Clean wooden surfaces! : Floors, surfaces, furniture

Clean wooden surfaces (properly)! Floors, surfaces, furniture.

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Well-kept wood floors, surfaces, and furniture let a room shine comfortably warm, unkempt wooden surfaces, on the other hand, can quickly make a room look unattractive. So cleaning wooden surfaces needs to be learned.

No matter whether cleaning wooden surfaces, wooden furniture, wooden floors, or parquet floors – we will tell you how to clean wood appropriately. With the following tips and tricks, you can take optimal care of your wood and enjoy it for a long time.

Cleaning wood – what is important?

The natural material wood not only has to be cleaned regularly but also cared for so that it looks good for a long time and remains as stable as on the first day.

Cleaning wood seems easy at first glance, but how do you go about professional cleaning your wooden furniture, window sills, doors, windows, and floors?

There are a few things to keep in mind, especially when cleaning objects and floors made of solid wood.

We should remove as quickly stubborn stains and dirt as possible. It is not only the size of the wood to be cleaned that is important, but also the type of wood.

Every wood, every wooden and parquet floor, and every piece of wooden furniture is different. Before cleaning wooden surfaces, first, find out exactly what type of wood it is and how the wood has been treated so far.

Then test all cleaning and home remedies first on an inconspicuous area to identify possible negative influences on the wood in advance.

Clean natural wood with oil

Smaller surfaces and objects made of wood are best treated with oil. The oil not only ensures professional cleaning but also cares for and protects the wood from external influences.

Nowadays, linseed oil varnish (a coating material comprising linseed oil, a drying agent, and other additives) is often used to clean wooden surfaces, including wooden floors and window sills.

Tip for wooden windows: There are modern linseed oil coatings that are pigmented and thus not only clean the wood but above all protect it from UV radiation.

Tip: Clean wood if there are water stains

For example, would you like to clean your wooden furniture and get rid of dull glass rims and water stains? Home remedies such as cigarette ash and toothpaste can be helpful here to get rid of the unsightly stains. It is unimportant whether it is varnished, natural, or oiled wood. Then polish the wood thoroughly.

Tip: Clean wood if there are light spots

Unfortunately, even if you take optimal care of your wooden floor, darker areas and light spots will appear in the places where objects are placed.

To prevent such light spots, you can gently treat objects and wooden floors with lye of baking soda and soap them afterward. The pores in the wood are first opened by the caustic soda, and the dirt is washed out by using the soap.

However, the caustic soda is caustic. Check carefully in advance whether this is suitable for your wood surface and use gloves when working.

Tip: Clean wood if there are burn marks

Burn marks on wooden surfaces can be treated with mayonnaise, at least as long as the wood is not yet charred. You can also apply the mayonnaise generously to clean wooden floors or wooden furniture and leave it to work for about half an hour. Then please remove the remains of the mayonnaise and take care of the post-processing of the wood with oil or, if varnished, with wax.

Cleaning wooden furniture–you should pay attention to this

Cleaning wooden furniture–depends on the right preparation: To care for your furniture and to clean wooden furniture, it is advisable to first carefully loosen the dust and dirt with very fine sandpaper. The wood is then treated with a cloth previously soaked in linseed oil.

This is how it works: Rub the linseed oil carefully and carefully into the surface of the wood in circular movements. Depending on the temperature and the wood, the linseed oil can soak in for about 10 minutes.

You can then rub the shiny wooden surface smooth again and remove any residue of the linseed oil.

The workflow described can also be repeated several times. However, make sure to remove excess oil residues after about 10 minutes at the latest to avoid ugly drips or marks on the wood surface.

Important: The method described for cleaning wooden furniture is only suitable for unpainted, untreated, or already oiled wooden surfaces.

The cloth with which the linseed oil was applied must then air out freely or be kept airtight in a closed container. Because when folded and with the supply of oxygen, it is highly flammable.

Clean wooden floors – with these tips you will succeed

In order to optimally care for your wooden floor, regular cleaning is also part of it. But beware of too much water or the wrong cleaning agents when cleaning wooden floors.

Cleaning wooden floors and parquet floors are not that difficult with the following tips.

  • Remove dust: Before mopping your wooden floor and maintaining the wooden floor, you should vacuum carefully with a suitable brush attachment for parquet or wooden floors.
    Coarse dirt and granules act like sandpaper on the sensitive wooden floor and otherwise quickly remove the top, protective layer when wiping.

  • Save water: Please use as little water as possible when cleaning wooden floors and wipe up spilled drinks as quickly as possible to prevent moisture from penetrating deeper into the wooden floor.

  • Never use all-purpose cleaners: Please do not use conventional all-purpose cleaners when cleaning wooden floors or parquet floors, as these quickly make the wood look dull.

  • Use special cleaning and care for wooden floors: Let a specialist advise you on how to care for your individual wooden floor and which cleaning and care products such as parquet care oil or special oil refresher are suitable.

  • Black tea to clean dark wooden floors naturally: Dark wooden floors can be cleaned naturally with the help of black tea. Simply bring half a liter of water to the boil and let 10 tea bags steep in it for around 15 minutes.
    The resulting mixture can be diluted a little with water and not only fights numerous microbes naturally but also gives the wooden floor a new shine.

Properly cleaning wooden surfaces requires a little finesse!

With our tips, you can keep your wooden furniture, surfaces, or floors looking great even after many years.

Do you know other tricks and home remedies for cleaning wooden surfaces (properly)? Write us a comment under this blog post and share your experiences with other readers.


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