Drawbacks Of Polished Concrete Floor

polished concrete floor London

polished concrete floor London has become a widespread choice for residential, commercial, and industrial settings in London in recent years due to its ease of maintenance, cleanability, and low cost compared to other flooring options.

Polished Concrete Floors – Is It Perfect For You?

Concrete had a role in the industrial setting just a few years ago, but it wasn’t deemed suitable for home floors. What a transformation! Everyone has been taken aback by the polished version of this helpful material. With its distinctive patterning and lustrous sheen, polished concrete flooring in London is now used in kitchens, dining rooms, renovations, and bathrooms.

Early adopters have enthusiastically embraced the new ”urban chic” design for their homes. However, just because polished concrete flooring is popular doesn’t mean it’s perfect for every home. Many people will need to carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of polished concrete before making a decision.

There are certain disadvantages to using polished concrete flooring in some situations, but many of them are easily overcomeable, and the benefits of polished concrete flooring much exceed the disadvantages.

When Polished Concrete Flooring Isn’t The Right Choice

For the vast majority of flooring projects, polished concrete is a suitable alternative. The only reason you might choose a different flooring type is if your facility has very particular and uncommon requirements that necessitate a high-performance surface. You should expect to spend more on upkeep as these surfaces may deteriorate over time.

In London, polished concrete floors can be uncomfortable for some homeowners in residential settings since they don’t provide as much padding as other forms of traditional flooring when standing for lengthy periods. Because concrete doesn’t absorb sound as effectively as other materials, homeowners with these floors frequently use carpets, draperies, and even wall panels to reduce noise.

With such a notable investment and so many aspects to consider, hiring an experienced concrete contractor in London is critical when it comes to selecting the ideal flooring for your space.

Concrete Flooring Drawbacks


You can put anti-fatigue mats to locations where you will be standing or kneeling for lengthy periods, such as a garage floor where you will be servicing your vehicle. Because a concrete floor’s surface is hard, it will not cushion your feet, causing discomfort to stand on for a long time. That is also why these floorings usually are not suggest for locations where children or the elderly will be present.

Coldness of unheated polished concrete

Another disadvantage of polished concrete floors is that they tend to lose heat quickly. The space will be warmer than the floor because polished concrete isn’t very good at retaining heat. That implies that the floor’s surface will feel cold against bare toes on a frigid winter morning, but not as much as ceramic tile or natural stone flooring. To prepare for this, you can install radiant floor heating within the concrete. That is one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your home.

Audible Sound

Polished concrete floors, like natural stone flooring, ceramic tile, and some hardwood and bamboo floors, can be rather loud. Because it does not absorb sound like carpeting, it causes it to reverberate around the room. Use it in situations where that isn’t an issue, such as a garage, as a solution. Consider adding rugs to some areas of the floor, both for warmth and sound absorption. Other sound-absorbing materials, such as foam, can be place in rooms to dampen the sound and prevent it from spreading throughout the house.

Risk of Moisture When Installed Improperly

Concrete is highly susceptible to moisture infiltration if it is not adequately sealed on top and bottom surfaces. If liquid gets into the apertures of a concrete floor, it can linger there for a long time, allowing mold or mildew to grow. In some situations, you may also have to worry about moisture freezing and to expand that can crack the floor lump through the center. You shouldn’t have to be worrie about this if a reputable contractor installs your concrete flooring. All polish floors fit by them are subject to a moisture test. They also provide a unique moisture test service to assist you in selecting an appropriate floor system.

A polished concrete floor is a versatile surface that you may use in a variety of scenarios. It’s not a one-size-fits-all answer for every flooring demand, just like any other floor type. As a result, homeowners must evaluate where they should use it to get the most out of it.

Polished concrete projects necessitate a particular combination of skills and expertise. The concrete floor companies in London assists you in achieving the appearance of your desires. Their professional craftsmen have experience installing various concrete flooring systems in commercial, industrial, and residential environments. When you hire them you can anticipate gorgeous, high-quality results delivered on time and within budget.

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