Electronic cigarette: Which is the best?

What you should know about it

No one said quitting smoking was easy until the best e-cigarettes came along! Obviously, willpower is key. But, if you don’t finally quit, it will always be healthier for you to bet on an electronic cigarette or a vaper like a bang puff bar. Because they not only serve as a bridge to quitting nicotine but also offer many other advantages and irresistible pleasures.

Not surprisingly, our British neighbors, from their institutions, have launched to promote the use of the best electronic cigarettes as a healthier alternative to conventional tobacco. This is explained, to a large extent, because they lack combustion and are based on the expulsion of steam. If you want to know the product in-depth, this article will be very useful for you!


  • There are three main types of electronic cigarettes. Depending on your smoking experience, you should choose one or the other. These are the podspen, and box.
  • Electronic cigarettes allow you to regulate the amount of nicotine you take. This is ideal for gradually quitting smoking. There are also e-liquids free of this harmful substance.
  • Among the purchase criteria, one of the most important is resistance. This affects the flavor and the presence of steam. We review this and other factors at the end of the article.

Shopping Guide: What you should know about electronic cigarettes

Although they are becoming more and more popular, electronic cigarettes are still a relatively new product and therefore still largely unknown. Whether it’s because you want to quit smoking and need a little help, or because you’re looking for new forms of pleasure, learning first is key. Therefore, below, we collect a complete FAQ about the product.

What is an electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette, also known as a “vape”, is an electronic device with which you can inhale the vapor produced by the evaporation of the e-liquids it incorporates. It is an alternative to conventional cigarettes and, although there are still no conclusive studies to support it, it is healthier than this one.
In addition, it is also cheaper.

The goal of the best electronic cigarettes is to mimic the smoking experience. To do this, they can use nicotine, but it is not necessary. What’s more, vapers allow you to adjust the dose of this harmful substance, so they are a great help when it comes to quitting smoking. Although its patent dates from 1965, it was not until 2003 that its use began to spread.

How does an electronic cigarette work?

There isn’t much mystery surrounding how e-cigarettes work. Next, we show you the entire procedure step by step:

  1. When you press the central button of the vape, it begins to heat the resistance thanks to the energy it extracts from the battery.
  2. The liquid from the clearomizers passes into the resistance and produces a considerable amount of steam.
  3. As a user, you inhale that vapor through the electronic cigarette. The mechanism, in this aspect, is the same as that of conventional cigarettes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes?

There has been a lot of talk about electronic cigarettes. However, there are still many doubts to clear. Although, as we have already pointed out in the introduction, governments such as the United Kingdom are already betting on it as the best alternative to tobacco in terms of health. And it is that its advantages over the traditional cigarette are many, but not the only ones. Let’s see it:


  • Help to quit smoking
  • Fewer public restrictions
  • Allows you to adjust the dose of nicotine
  • Does not yellow walls and furniture
  • Free of bad odors
  • Does not force the use of ashtrays
  • Economic
  • Handsome
  • Eliminates the typical smoker’s cough.


  • They do not guarantee to quit smoking
  • Although low, they still present toxicity

What types of electronic cigarettes are on the market?

Although regardless of the type, the best electronic cigarettes tend to stand out for their ergonomics and subtle finishes, it is worth delving into the various options available. Therefore, below, we collect the three main types of electronic cigarettes. These are the podpen, and box models. We accompany them with a brief description:

    • Pods: They are like capsules. They offer fewer features, making them ideal for beginners. Also, they are somewhat less robust than other options.
    • Pen: With an elongated design, they are the usual choice among users who start vaping. In fact, if you are a smoker of conventional cigarettes, they are the best alternative to carry out the transition between both options.
    • Box electronic cigarettes: The finish is more rectangular. In addition, they are somewhat larger than average. They are usually focused on expert vapers, as they offer a large number of additional features. The Puffco peak is a typical example.

What is the clearomizer of electronic cigarettes?

These are the small reservoirs or tanks where the e-liquid is stored. However, the answer may be even deeper. Why? Well, because there is no single type of clearomizer. In fact, there are many variants that are currently marketed. Although broadly speaking, they can be classified into three different categories: MTL, DTL, and RTA:

  • MTL Mouth to Lung ): They seek to imitate conventional cigarettes as much as possible. Thanks to them, a classic user experience is achieved. With this type, there are two phases of vaping: mouth and lungs.
  • DTL ( Direct to Lungs ): The mechanism is the opposite of the previous one since once the vapor is sucked in, it does not remain in the mouth. In this way, it travels directly to the lungs. They are also known as Sub Ohm. The reason? Because the resistance they present is less than 1 ohm (Ohm). Due to this, dense clouds of vapor and superior flavor are achieved.
  • RTA ( Rebuildable Tank Atomizer ): They are quite customizable since they allow you to choose the size of the tank or e-liquid reservoir. RTA electronic cigarettes are usually complex. Because of this, they are more focused on experienced vapers.


Either because you want to quit smoking or simply enjoy the range of flavors that they offer you, you should buy the electronic cigarette that best suits you. To do this, we propose a series of purchase criteria. Among them, aspects such as battery autonomy, resistance, and even design stand out. Follow our tips and you’ll be right!

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