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Chip Tuning

Chip Tuning is when you modify or change your cars EPROM chip in the vehicles Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for better performance such as more power, lower emissions, cheaper fuel economy and so on.

Engine computers

Engine computers were used in the early 1980’s and 1990’s to do this. Chip Tuning is a misleading term today as most people often think its ECU Tuning which is wrong as with ECU Tuning you remove and swap the chip.OBDII is a standard interface which is used to simply update the modern ECUs software.

As car technology has advanced so have the electronics in them. The modern vehicles ECU and the engines advanced technologies have made it possible for us to control many different aspects of the engines operations, such ad fuel injection, spark timing and many others. Some ECU’s may even control valve timing, electronic throttle control, ABS, automatic transmission, boost control for turbocharged engines, electronic stability control system and even speed governor if the cars equipped with one.

By adjusting the timing ignition we can gain performance. The higher your timing the higher your performance should become. However a high-octane petrol must be run to avoid pre-ignition and pinging. Car manufacturers set a specific timing which limits performance.

Changing the cars fuel map ratio for petrol combustion will increase performance also. Performance is often limited by manufacturers as most of them will optimize tuning for both fuel economy and emissions purposes which can limit performance a lot.

It is possible to raise allowable and requested boost levels on a car with a fitted turbo. Usually these applications have a turbo fitted with low pressure leaving a lot of room for the applications to be improved.

ECU Remapping London

ECU remapping should also be done if you have made modifications to the engine, intake or even exhaust. The way that the engine flows is often altered by adding these ‘bolt on’ modifications. A change in the air to fuel ratio is often caursed by these modifications. If you do not remap after these modifications the fuel tables could loss you performance from the changes without even noticing.

The most common way to ‘upgrade’ the ECU is using either plug in modules as mentioned above or using a specialist tuner who will use an OBD Flash tool. These devices generally plug into the diagnostic port although in some cases the reprogramming it done directly on the circuit board. Maps are supplied by tuners.

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On Board Diagnostics (OBD)

On Board Diagnostics (OBD) is a term for vehicles referring to a cars reporting and self diagnostic (on board diagnostic) capability. The OBD is what allows us to access and check the state of your vehicles information and various sub-systems. Since OBD was first introduced in the early 1980’s with on board vehicle computers the diagnostic information from On Board Diagnostic systems has varied widely as it has grown in time making OBD possible.

Early OBD Stages:
The early stages of OBD was very simple meaning that all they would do was light a Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) when detecting a problem. They would not provide what the problem was or any information about its error.

Modern OBD Stages:
To identify and fix malfunctions and problems within a vehicle todays modern On Board Diagnostics use a fast standard digital com port which can give us real time data in addition to a series of standard diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).

Final End

A poorly tuned ECU can result in decreased performance, driveability, and may even cause engine damage. This is the reason that we have some many happy customers come back time after time as we always test new software before you get to use it.

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