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Decorate the bedroom with Upholstered footstools

Upholstered footstools

Upholstered footstools decades ago, people didn’t really wonder how to choose the most suitable bedside tables for the bedroom . They simply bought a set of furniture, and the bed, chest of drawers, dresser and bedside tables all had the same style, the same colors and the same design. The uniform arrangements were of an almost mathematical precision, but they lacked the charm and character of the interiors decorated piece by piece, depending on the tastes and personality of the tenants.

But those times are long gone. Today it is okay to choose bedside tables depending on the decorative style of the room or the practical aspects of their use, and their design and color may differ from that of the bed. Moreover, the two bedside tables do not even have to be identical, as long as you coordinate them with the help of decorative elements.

But let’s start with it and show you concretely how to choose the most suitable bedside tables for your bedroom.

How to choose bedside tables according to style

Besides the practical role of nightstands, which we will talk about a little below, they also have an aesthetic role. Because we place them Upholstered footstools of the bed, the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom (or on one side of the bed, if it is glued to the wall), the bedside tables attract attention and visually define or even complete the sleeping area. .

Bedside tables do not necessarily have to match the bed

The right bedside tables should not have a design similar to that of the bed, on the contrary. To highlight the headboard, you can choose some modern or traditional bedside tables, made of contrasting materials. For example, a bed with upholstered headboard can be framed with antique-looking wooden bedside tables, and the classic elegance of a bed with wooden headboard will be accentuated by some metal bedside tables.

When the bed has, for example, a light shade of wood and the Upholstered footstools are black, you can add among the sleeping pillows and a decorative one made of a black fabric, simple or printed.

You can also use other objects as bedside tables

Who says bedside tables have to be boxes with shelves or drawers? You can replace traditional bedside tables with chairs , stools or even decorative or folding stairs . Indeed, it is a bold aesthetic maneuver, but it will give your bedroom a special charm.

If you like DIY projects, you can make an original bedside table using a paulownia wood storage box , to which you mount wheels or legs. It will integrate perfectly in a shabby chic, rustic, Scandinavian, industrial and even minimalist bedroom.

The bedside tables that frame the bed do not have to be identical

You’re probably a little wary of the trend of different bedside tables, and that’s normal. It is known that good things come in pairs, but what do you do if you need a bedside table with a lot of storage space, and the person you share the bed with perfectly handles a minimalist bedside table, which has only one surface on which to place a lamp and a book?

Simple: everyone puts their favorite Upholstered footstools on their side of the bed, even if it looks different. As long as they have similar dimensions and share a design element, such as material or color, the decor will look harmonious and everyone will be happy (because, in the end, that matters the most, doesn’t it?).

How tall should the nightstands be?

The answer to this question depends on the height of your bed and mattress. To make it easy for you to reach the objects on the bedside table, it should be as high as the mattress, although it is not a problem even if it is a little higher or a little lower. However, the differences should not be larger than 4-5 centimeters.

How practical bedside tables should be

We talked about style, appearance and dimensions, now we only have to say that whatever bedside table model you choose, it has to fulfill its role. This means choosing a bedside table with enough storage space if you need it, with drawers if you do not want to display your personal items or with shelves if you like to read in bed and prefer to keep your books close.

A practical bedside table can be, however, one that does not take up much space. In small bedrooms you can replace the larger bedside tables with simple shelves or shelves mounted on the wall, next to the bed, on which you can place a glass of water and glasses or other small objects. In this case, you don’t even need lamps, because you can light the bed with the help of wall sconces.

The most suitable bedside tables for your bedroom therefore depend on your preferences and needs. I showed you in this article how you can create a slightly eclectic decor using different or unique Upholstered footstools and how to coordinate them to integrate harmoniously into the environment, but know that you can arrange the bedroom in a traditional way, with perfectly matched bedside tables, without fear that the result would be somehow obsolete. Be open to options, but always trust your aesthetic instinct, especially when decorating a space as intimate as the bedroom.

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