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We all look at the glamorous movie stars and of course on the very first things we notice are their eyes.

The long, full, dreamy, eyelashes that everyone seems to have, except us.

We use all kinds of beauty aids to enhance our eyelashes such as mascara, and eyelash curler, and any other eye makeup tips we can find in glamour magazines, but most of us never achieve the long and lavish eyelashes that we desire. Katienicholl

In Hollywood, eyelash extensions and even eyelash transplants are becoming the most popular way in which to achieve that sexy long lash. Such celebrities as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Logan, J. Lo’s, and Madonna all have eyelash extensions.

With eyelash extensions, you will be able to use all the same eye makeup tips that you have always used to look your best without worrying about using all that mascara that no matter what

you do clumps, runs, and does not really make your lashes look fuller and longer all day long. Eyelash extensions began in Asia and then made their way west.

These eyelash extension procedures give you the ability to throw away your old mascara and have the lavish eyelashes that you deserve.

They are applied to your own eyelashes on a strip and glued to your own eyelash hairs one by one using tweezers.

The entire procedure will take around two hours and most of the time cost between $300 and $500 unless you wish to have your eyelashes created with mink like J. Lo’s or studded with diamonds like Madonna’s.

Eyelash extensions last for about two months, and you will literally enjoy the easy care and the fun eyelash makeup tips you can use without mascara.

All you will need to do is treat the eyelash extensions exactly like your regular eyelashes unless you told differently from the one performing the procedure.

Many times, all you need is a bit of eye shadow, and you are ready to hit the town.

Eyelash transplants are quite a bit. Hair is taken from the back of your head and transplanted to your eyelids in this surgical procedure.

Your eyelashes will grow just like the hair on your head. This will cause you to have more work to do in the makeup department, as you will have to trim your eyelashes as they grow.

This permanent process takes around 45 minutes to perform and is normally painless. There will be a bit of swelling for a couple of days afterward.

If you decide on either one of the new trendy, ways to have lavish eyelashes you must first consider the cost.

Using eye makeup tips and the proper mascara your eyelashes can be as beautiful as any movie star all for the cost of just some quality mascara. However, with eyelash extension,

you will be spending around $500 every two months and with eyelash transplants, you will be adding another process to your beauty routine when you have to trim your eyelashes all the time.

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