Powerful App Like Gojek has left the world awestruck with its pioneering and sophisticated features coupled with spectacular genres of Services offered in Nigeria. This App offers Taxi Booking, Transport and Logistics, Food and Grocery Delivery, Parcel Delivery to single or multiple destinations, Medicine doorstep Delivery, scheduling an appointment with a Doctor, Lawyer, Physiotherapist, Psychiatrist and Interior Designers. While one cannot forget to avail services of a Car Wash, Beauticians on Demand, Masseuse, Plumbers, Electricians, and Security Guards. 


The credit entirely goes to its State-of-the-Art and Ultra-Modern Features! Let’s discover something new and exquisite today!

Hail Rides by waving your hands up in the air

This feature comes in handy when either your User’ smartphone battery is dead or an individual is not even registered with the Gojek Clone App. In times like this, one can simply wave hands at a Taxi Driver and book a Ride like this. Whenever Taxi Rides are hailed, the Rider has to pay in Cash only.

Call Admin directly and book a Ride!

Manual booking of Taxis, Food and Grocery Delivery, Parcel Delivery is all a reality now. In certain circumstances, say, the Nigeria individual has a redundant phone and has no access to the Internet otherwise would have booked a Ride through the App’s Website, can directly call the Admin Dispatcher Panel to book the Ride. The Caller will have to provide a Pick-Up Location along with Name and Phone Number.

Book Taxis through your iWatch!

This feature blew my mind off! However, only iPhone Users can make use of this feature for the time being. With a couple of simple taps on the iWatch screen, a Rider can instantly book a Taxi Ride for oneself. All that needs to be done is connect one’s iWatch with one’s iPhone smartphone and ensure that both the devices have constant access to Wi-Fi. Then the User has to download a Riders’ App in the iPhone when simultaneously a Taxi Booking iWatch App will get automatically installed.

You can even pay online using your iWatch!

Live-Tracking of Service Providers

Your App’s User can track the physical movement of the Service Provider in Real-Time on Google Maps. This has brought in a Transparency quotient which was required to earn the trust of the Users. When you can send User can Ride details to one’s family members and closest friends. It is a message that has all the details about the Ride such as the Taxi Cab’s Number Plate and Model Number, Taxi Driver’s Name and Phone Number along with the Pick-Up and Drop Location.


It introduced Covid-19 Safety Measures-inspired Features to help revive the On-Demand Service Industry that was rotting in gutter because of the Pandemic induced Lockdowns across continents. No one was stepping outside to breathe in fresh air let alone go out to dine in a Restaurant the hygiene standards of which you are completely unaware of. People were living in a constant state of fear and feared to order anything from outside because what if they contract this lethal virus from the contaminated surface of the Parcel.

  • No one was booking Taxi Rides anymore. They’d sanitize their own cars inside out and go out in one’s own personal car if at all they have to step out rather than taking the risk of sitting in a Cab wherein the previous Rider wasn’t wearing a Mask and was asymptomatic.
  • Similarly, the Restaurant and the Food Joints took a serious to the core with the Government’s stringent measures to stop the further spread of this Novel-Coronavirus


  1. Face Mask Verification

Taxi Drivers have to compulsorily click one’s own Selfies with their Face Mask On and upload it on the App and await Admin’s Approval. Unless the App Owner verifies the Face Mask status, the Taxi Driver can’t even accept Rides!

2. Restrict the Number of Passengers travelling per Ride

The World Health Organization had issued Guidelines for our fight against this highly contagious virus. And instructed the Government worldwide to ensure Social Distancing of at least six feet between two people in public spaces and never to step out without a Face Mask.

3. Cancel the Rides instantaneously if either of the two is found guilty of violating Safety Checklist.

Taxi Drivers can cancel the Rides by citing the reason that the Rider was not wearing a Mask. While the Rider can cancel the Ride without incurring any penalty charges. If the Taxi Driver is found violating the norms of the Covid-19 Safety Check or simply if the car looks filthy and Un-Sanitize.


App Like Gojek is the reason why even naïve Entrepreneurs are becoming millionaires now after launching this App with a Well-Respected White-Labelling Firm in the On Demand Industry itself in just under 7 days! It is the quickest way for the Entrepreneurs to make easy and quick money. Do you aspire to become a millionaire this year itself? Do you want to be a successful Entrepreneur who owns private islands in the Pacific Ocean? Then Contact us right after your Morning Breakfast today itself. And their Sales Team will revert at the bat of an eyelid. 

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