Dragon Ball Birthday Ideas

Do you want to organize a cheap Dragon Ball birthday party, but don’t know where to start? From A Party Theme, we love to help the most curious and cheap ideas or alternatives to decorate and celebrate their parties, so if you are looking for original ideas you are in the right place.

Dragon Ball is one of the best-known action animated series of all time and that is why cartoon birthday decorations like this have fans of all ages. Hosting a Dragon Ball-themed party may seem simple, but it’s not, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Dragon Ball has many characters of all kinds, so the possibilities to decorate your party are endless. Are you ready to throw an entertaining and action-packed party with party decorations? LET US BEGIN!


To decorate your party table you can take a look at the Dragon Ball decorations for birthdays, you will find many decorations to decorate your official Dragon Ball table that will save you time.

You can use glasses, plates, napkins, tablecloths, etc. All of them are Dragon Ball themed and with characters from the series printed all over. The recommendation that we can give you for this aspect of your party is that all the decoration of your table follows the same color theme so that none of the items that you want to put on it do not clash.

Apart from the simple Dragon Ball decoration, you can complement it with drawings or images of different elements of the series, for example, images of the Kinton cloud, which is Goku’s favorite transport. Another option that you can use is images of the dragon balls, these ornaments together with our cheap garlands form the perfect combination.


Get ready for one of the best ideas you’ll see in a long time.

If you want to serve an appetizer at your party you can serve different jelly beans and orange sweets, yellow sweets or blue sweets. But if you want your party to be remembered for being one of the best, you can serve cupcakes, but not regular cupcakes, but with icing on top that looks similar to a dragon ball.

This is a very original and different idea. To make them you will have to get tools to prepare the fondant and you will have to be a little inspired, but this appetizer will give your party an extra touch that all the guests will love, and we assure you that everyone who sees them will not resist eating.


If you are looking for cheap and original Dragon Ball birthday decorations to decorate your party table, you can choose to use the characteristic colors of each of the Dragon Ball characters, you can put the tablecloth in one color and the plates in another for example. We will explain a couple of examples so that you understand what we mean.


If you are not sure what colors to use to decorate your table, let us recommend colors with bright tones, you can opt for the orange theme party decoration and combine it with blue theme party decoration and light blue theme party decorations. These three colors are very characteristic since they are the ones that Goku has in his training suit. This is why they are an ideal choice to decorate your party.


On the other hand, if Goku is not the character you want to star in your party, we have a couple more ideas that may interest you, another of the protagonists, specifically Vegeta, is characterized by wearing other colors in his clothing, which are the navy blue, white and gold. The best thing you can use is the blue theme party decoration and combine it with white theme party decoration and gold theme party.


We have another alternative to show you, as you already know, another of the protagonists is Piccolo the Martian, this character is characterized by his green skin tone and his purple and white clothing, holding the party with these colors can also be a total success. We recommend that you take a look at the decorations for green-theme partieswhite-theme parties, and purple-theme parties.

Whatever you decide, it will surely look amazing at your party and all your guests will love it.

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Let’s get to the really important thing, what will make all your guests feel like they are at the best party of their lives in the Dragon Ball series?

You will see that we have the best ideas in terms of party decoration, we are the best option for it. We recommend that you take a look at all the Dragon Ball decorations for children, you can find balloons to buy of many types, pinatas for children and have fun collecting gifts, pennants with images of the series, and happy birthday pennants among other many things.

Make sure that your party does not lack anything, above all we say it for the balloons, at a party the more there are, the better, these are essential in a good party and everyone loves them.

You can accompany all your cheap Dragon Ball decorations with colored decorations such as orange, blue, yellow, etc. Without a doubt, a great idea to use a variety of ornaments of all colors.

You can also make crafts and form figures with balloons, for example, one of the dragons Shen Long,


The party starts much sooner than you think, the original details make the difference and you can apply this to your party to ensure its success. Something you can do is distribute invitations to all those people you want to attend your party.

These original invitations do not have much mystery, so it is not going to be complicated for you, there are many Dragon Ball invitation templates online that you can download and print, but we are going to show you the ones that we liked the most.

It is a small detail that will make all those who receive it prepared for what you have organized, and also so that they know that you know how to organize a proper party, of course.

If the invitations that you have just seen have not convinced you, you can look for other types, or otherwise you can always make your step-by-step with cardboard and different utensils such as colored markers and give it your unique touch. A very simple and cheap craft!


The cake is the most anticipated moment of all at a party, so this one must live up to the hype.

You can have a decoration for your birthday cake in many ways, with 3D figures of the characters on top of it, with wafers or edible discs that have images of one of the characters, etc.

A slightly more complicated option, but one that is spectacular, is to make the cake in the shape of some element of the series, for example, you can make it in the shape of one of the dragon spheres or the shape of Shen Long, the most known from the series. It may seem a bit complex, but the effort is worth it.


The fundamental thing in a party is that all the guests have a good time, that is why you can organize some Dragon Ball games or some activity so that the boys and girls at the party have a great time and do not get bored at any time.

At your party you can organize a coloring contest for the little ones, you just have to print images of the Dragon Ball characters you want, leave them on a table next to colored pencils and you will see that all the boys and girls will have a great time coloring them and showing them to all the guests. Of course, this can also be a nice birthday souvenir to take home.


Throughout this blog, we have shown you step-by-step how to organize and decorate a Dragon Ball-themed party originally and differently. We hope we have helped you and have given you many ideas to celebrate your party simply and cheaply.


In conclusion, organizing a Dragon Ball birthday party can be done on a budget with creative and original ideas for decorations. Using Dragon Ball-themed tableware, incorporating colors of the character’s costumes, and adding Dragon Ball-themed snacks such as cupcakes with fondant dragon balls can add fun and excitement to the party. Balloons, pinatas, and other decorations related to the series can also enhance the atmosphere of the party. Don’t forget to send out invitations to your guests to make the party a memorable event. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can throw an entertaining and action-packed Dragon Ball birthday party without breaking the bank. Happy party planning!

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