOVIO (r) was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in July 2019. The company is conducting a global clinical trial of the drug. The clinical trial will determine whether the drug is effective in improving cardiovascular health.

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