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Convert Office 365 to PDF Format With Complete Attachments

Best Way to Print Office 365 in PDF

Summary: We’ve produced a step-by-step tutorial to show folks how to convert Office 365 to PDF. You’ll learn how to print Office 365 email in this article. As a consequence, if you require the same treatment, keep an eye on the blog.

Both company and typical customers adopt Office 365 as a communication tool. Communication in business often involves sending and receiving large amounts of data through email. As a consequence, they must be backed up from time to time for security reasons, and PDF may aid you with this. There are certain advantages to storing Office 365 emails as PDF that you should consider about.

Which Advantages Do Office 365 Emails to PDF Migration Have?

  • PDF is a file format that can store a lot of data. As a result, you’ll be able to consolidate a big number of Office 365 emails into a single PDF document.
  • A PDF file is a secure format in which customers may password-protect their papers.
  • Transmission via the internet is simple because to the portable format.
  • PDF files are supported by almost all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
  • PDF documents may be read on laptops, cell phones, tablets, and desktop PCs, among other devices.
  • You don’t need any extra software to scan or view PDF files.

These are some of the benefits and features of PDF that motivate people to use it to save Office 365 emails. As a consequence, we provide one of the most user-friendly methods on how to save Office emails locally on PDF file. So go ahead and have a look at it.

A Complete Guide to Converting Office 365 to PDF Portable Format

Using the Email Backup Wizard , you may print Office 365 email. It’s a time-saving programme that enables you to quickly print numerous emails to PDF in Office 365. You are not made to read each email before to posting it. Simply choose the pretty much the entire folder and print it all at once.

This automatic technique simplifies everything for you, so you’ll feel at ease while doing the work. And one of the many useful features it may provide is the procedure. Yes, the work itself is complicated, but not the method for doing it.

As a result, we must provide you with the whole tutorial so that you are aware of the number of steps required to print Office 365 to PDF. So, take a thorough look at the whole tutorial to find the solution to this problem.

How to Print from Office 365 Email: Step-by-step Guide

  • Download the method to your Mac or Windows device that supports it. After you’ve downloaded it, you’ll need to install it, agree to some terms and conditions, and then run it.
  • After you’ve ran the Office 365 to PDF Converter, you’ll need to add your Office 365 account.
  • You’ll need to save your data as a PDF when you’ve submitted it all to the programme.
  • Then, choose the location and name of the output file, apply filters to get the intended effect, and hit the backup button.
  • When all of your files have been converted to PDF, a notice will display on the tool’s UI to let you know.

As a result, these are the sole steps involved in converting Office 365 to PDF. As you can see, the procedure is completely self-contained and simple, requiring just a few stages. That is, after all, what makes the tool so useful to you.

Wait, this task has already been completed, but not our information sharing process. Wouldn’t it be nice to show some of the tool’s fundamental functions? So, you’ll need to know what advantages you’ll obtain from it. As a result, we’d like to provide you with an overview of a portion of the function. Now, let’s take a look at some of the features given by the offered approach.

Explore Some Benefits of the Offered Approach

  • Simple UI: The Office 365 to PDF converter’s most appealing feature is its user interface. It’s quite simple, with no complications at any point. You will find no difficulty using it even for the first time.
  • Selective Migration: When utilising the Office 365 to PDF conversion approach, you are not need to move all folders. While moving folders, you may simply choose and deselect them.
  • Batch Conversion: Regardless of the amount of folders you want to print, the process will only take a few minutes. The utility may be used to batch convert Office 365 files to PDF.
  • When seen as a whole, migration: Not only does it convert emails, but it also transforms any connected data. It may also convert Office 365 attachments and other features, such as contacts, to PDF.
  • Supported Operating Systems: The software works with both Mac and Windows PCs to print numerous emails to PDF in Office 365. The tool may be used in any of their published versions, no matter how old or new they are.
  • Choice of File Storage Area: The Office 365 to PDF Converter does not force you to store your files in a specified location, but rather gives you the option of selecting a location for your created files.
  • Safe and Secure: The method is fully safe and secure, preserving the integrity of all data. You may feel certain that your data will not be tampered with throughout the conversion process.

As a result, we trust that these functions provide an adequate overview. We should also point out that there are a slew of other things this tool can perform, as well as a number of sophisticated functions that have yet to be discovered. So, best of luck in your search for the others.


One of the greatest options to convert Office 365 to PDF is provided in this article. With the Office 365 to PDF Converter approach, you may save Office 365 email as PDF in bunches and with minimal effort. It’s a one-stop shop with a slew of beneficial tools that you may utilise to do a variety of chores. Thus, if you want to print Office 365 email as quickly and simply as possible, give the programme a try.

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