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Creative Best Practices for Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads

One of the most important things you can do as a business is to run social media ad campaigns. When done correctly, they will provide your company with a strong internet presence and numerous opportunities to attract new users. With more than 40% of digital consumers using social media to research new brands or products, an ad campaign is essential for reaching a large segment of potential customers. However, simply running an ad campaign is not enough to ensure success. To achieve the best results, you must create creative social media ads. This guide will cover the creative best practices that will ensure the success of your social media ads campaign.

Why is Creativity Important?

Ad creativity is important because it increases engagement. People are sick of seeing the same cookie-cutter advertisements all over the place. They will not be motivated to visit your site if their first impression of your ads is that they are boring or uninspired. People, in general, dislike being advertised to. They enjoy being amused. When you create entertaining social media ads, you will strengthen the bond between your company and its audience. It also makes your social media ad campaign stand out from the crowd, allowing you to attract more attention than your competitors.

Imagery Is Essential

The first step in creating an effective ad campaign is to use eye-catching imagery. Imagery is used to captivate an audience and elicit an emotional response. People do not respond well to text alone. Images catch their attention. Choose the right one, and people will be compelled to look at your ad. It can also have an emotional impact. The text alone appears overly logical and detached. However, most people do not buy with their heads. They purchase with their hearts. Using the right imagery to evoke an emotional response will take your social media ad campaign to the next level.

Choosing the Best Image

Finding the right image for your desired results can be difficult, but there are a few solutions. Generally, you should keep things bright and colorful. The brighter your ad, the more people will notice it. Depending on the products you sell, you want your images to evoke an emotional response. For example, if your company sells electronics and Christmas is approaching, your social media ad campaign could depict a child excitedly opening a present containing a brand new device. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your social media ad images.

Keep it brief and to the point

You want your social media ad campaign to be straightforward. People’s attention spans are short. People will stop listening if you have a wall of text or a video that is too long. The best campaigns are as brief as possible while still providing readers with all of the information they require about your site. The best approach is to create a short, catchy tagline with which customers can instantly identify your website. So, if you own a large electronics store, you can say, “All the devices you could ever need.” Get creative in order to find the best tagline for your company.

Images in High Resolution

High-resolution images are required for your social media ad campaign to be successful. We’re well into the HD era, with many people opting for 4K displays. If you want your ad to be noticed, it must be high resolution. People no longer want to see low-resolution images; they’ve grown accustomed to clearer ones. You can’t make a creative social media ad if the images are blurry.

Maintain Your Responsiveness

Your image should be large for your social media ad campaign, but the file size should not be excessive. The longer it takes for devices to load, the larger the image size. If they have a bad internet connection, it may not even load. The only thing worse than a low-resolution image is the absence of an image at all. Keep an eye on the resolution of your image to ensure it loads quickly. Keep it in HD without going overboard. Additionally, converting the image to the WebP format ensures that the file size is kept to a minimum.

Direct Selling on Social Media

People value comfort in social media advertising campaigns. Rather than directing people to your website and requiring them to buy there, you can attract many more buyers by allowing them to buy directly through social media. This is also not difficult to accomplish. If your website is built on the Shopify platform, you can use the built-in Instagram integration. Using the integration will be a simple and surefire way to increase the number of customers who respond to your creative social media ads. If you aren’t using Shopify, you can still sell on Instagram, but the setup will be different depending on your platform. The time and effort you put into this will be well worth it for your social media ad campaign.


Many businesses experience “tv commercial exhaustion” in their audience as a result of their social media ad campaigns. This is what happens when the same ads are used again with no variation. People will grow tired of seeing your ads and will eventually tune them out if you do this. You must vary your advertisements if you want to keep people interested. However, you don’t have to go overboard with the variations. It only takes a little to make it appear different at first glance. This can include different colors, wording, or any other minor details.

Maintain Your Professionalism

When using C-level senders for your social media ad campaign, make sure your content is always professional. For one thing, people expect company leaders to be professional all of the time. You risk undermining their authority if you post content that appears more casual. Furthermore, you may fall into the “How are you, fellow kids?” ” trap. If you try too hard to appeal to social media users, it may come across as desperate, which may harm the reception of your content. There must be a balance between relatability and professionalism. When writing from the perspective of a C-level sender, always aspire for professionalism.


A static social media ad campaign can be effective, but it does not take full advantage of what social media has to offer in terms of marketing. Personalization opportunities abound on social media, allowing your content to connect with people on a more personal level. Fortunately, all of that information is public and easy to access. You can use social media macros to collect names, usernames, job titles, and other relevant information and attach it to messages to make them highly personalized for the recipient. When combined with your creative social media ads, this will give each communication a unique flavor.

Check All the Boxes

When you set up your social media ad campaign, you’ll notice that there are numerous components that can be added to your ads. For example, you can enable banner images for message ads by checking a box, allowing your message to take up more screen real estate for viewers. If you want to get the most out of your ad campaign, you must check all of the optional checkboxes. They will not cause any harm to your content. When done correctly, they will give viewers many more chances to see your content. When in doubt, always say yes to optional ad add-ons.

Clips over Long Videos

Viewers are accustomed to receiving immediate gratification from video content. Give them something brief that tells them exactly what they need to know immediately. Longer content will only turn people off.


When creating video content, keep accessibility in mind. It is critical to engage differently-abled people, and many people simply appreciate having captions so they can always understand what people are saying or if their phone is on silent. It also assists Google in crawling your ads.

Kreationsites can help you improve your social media advertising campaigns

Including creative social media ads throughout your social media ad campaign will keep it interesting and attract the most potential customers. There are numerous techniques you can employ to improve the quality of your campaign. Impactful, high-resolution images will ensure that your ads have an emotional aspect. Concision will keep you from boring your audience. Using C-level senders and personalization increases the trustworthiness of your messages. Finally, don’t overlook the power of video in your advertising. These methods will assist you in increasing the effectiveness of your social media advertisements.

Choose Kreationsites for more social media and marketing services. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in improving your marketing.

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